Ticollage City / Costa Rica Pavilion at the Venice Biennale 2014

Courtesy of Costa Rica Pavilion

Curated and commissioned by German Architect / Urbanist  and Dutch Anthropologist / Economist , Costa Rica’s first pavilion at the Venice Biennale focuses on a competition-winning project for the new Costa Rican Legislative Assembly, a project which illustrates the “vicious circle of social segregation and spatial fragmentation in the Greater Metropolitan Area of Costa Rica (GAM).”

Read the curators’ description and take a virtual tour of the Costa Rica Pavilion after the break.

Datagrove / Future Cities Lab

© Peter Prato

Design:  Jason Kelly Johnson & Nataly Gattegno at Future Cities Lab
Team: Ripon DeLeon (lead), Osma Dossani, Jonathan Izen, assisted by David Spittler

Client: ZERO1, Public Art Program, National Endowment for the Arts
Consultant: Elliot Larson created the Twitter trends [xml link]

Technology: Text to Speech Module by TextSpeak, Arduino Mega and Uno, WiFly Shield by Sparkfun, Verizon Mifi, LCD panels by Sparkfun, LEDS by superbrightleds.com, IR sensors by Sharp
Photography: Peter Prato

U.S. Census Bureau reports Los Angeles as the Nation’s Densest Urban Area

Downtown LA, 2010 © Slices of Light

Based on 2010 Census results, the nation’s most densely populated urbanized area is /Anaheim/Long Beach, , with nearly 7,000 people per square mile. Surprised? Not only did the Los Angeles area rank first, but of the ten most densely populated urbanized areas, nine are in the West, with seven of those in California. Continue reading for more.

Evergreen Valley College / Steinberg Architects

© Tim Griffith

Architects: Steinberg Architects
Location: , California, USA
Team: Ernie Yamane, AIA – Principal in Charge, Dennis Cook, AIA – Project Manager, Brigitte Williams, AIA– Designer, Lisa Welty-O’Hare- Interior Design, Ron Saiki, AIA, Christopher Lewis, Paul Bae, In-HyrungSeo, DedeImpink, AIA – Specifications
Photographs: Tim Griffith

Bellarmine College Preparatory / Steinberg Architects

© Tim Griffith

Architect: Steinberg Architects
Location: San José, , USA
Team: Ernie Yamane, AIA – Principal in Charge, Jeffrey Berg, AIA – Project Manager
Brigitte Williams, AIA – Designer, Danielle Hornberger, Dave Ewell, AIA, Lisa Welty-O’Hare, DedeImpink, AIA, Clementine Mainini, Jihoon Kim, Jocelyn Martinez, Michael Cervantes, AIA, Paul Bae, Priya Raman, Shannon Healey, Tom Lawrence, Wendy Woo
Photographs: Tim Griffith

Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport Terminal B / Fentress Architects

© Ken Paul

Architect: Fentress Architects
Location: , California, United States
Project Year: 2010
Photographs: Ken Paul, Mark Rothman, Jason A. Knowles, Nick Merrick

Terminal B at the Mineta San Jose International Airport by fits right in to its Silicon Valley Home. Fentress Architects created a building that takes advantage of available technology to assure a safe building with state of the art amenities for its users.

Containers of Hope / Benjamin Garcia Saxe Architecture

© Andres Garcia Lachner

Architects: Benjamin Garcia Saxe Architecture
Location: San Jose, Costa Rica
Project area: 100 sqm
Project year: 2011
Photographs: Andres Garcia Lachner

Video: eCloud Sculpture at San Jose International Airport

Taking inspiration from the behavior and volume of an idealized cloud, Dan Goods, Nik Hafermaas, and Aaron Koblin created eCloud an interactive sculpture for the San Jose International Airport. The dynamic liquid crystal scultpure hangs from the ceiling displaying weather data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. eCloud is constructed from polycarbonate tiles appearing as transparent and opaque depending on the pattern which is in constant motion transforming every 20 seconds.

Mixed Use Tower / Moho Architects

Spanish firm Moho Architects are currently in the schematic design phase of a mixed use tower for , Costa Rica.  The tower, whose programmatic elements will range from commercial and retail spaces to offices and hotels, aims to create a strong model of sustainability for the region that will promote eco-friendliness.

More images and more about the tower after the break.