10 Stunning Images of Sacred Spaces

San Josemaría Escrivá Church / Javier Sordo Madaleno Bringas. Image © Fran Parente

In the spirit of Easter Sunday, we’ve rounded up a compilation of ten glorious sacred spaces from our Religious Architecture Pinterest board. Ranging from traditional, reverent congregation halls to unexpected ultra-modern chapels, these spectacular places of worship are bound to inspire. Get a dose of these divine works after the break…

Divine Inspiration: 15 Spiritual Spaces

Kamppi Chapel of Silence / K2S Architects

In honor of those celebrating Easter Sunday, we’ve compiled a list of the most breathtaking places of worship from our Religious Architecture Pinterest board. From vast, open halls, to intimate places of prayer and contemplation, these works are sure to spark your appreciation for divine architecture. See them in all their glory, after the break…

AD Round Up Easter Special: Churches in Latin America

© Megs Inniss

Our three-day Round Up Special comes to an end with this selection of previously featured churches and chapels in Latin America. We have beautiful projects from Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Peru and Chile! Like La Estancia Chapel, a 117 sqm project designed by Bunker Arquitectura. We stay outside for the Veneza Farm Chapel, designed by Decio Tozzi in Brazil. Supersudaka designed the Church(ita) a small church in Chile with a small budget. If you want something bigger, maybe you’ll enjoy Daniel Bonilla Arquitectos chapel in Colombia, or De la Piedra Chapel, designed by Nomena Arquitectos + Ximena Alvarez.

AD Round Up Easter Special: Churches in Europe

© Hisao Suzuki

We continue our Round Up special of churches (and chapels). Today, we’ll show you previously featured projects we published in 2009 in Europe. The Chapel in Villaceron was designed by S.M.A.O. in Spain. KHR designed The Church of the Holy Cross, a 800 sqm church in Denmark. It’s hard to go to Rome and not being able to find a church, so perhaps you’ve ran into Richard Meier’s Church of 2000. You can’t miss the beautiful New Church in Foligno, designed by Doriana e Massimiliano Fuksas. Finally, check the cross in the ceiling of the Farewell Chapel, by OFIS Arhitekti. Churches from Latin America tomorrow!

AD Round Up Easter Special: Churches in USA

Courtesy of SOM

is here, and during this special time of the year, we decided to prepare a 3-day Round Up special. Today we’ll have churches (and chapels) from USA; tomorrow from Europe; Sunday from Latin America. We hope you enjoy them!

Main image belongs to SOM’s Cathedral of Christ the Light in California. We also have The Prayer Chapel, designed by debartolo architects and if you’re looking for something more unconventional, you can’t miss Trahan Architect’s Holy Rosary Church Complex in Louisiana. We also have a winner of our Building of the Year 2010 Awards: the Tampa Covenant Church. Finally, we had to include one of our AD Classics: USAFA Cadet Chapel in Colorado.