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Located at Gojo Krasuma, Kyoto, the original house has more than 100 years history. It is a traditional timber-structure house in typical form of Kyoto house, and the main skeleton remains in good condition except for some random later rebuilt. The owner intended to transform it into a unique boutique homestay. The program’s principle is to try our best to preserve as much original building as we could, and at the same time, we need to update the house to meet the demand of modern life ,which leads to a mix of old and new building style spontaneously, like a hybridism. Different from the normal homestay, we provide a small cultural exhibition museum space in the house, that is why the program is called as “He-courtyard”(合庭). Design inserts a purely modern style tunnel as the main entrance, the tunnel extends outside to the street, inside through the main house and finally reach the courtyard at the back. Thus allows visitors can look deep inside to the view of the courtyard when they pass by the street. It is the new interacting dialogue scenes which aims to express the essence of traditional Kyoto cultural – the courtyard. Except for the function of connecting different spaces, the tunnel is also served as exhibiting hall, providing a clear platform to display different kinds of old Japan collection. View more View full description
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