GG House / Architekt.Lemanski

© Tomasz Zakrzewski

Architects: Architekt.Lemanski
Location: , Poland
Area: 369.0 sqm
Year: 2014
Photographs: Tomasz Zakrzewski

Concrete and Cedar Lath Villa / Biuro Architektoniczne Barycz & Saramowicz

Courtesy of Biuro Architektoniczne Barycz & Saramowicz

Architects: Biuro Architektoniczne Barycz & Saramowicz
Location: ,
Architect In Charge: Rafal Barycz, Pawel Saramowicz
Area: 405 sqm
Photographs: Courtesy of Biuro Architektoniczne Barycz & Saramowicz

Pride And Glory Office / Morpho Studio

Courtesy of Morpho Studio

Architects: Morpho Studio
Location: ,
Architect In Charge: Justyna Friedberg
Area: 810 sqm
Year: 2012
Photographs: Courtesy of Morpho Studio

Bularnia / BudCud + Maria Schoen

© Kamila Kozińska

Architects: BudCud + 
Location: Kraków,
Architect In Charge: Mateusz Adamczyk, Agata Woźniczka
Client: ASPEN S.A.
Area: 175 sqm
Year: 2012
Photographs: Kamila Kozińska, Agata Kadenacy

Nowa Huta of the Future Proposal / Basic City A+U

Courtesy of

The design for the Nowa Huta of the Future focused on the exploitation of the close relation to the nature and the nearby river landscape, fresh food supply from the local agriculture production fields, and a variety of recreational activities to add to the distinctive quality to the plan. Designed by Basic City A+U, in collaboration with Felixx  landscape architects, and Ania Molenda & Magdalena Szczypka (,  they believed Nowa Huta should become a city where the entrepreneurial spirit and optimism are combined with an active and healthy lifestyle in close relation to the nature. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Nowa Huta of the Future Proposal / BudCud + Centrala + ARUP

Courtesy of + Centrala + ARUP

Nowa Huta of The Future, designed by BudCud, Centrala, and ARUP, is aimed at being a brand new direction of touristic experiences and a recreational map of . Their strategy has a potential of engaging new groups of potential investors and the residents of whole region. Nowa Huta of The Future is what the city needs to become world class metropolis. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Museum of Aviation and Aviation Exhibition Park / Pysall. Ruge Architekten, Bartlomiej Kisielewski

© Jens Willebrand

Architects: Pysall. Ruge Architekten, Bartlomiej Kisielewski
Location: ,
Project team: Justus Pysall, Peter Ruge, Bartlomiej Kisielewski, Katarzyna Ratajczak, Mateusz Rataj, Alicja Kepka-Guerrero
Project area: 4,504 sqm
Project year: 2005 –  2010
Photographs: Jens Willebrand

Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow / Claudio Nardi Architetto

© Adam Kozak

Architects: Claudio Nardi Architetto, Leonardo Maria Proli
Location: , Poland
Project team: Inga Olszanska, Adam Kozak, Anna Krezolek, Malgorzata Zbroinska
Investor: Municipality of Krakow
Project area: 5,467 sqm
Project year: 2007 – 2010
Photographs: Adam Kozak