GT Studio / Studio Guilherme Torres

© Denilson Machado

Architects: Studio Guilherme Torres
Location: ,
Area: 95 sqm
Year: 2012
Photographs: Denilson Machado

Minha Casa, Nossa Cidade: Brazil’s Social Housing Policy & The Failures of the Private-Public System

Courtesy of Ruby Press

In 2009, the Brazilian government launched the social program “Minha Casa, Minha Vida” (“My House, My Life”), which aims to build 3.4 million units by the end of 2014. Minha Casa—Nossa Cidade (Ruby Press, 2014), produced by the MAS Urban Design program at the ETH Zurich, examines the project at a critical time and presents ways to improve its design and implementation. Divided into three chapters, the book reviews the history, guidelines, and construction of the “Minha Casa, Minha Vida” program (MCMV) through long-form essays, opinion pieces, interviews, diagrams, and photographic image material. The following excerpt, written by Sandra Becker, proposes an answer to the question of why the program – despite its aims to meet the huge demand for housing for low-income families - has thus far failed to provide the Brazilian people the “quality cities [they] desire.” 

From the Publisher. In June 2013, Brazil saw a wave of protests unprecedented in the country’s history. Millions of people filled the streets demanding better education, public transportation, and healthcare. While the rage driving the protests was directed at politicians, it is unlikely that the problem can be reduced to the failure of the political system. Instead, shouldn’t the protests point out the inequalities caused by the neoliberal policies that dominate the global economy?

In the first quarter of 2009, responding to the global financial crisis that had begun the previous year, the Brazilian government launched an ambitious program to encourage the economy’s construction sector. The program, “Minha Casa, Minha Vida,” was initially developed to build one million houses. In September 2011, the program launched its second phase with a goal of providing another 2.4 million housing units. The program aims to confront a historical deficiency in housing, a shortage of approximately 5.8 million dwellings.

DM HOUSE / Studio Guilherme Torres

© Denilson Machada

Architects: Studio Guilherme Torres
Location: São Paulo,
Architect In Charge: Guilherme Torre
Area: 350.0 sqm
Year: 2012
Photographs: Denilson Machada

Vila Aspicuelta / Tacoa Arquitetos


Architects: Tacoa Arquitetos
Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Architect In Charge: Rodrigo Cerviño, Fernando Falcon
Area: 915.0 sqm
Year: 2013
Photographs: Leonardo Finotti

AH House / Studio Guilherme Torres

© MCA Estudio

Architects: Studio Guilherme Torres
Location: São Paulo,
Area: 1031.0 sqm
Year: 2012
Photographs: MCA Estudio

Um House / Terra e Tuma Arquitetos Associados

© Pedro Kok

Architects: Terra e Tuma Arquitetos Associados
Location: , São Paulo, Brasil
Project Architects: Danilo Terra, Pedro Tuma, Juliana Iha, Lucas Miilher
Project Year: 2014
Photographs: Pedro Kok

Bio-nanomanufacturing Laboratory / Piratininga Arquitetos Associados + VD Arquitetura

© Maíra Acayaba

Architects: Piratininga Arquitetos Associados, VD Arquitetura
Location: Campus do IPT, Butantã, São Paulo, Brasil
Authors: José Armênio de Brito Cruz, Renata Semin, Vera Lúcia Domchske
Coauthors: Gastão Sales, Gustavo Partezani
Project Area: 13,461 sqm
Project Year: 2011
Photographs: Maíra Acayaba

SESC Barra Secondary School / Indio da Costa Arquitetura

© Pedro Kok

Architects: Indio da Costa Arquitetura
Location: , Brasil
Project Architect: Luiz Eduardo Indio da Costa
Co Authors: Claudia Amorim, Carlota Sampaio, Lourenço Gimenez
Project Area: 55,000 sqm
Project Year: 2007
Photographs: Pedro Kok, Cesar Duarte

Castelão Arena / Vigliecca&Associados

© Leonardo Finotti

Architects: Vigliecca&Associados
Location: Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil
Area: 162,600 sqm
Year: 2012
Photographs: Leonardo Finotti, Ricardo Correa, Courtesy of Vigliecca & Associados, Azul Serra

Anhembi Space / Terra e Tuma Arquitetos

© Pedro Kok

Architects: Terra e Tuma Arquitetos
Location: São Paulo,
Design Team: Danilo Terra, Pedro Tuma, Juliana Assali, Bruna Hashimoto, Giulia Sofia Galante, Zeno Muica
Area: 5079.0 sqm
Year: 2012
Photographs: Pedro Kok

Weekend House in Downtown São Paulo / SPBR

© Nelson Kon

Architects: SPBR
Location: São Paulo,
Architect In Charge: Angelo Bucci
Design Team: Nilton Suenaga, Tatiana Ozzetti, Ciro Miguel, Eric Ennser, João Paulo Meirelles de Faria, Juliana Braga, Fernanda Cavallaro, Victor Próspero
Area: 183.0 sqm
Year: 2013
Photographs: Nelson Kon

Brooklin House / Galeria Arquitetos

© Pedro Kok

Architects: Galeria Arquitetos
Location: São Paulo,
Architect In Charge: Fernanda Costa Neiva
Area: 166 sqm
Year: 2008
Photographs: Pedro Kok

Herzog & de Meuron Completes First Project in Brazil: Morro Arena

Courtesy of Herzog & de Meuron. Exterior.

This last Wednesday, April 9th, Herzog & de Meuron opened its first project in Brazil – Morro Arena - located in the city of . With a capacity for 350 people, the features multipurpose rooms for dancing, classrooms, a terrace overlooking the sea, locker rooms and a sports court.

The project is the first finished part of a broader urban plan for the region developed by the Swiss Office in partnership with the Centro Sócio Pastoral Nossa Senhora de Conceição in 2009.

Central Library of the PUC Campinas / Piratininga Arquitetos Associados

© Bebete Viegas

Architects: Piratininga Arquitetos Associados
Location: Avenida John Boyd Dunlop, Campinas, São Paulo,
Architect In Charge: José Armênio de Brito Cruz, Renata Semin
Area: 3,200 sqm
Photographs: Bebete Viegas

Guaiume House / 24.7 Arquitetura Design

© Pedro Kok

Architects: 24.7 Arquitetura Design
Location: – São Paulo, Brazil
Architects In Charge: Giuliano Pelaio, Gustavo Tenca, Inacio Cardona
Area: 305 sqm
Year: 2013
Photographs: Pedro Kok

House_63 / Sonne Müller Arquiteto + Civitas

© Daniel Secches

Architects: Sonne Müller Arquiteto, Civitas
Location: São José dos Campos, , Brasil
Project Area: 480 sqm
Project Year: 2014
Photographs: Daniel Secches

Itatiba Residence / RoccoVidal P+W

© Tuca Reinés

Architects: RoccoVidal Perkins+Will
Location: – São Paulo, Brasil
Project Architects: Luiz Fernando Rocco, Fernando Vidal, Douglas Tolaine
Collaborators: Fernanda Tegacini, Marcela Kishi, Caroline Estelles, Ana Cecilia Guimarães, Carlos Andrigo, Fred Zara, Fernanda Morais, Fernanda Borges
Project Year: 2013
Photography: Tuca Reinés

The P House / Studio MK27 – Marcio Kogan + Lair Reis

© Fernando Guerra | FG+SG

Architects: Studio MK27 – Marcio Kogan, Lair Reis
Location: São Paulo,
Architect In Charge:
Interior: Diana Radomysler
Area: 773.0 sqm
Year: 2012
Photographs: Fernando Guerra | FG+SG