Fabrice Fouillet


Saclay Student Residence / LAN

05:00 - 11 May, 2019
Saclay Student Residence / LAN, © Charly Broyez
© Charly Broyez

© Fabrice Fouillet © Fabrice Fouillet © Fabrice Fouillet © Fabrice Fouillet + 43

  • Architects

  • Location

    Rue Joliot Curie, 91190 Gif-sur-Yvette, France
  • Category

  • Lead Architects

    LAN, Clément Vergély Architectes, Topotek
  • Design Team

    Giovanna Pasinelli, Marcello Orlandini, Dorothée Riou, Maxime Enrico, Lisa Taibi
  • Area

    25346.0 m2
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Women in Architecture Photography: 12 Names to Know

05:00 - 12 February, 2019
Women in Architecture Photography: 12 Names to Know, © Leana Cagnotto
© Leana Cagnotto

In many parts of the world, more women have architectural degrees than men. However, this fact hasn’t translated past university into the working world as women continue to be underrepresented across nearly all levels of practice.

The conversation regarding women in architecture gained tremendous traction back in 2013 with the petition for Denise Scott Brown to be recognized as the 1991 Pritzker Prize winner, alongside her husband and the consequent rejection of that request by Pritzker. The Architectural Review and Architect's Journal have, since 2015, jointly presented awards to the exceptional female practitioners as part of their Women in Architecture Awards program. The swelling of these movements have helped to promote not only the role but also the recognition of women in architecture.

Contemporary Religious Architecture That Rethinks Traditional Spaces for Worship

06:00 - 26 June, 2018
© Fabrice Fouillet
© Fabrice Fouillet

Constructing places of worship has always been an intricate practice, managing to detach the human, and release the boundary between body, mind, and spirit. Holy presence has been crucial in designing and constructing sacred places, which is why almost all religious building possessed similar characteristics: grandiosity, monolithic material, natural elements, and a plan that compliments an individual’s circulation through the space. Contemporary religious structures, however, found a way to adapt to the evolution of architecture. Unlike the Gothic or Baroque periods, modern-day architecture does not have a dominant identity. It is, in fact, a combination of postmodernism, futurism, minimalism, and everything in between. Architects have found a way to transform these exclusive, religion-devoted places into structures of spirituality, manifestation, and fascination.

Here is a selection of contemporary religious buildings that prove once again that architects are breaking all boundaries of creativity.

© Adam Letch Courtesy of S.M.A.O © Ahmad Mirzaee Courtesy of Kojii Fuji / Nacasa & Partners Inc. + 24

Pavilion of Humanity / CHYBIK + KRISTOF

05:00 - 21 May, 2018
Pavilion of Humanity / CHYBIK + KRISTOF, © Lukas Ildza
© Lukas Ildza

© Lukas Ildza © Fabrice Fouillet © Lukas Ildza © Fabrice Fouillet + 29

World Photo Day 2017: Our Readers’ 100 Most-Bookmarked Architectural Photographs

08:00 - 19 August, 2017

This August 19th is World Photo Day, which celebrates photography on the anniversary of the day on which France bought the patent for the daguerreotype, one of the earliest photographic processes, and released it to the world for free in 1839. At ArchDaily, we understand the importance of photography in architecture—not only as a tool for recording designs, but also as a discipline that many of us enjoy. To celebrate the occasion, we decided to reveal the most popular images ever published on ArchDaily, as selected by you, our readers. Using data gathered from My ArchDaily, we have ranked the 100 most-saved images from our database; read on to see them.

Architecture and the Human Scale: The Best Photos of The Week

09:30 - 9 July, 2017

The incorporation of the human figure is one of the most effective tools employed in architectural photography: it helps the viewer decipher the scale of work. While it successfully communicates a rough idea of the measurements of the elements photographed, it also makes architecture more relatable and accessible. People engage better with the built environment when it is populated; the human sense of society and community is the cornerstone of our civilization. With this in mind, we showcase a selection of our favorite photographs where the human figure takes center stage to enhance our reading of architecture.

© Doublespace © Hufton + Crow © Jordi Castellano © Adrien Williams + 11

DYEJI / Costa Lopes

02:00 - 28 June, 2017
DYEJI / Costa Lopes, © Fabrice Fouillet
© Fabrice Fouillet

© Fabrice Fouillet © Fabrice Fouillet © Fabrice Fouillet © Fabrice Fouillet + 22

Sapiens / Costa Lopes

05:00 - 28 April, 2017
Sapiens / Costa Lopes, © Fabrice Fouillet
© Fabrice Fouillet

© Fabrice Fouillet © Fabrice Fouillet © Fabrice Fouillet © Fabrice Fouillet + 23

KN10 / Costa Lopes

13:00 - 27 December, 2016
KN10 / Costa Lopes, © Manuel Correia
© Manuel Correia

© Manuel Correia © Manuel Correia © Manuel Correia © João Freire + 19

1st Congress Tower / Costa Lopes

13:00 - 22 October, 2016
1st Congress Tower / Costa Lopes, © Fabrice Fouillet
© Fabrice Fouillet

© Manuel Correia © Fabrice Fouillet © Manuel Correia © Fabrice Fouillet + 34

Currency Museum / Costa Lopes

09:00 - 4 October, 2016
Currency Museum / Costa Lopes, © Fabrice Fouillet
© Fabrice Fouillet

© Fabrice Fouillet © Fabrice Fouillet © Fabrice Fouillet © Fabrice Fouillet + 20

10 Stunning Images of Sacred Spaces

13:00 - 5 April, 2015
10 Stunning Images of Sacred Spaces, Church of Seed / O Studio Architects. Image © Iwan Baan
Church of Seed / O Studio Architects. Image © Iwan Baan

In the spirit of Easter Sunday, we've rounded up a compilation of ten glorious sacred spaces from our Religious Architecture Pinterest board. Ranging from traditional, reverent congregation halls to unexpected ultra-modern chapels, these spectacular places of worship are bound to inspire. Get a dose of these divine works after the break...

Ribbon Chapel / NAP Architects. Image © Koji Fujii / Nacasa & Partners Inc Nanjing Wanjing Garden Chapel / AZL Architects. Image © Yao Li Kirche am Hohenzollernplatz / Fritz Hoger. Image © Fabrice Fouillet Roof over the Walls of the Old Baños Church / BROWNMENESES. Image © Sebastián Crespo + 10

Divine Inspiration: 15 Spiritual Spaces

01:00 - 20 April, 2014
Divine Inspiration: 15 Spiritual Spaces, Kamppi Chapel of Silence / K2S Architects
Kamppi Chapel of Silence / K2S Architects

In honor of those celebrating Easter Sunday, we’ve compiled a list of the most breathtaking places of worship from our Religious Architecture Pinterest board. From vast, open halls, to intimate places of prayer and contemplation, these works are sure to spark your appreciation for divine architecture. See them in all their glory, after the break...

USAFA Cadet Chapel / Skidmore, Owings & Merrill © Balthazar Korab Church of the Light / Tadao Ando © Naoya Fujii    Holy Redeemer Church / Menis Arquitectos Saint Martin Church / Jean Dorian  © Fabrice Fouillet + 15

Photography: Mid-Century Modern Churches by Fabrice Fouillet

00:00 - 17 December, 2012
© Fabrice Fouillet
© Fabrice Fouillet

As Europe recovered from the death and destruction of World War II, countries got back to the business of rebuilding their communities and, of course, their churches. The need to make sense of the madness of the War was palpable - as was the need to express this modern-day spirituality in a form that broke from the past and embraced this new world.

The result was a bevy of European churches that - although often misunderstood by practitioners - represent some of our best-preserved examples of Modernist architecture. Photographer Fabrice Fouillet made it his mission to photograph these beauties in a series he calls "Corpus Christi." You can see the images - as well as Fouillet's description of the work - after the break...

Fritz Hoger’s Kirche am Hohenzollernplatz in Berlin,1933. Image © Fabrice Fouillet. Nicholas Kasiz’ St.Remy,1957. Photo © Fabrice Fouillet Frères Sainsaulieu’s Notre Dame du Chene in Viroflay, France, completed in 1966. Image © Fabrice Fouillet © Fabrice Fouillet + 14