Lucid Stead: A “Disappearing” Cabin of Mirrors

© Steven King

In Joshua Tree, , artist Phillip K Smith III has completed Lucid Stead: an optical illusion/installation that modifies an abandoned 70-year-old homestead with mirrors in order to make it appear transparent. The cabin was also fitted with lighting to “extract the distilled experience of how light changes over time — how a mountain can be blue, red, brown, white, purple, and black all in one day.” As Smith stated, the project is about light, shadow, and tapping into the quiet of the desert. Check out more images and a video of the cabin after the break!

Guest House / AATA Associate Architects

Architects: Aata Associate Architects
Location: Licancheu, Navidad,
Client: Mario Cerda Sepulveda
Area: 26sqm
Construction start: 2005
Completion: 2006
Contractors: Carlos Vidal
Materials: Straw bales, , wood
Budget: 700 US$ / m2