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Building with Earth in Latin America: 12 Examples in Contemporary Architecture

Being one of the first construction methods developed by humans, earth has proven its resilience and durability over time. While construction techniques have evolved and been updated over the years, there is still a long way to explore where the understanding of climate, geographic location, sustainability, structural requirements, and other factors determine its degree of application.

Local Colors in Rammed Earth Construction: 50 Projects Revealing Earth's Vibrant Palette

With the proper know-how, readily available earth, sand, chalk, lime, or gravel can yield a versatile, strong, and durable construction material. Its colorful results vary from region to region, depending on the natural soil component, climate, and treatment. While some prefer to minimize any added processing, others relish the exploration of rammed earth surfaces. Different textures and mesmerizing layers of multitoned or multicolored earth can be used to create a solid surface that enriches the visual quality of a space and carries a sense of warmth to any project. 

20 Brick Houses, 20 Years of Modern Architecture in Paraguay

In Paraguay, brick can be many things. Walls, dividers, facades, sieves, vaults, floors, and pavement are just some of the many example that demonstrate, not only the variety of uses for brick, but the ingenuity of the architects who choose to utilize it in their projects.

Circular Economy in Latin American Housing: 12 Examples of Reuse of Materials

Although the circular economy involves other principles such as the regeneration of natural systems, the reuse or recycling of materials plays an important role in contributing to the reduction of waste generation by giving a second useful life to elements that could be considered waste. Wood, metal sheets, bricks, and stones, among others, can be reused, bringing sustainability and efficiency criteria to the projects, helping to consolidate this concept that still has a long way to go.

The Mies Crown Hall Americas Prize Announces Finalists for the 2023 MCHAP Award

Mies Crown Hall Americas Prize (MCHAP) Director Dirk Denison and 2023 MCHAP Jury Chair Sandra Barclay (Barclay & Crousse) have just announced the six finalists for the 2023 Americas Prize. The award recognizes the best-built works of architecture in the Americas completed between December 2018 and June 2021. This represents the latest stage of the fourth cycle of the MCHAP, launched in Venice, Italy, in August 2021. On March 24, 2023, the jury will announce the winners of the the 2023 Americas Prize. The authors of the winning project are set to receive a $50,000 fund for research along with a publication.

The Mies Crown Hall Prize Announces Shortlist for 2022 MCHAP Award for Emerging Practice

After a two-year suspension due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Mies Crown Hall Americas Prize has announced that 10 projects designed by emerging practices in the Americas have been shortlisted for the 2022 MCHAP.emerge.

Equipo de Arquitectura: “Our Vision of Architecture Is Primitive and Essential”

Equipo de Arquitectura was founded by Horacio Cherniavsky and Viviana Pozzoli in 2017. From Paraguay, their works such as Earth Box or Intermediate House translate the vision of an architecture that deals with the primitive and essential. One that constantly seeks to integrate the existing natural environment with the artifice, the built. In particular, bringing material sincerity as a design ethic.

“Designing Is Not Drawing, It Is Building”: Interview With messina | rivas

The act of designing implies not only drawing, but building. It carries – or should carry – with it the same rigor and complexity as the execution on the construction site. That's what Francisco Rivas and Rodrigo Messina believe, partners at messina in | rivas, a São Paulo-based firm that has already gained national and international recognition, also selected among the best new practices of 2021 by ArchDaily.

ArchDaily Selects the Best New Practices of 2021

As our world evolves at an unprecedented pace, the challenges that come with it are becoming more and more complex. The questions faced by the cities and networks of our global world, the physical and virtual environments where our evolution takes place, are making architecture more relevant than ever. 

13 Emerging Trends Highlighted at the Biennial of Latin American Architecture (BAL 2021)

This year's Biennial of Latin American Architecture (BAL 2021) has chosen the top emerging works of architecture in Latin America, which will be presented during the second installment of the event in September 2021 in Pamplona, Spain.