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Guest House in Kyoto / B.L.U.E. Architecture Design Studio

© Toshiyuku Yano © Toshiyuku Yano © Toshiyuku Yano © Toshiyuku Yano + 59

Refurbishment  · 
Kyoto, Japan

Lendager Group Unveils Plans for Permaculture Farming and Cabin Escape in Swedish Wilderness

Lendager Group have released drawings and renderings of Stedsans in the Woods, a farming development currently in progress in the deep Swedish wilderness. A collaboration with restaurant owners Mette Helbæk and Flemming Hansen, the project will feature a permaculture farm, restaurant, and lodging. A focus on sustainability and living off the landscape drives both the architecture and the Stedsans brand, who stress the idea of ‘giving more than we take.’ Located in Bohult, Sweden, the development offers visitors an escape from the city with opportunities for fresh dining and connecting with nature.

Courtesy of Lendager Group Courtesy of Lendager Group Courtesy of Lendager Group Axonometric of Third Space + 16