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Hawaii: The Latest Architecture and News

A Circular Summer Retreat and a Native-Tree Inspired Bungalow: 11 Unbuilt Villas Submitted to ArchDaily

This week’s curated selection of Best Unbuilt Architecture highlights private residential projects submitted by the ArchDaily community. From futuristic private retreats on the coast of Hawaii to a mini-housing concept on the rocky cliffs of Montenegro, this article explores residential architecture and presents projects submitted to us from all over the world.

Featuring a secluded private residence that sits between a Persian mountain and river, an interior renovation of an 80's Mediterranean house, and a minimalist forest retreat, this round-up explores the diversity of private homes and how each design responds to its site's topography, context, and to the occupants spatial needs. The selection also includes villas in Lebanon, Iran, Tanzania, Netherlands, Ivory Coast, Kosovo, and Vietnam.

Villa Brezo 2. Image Courtesy of ONNO Office_ By Besim KrosaL30 Mini Home. Image Courtesy of Ksenija, Andrija and NadjaD Residence. Image Courtesy of Jemma Chidiac Achitects _ By JPAG.coChartigh Villa. Image Courtesy of Pooria Mirzaee+ 88

Hale Nukumoi Beach Retreat / Walker Warner Architects

© Matthew Millman© Matthew Millman© Matthew Millman© Matthew Millman+ 31

Living in Paradise: Luxurious Homes Along the Hawaiian Coast

Hawaii has become a place that defines paradise. From pristine beaches and a warm climate to natural scenery and active volcanoes, the islands are home to incredible landscapes and culture. With indigenous and modern building styles, the state’s architecture is intimately tied to the environment. Reinterpreting historic building techniques and traditions, contemporary Hawaiian architecture balances a desire to honor the past while celebrating new experiences and modern culture. This has led to the formation of incredible spaces to live and dwell.

© Derek Skalko© Nic Lehoux© Nic Lehoux© Benny Chan+ 10

Hale Lana House / Olson Kundig

© Nic Lehoux© Nic Lehoux© Nic Lehoux© Nic Lehoux+ 15

Snøhetta, WCIT, and AECOM Unveil Radical Masterplan for Honolulu

Snøhetta, WCIT, and AECOM have released details of their proposed Neal S. Blaisdell Center Master Plan for Honolulu, Hawaii. Located in the urban heart of O’ahu, the existing 1964 center is home to the state’s premier arts and cultural venues. The aging structure is now set to be transformed by a 22-acre complex for future generations, featuring a performance hall, exhibition hall, sports pavilion, parking structure, and reconceived public space.

© Snøhetta© Snøhetta© Snøhetta© Moare+ 15

Studio Gang Designs a Sugarcane-Inspired Tower for Hawaii

Studio Gang has revealed a new design for a 41-story tower in Hawaii that's inspired by the island’s native red sugar cane. Designed with a mix of ground floor retail and 565 residences above, the tower is called Kō‘ula. Embracing indoor-outdoor living and Hawaii's climate, the project is oriented to ocean views with vertical columns that bend and twist like sugar cane. The tower is part of a larger development underway in the Ward Village district on Oahu’s south shore.

Kō‘ula. Image Courtesy of Howard Hughes CorporationKō‘ula. Image Courtesy of Howard Hughes CorporationKō‘ula. Image Courtesy of Howard Hughes CorporationKō‘ula. Image Courtesy of Howard Hughes Corporation+ 15

The World's Most Expensive Cities in 2017 (And Why They Are So Expensive)

As anyone who has recently attempted apartment-hunting in a major urban area will know, reasonably-priced housing can be difficult to come by for many and salaries don’t always seem to match the cost of living. This gap is contributing to housing crises in developed and developing countries worldwide. People are simply being priced out of cities, where housing has become a commodity instead of a basic human right. Financial speculation and states’ support of financial markets in a way that makes housing unaffordable has created an unsustainable global housing crisis.

Earlier this year the 13th Annual Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey was released for 2017, revealing that the number of “severely unaffordable” major housing markets rose from 26 to 29 this year; the problem is getting worse. The study evaluates 406 metropolitan housing markets in nine of the world's major economies and uses the “median multiple” approach to determine affordability. By dividing the median house price by the median household income of an area, this method is meant to be a summary of “middle-income housing affordability.”

Experience Cities From Above With Crystal Clear Drone Videos

With rapid advancements in technology and crystal clear imagery, drones have allowed us to experience our cities and landscapes from unimaginable vantage points and perspectives. In its series of videos, YouTube channel Mingomatic uses drones to capture the sights and scenes of predominantly American cities and various locations from above, offering glimpses of skylines, oceans, highways and terrains (and seals!). Check out the 10 videos below for some spectacular views, and find Mingomatic’s full selection, here.

Tesla Debuts Massive Energy-Storing Solar Farm on Hawaiian Island

Tesla has completed a massive, 55,000-panel solar farm on the Hawaiian island of Kauai that will allow them to experiment with medium-term energy storage at a utility scale. Hooked up to the farm are 272 of the company’s lithium Powerpacks, which are capable of storing of combined 52 megawatt-hours of power.

AA Visiting School Hawaii

The AA Visiting School Hawaii is an architectural workshop dedicated to the investigation of flying machines through fabrication and geometry as well as performance and choreography.

From their earliest use as measurement tools for the city, the 2000 year old history of flying machines is deeply rooted in architectural investigations.

Gliding between its leisure vocation and its scientific relevance, we will immerse into this legacy starting from the world’s oldest from of air-craft: the kite. 

Four Presidential Libraries for Obama to Consider

Of the four locations that are under consideration to host the future Barack Obama presidential library, two have released visions of what could be if their sites were selected - the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) and the University of Hawaii at Honolulu (UH). UH, who’s offering a stunning oceanside site on Waikiki Beach, paired Snøhetta, MOS, and Allied Works Architecture with local architects to draw up proposals, all of which share a deep connection to nature. UIC, on the other hand, has proposed an idea that reinterprets the library as a systemized network of public infrastructure focused on revitalization.

View all four proposals, after the break.

University of Illinois at Chicago. Image Courtesy of UICSnøhetta and WCIT Architecture at UH. Image Courtesy of UICAllied Works Architecture at UH. Image Courtesy of UICMOS and Workshop-HI at UH. Image Courtesy of UIC+ 18

Hawaii Preparatory Academy Energy Laboratory / Flansburgh Architects

© Flansburgh Architects
© Flansburgh Architects

Architects: Flansburgh Architects Location: Kamuela, Hawaii Partner in Charge: David A. Croteau, AIA Client: Hawaii Preparatory Academy Contractor: Quality Builders Inc. Project Management: Pa’ahana Enterprises LLC Civil Engineering: Belt Collins Hawaii Ltd. Structural Engineering: Walter Vorfeld & Associates Mechanical Engineering: Hakalau Engineering LLC Electrical Engineering: Wallace T. Oki, PE Inc. Surveyor: Pattison Land Surveying Inc. Sustainability Consultants: Buro Happold Consulting Engineers Completion Date: 2010 Construction Area: 6,100 square feet Construction Value: $650/sf Photographs: Matthew Millman

Conceived as a high school science building dedicated to the study of alternative energy, the new Energy Lab at Hawaii Preparatory Academy functions as a zero-net-energy, fully sustainable building. The project’s fundamental goal is that of educating the next generation of students in the understanding of environmentally conscious, sustainable living systems. The project targets LEED Platinum and Living Building Challenge certification. Recently completed in January 2010, the Energy Lab today strives as a living laboratory, furthering its educational goals as a functioning example of sustainability.

© Flansburgh Architects© Flansburgh Architects© Flansburgh Architects© Flansburgh Architects+ 28