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Farming: The Latest Architecture and News

Agro-Waste Design: Husks, Bagasse and Straw Transformed into Efficient Building Materials

The concept of upcycling refers to taking an item that would be considered waste and improving it in order to make it useful again, adding value and new functionality to it. This is a common word in several industries, such as fashion and furniture. In civil construction, this concept can also be incorporated, making the waste generated by the industry itself recirculate or even bringing what would be discarded from other industries to be processed and incorporated into constructions. This is the case of transforming agricultural waste into building materials, bringing a new use to discards, reducing the use of raw materials and creating products with excellent characteristics.

From Farm to Fork: How Architecture Can Contribute to Fresher Food Supply

Urban Farm in Paris. Courtesy of CicloVivoFramlab Imagines Modular Vertical Urban Farms on the Streets of Brooklyn. Courtesy of FramlabSan Francisco passes a law that lowers taxes on vacant lots with community gardens. Image © cjmartin, via Flickr. Used under Creative CommonsUrban Farm in Paris. Image for publication+ 11

When you come to think of it, most of the food on your plate has a history behind it - a long journey that we are unable to describe. In her book Food Routes: Growing Bananas in Iceland and Other Tales from the Logistics of Eating (2019), Robyn Shotwell Metcalfe refers to the paradox of fish being caught in New England, exported to Japan, and then shipped back as sushi, revealing a large and complex network that nobody can see when they buy takeout Japanese food at the local grocery store.

Lendager Group Unveils Plans for Permaculture Farming and Cabin Escape in Swedish Wilderness

Lendager Group have released drawings and renderings of Stedsans in the Woods, a farming development currently in progress in the deep Swedish wilderness. A collaboration with restaurant owners Mette Helbæk and Flemming Hansen, the project will feature a permaculture farm, restaurant, and lodging. A focus on sustainability and living off the landscape drives both the architecture and the Stedsans brand, who stress the idea of ‘giving more than we take.’ Located in Bohult, Sweden, the development offers visitors an escape from the city with opportunities for fresh dining and connecting with nature.

Courtesy of Lendager GroupCourtesy of Lendager GroupCourtesy of Lendager GroupAxonometric of Third Space+ 16