Flashback: KNSM Island Skydome / Wiel Arets Architects

© Jan Bitter

Architects: Wiel Arets Architects
Location: KNSM-Laan 451, 1019 Zeeburg,
Project Team: Wiel Arets , Elmar Kleuters, Paul Kuitenbrouwer, René Thijssen
Collaborators: Anca Arenz, Ivo Daniëls, Jo Janssen, Maurice Paulussen, Henrik Vuust
Project Year: 1996
Photographs: Jan Bitter

Island Retreat / Fearon Hay Architects

© Patrick Reynolds

Architects: Fearon Hay Architects
Location: , Auckland, New Zealand
Project Year: 2011
Project Area: 375.0 sqm
Photographs: Patrick Reynolds

Groupama / Scheubel + Genty Architectes

© Stéphane Chalmeau

Architects: Scheubel + Genty Architectes
Location: ,
Project Year: 2011
Photographs: Stéphane Chalmeau

Architect’s Eye Exhibition & Discussion Panel at Roca London Gallery

The Festival of Architecture hosted its first photographic exhibition called “The Architect’s Eye”, featuring winners and finalists from the Architect’s Eye Photography Competition that we previously mentioned here on ArchDaily. On the exhibition’s opening night, nearly one-hundred people attended a panel discussion that focused on the relationship between architecture and photography within Zaha Hadid’s ROCA London Gallery. The panel, chaired by Amanda Baillieu from Building Magazine, was formed by Moderator Alex Health, Jack Pringle of Pringle Brandon Architects, Simon Allford of Allford Hall Monaghan Morris Architects, Architectural Photographer Nick Guttridge and Architectural Photographer Grant Smith. Roca London Gallery has provided us with the clip above. Check it out and follow us after the break key points from the discussion.

Video: Goetz Gallery building by Herzog & de Meuron

The Sammlung Goetz, an internationally renowned collection of contemporary art in  housed in a purpose-built Herzog & de Meuron building, is home to private collector Ingvild Goetz’s eclectic acquired works of paintings and video projections.

Shelter @ Rainforest / Marra + Yeh Architects

© Brett Boardman

Architects: Marra + Yeh Architects
Location: Sabah,
Structural Engineer: Professor Max Irvine
Project Year: 2011
Photographs: Brett Boardman

The Hegeman / Cook + Fox

© Architects

The Hegeman, designed by Cook + Fox Architects,  is a residential community in Brownsville, that provides housing for low-income and formerly homeless individuals. Developed by Common Ground Community – an innovative non-profit whose mission is to end homelessness – the Hegeman Residence will also provide a range of on-site social services in a model known as supportive housing. For a little bit of context, Brownsville has the highest concentration of NYCHA (New York City Housing Authority) developments in New York City. A wave of arson in the 1970s destroyed most of the residential structures; Brownsville is just one of the many neighborhoods that were affected. The urban renewal that followed rebuilt many homes and designated them as low-income housing. The community has had many problems since associated with poverty, including crime and drug addiction, as well as low test scores and high truancy rates in the education system.

More after the break.

The Martian Embassy / LAVA

© Brett Boardman

Architects: LAVA
Location: Sydney NSW,
Project Manager: Berents Project Management
Project Year: 2012
Project Area: 150 sqm
Photographs: Brett Boardman, Peter Murphy

Courtesy of MAD Architects
Courtesy of MAD Architects

Destination Forus / MAD Architects

Designed by MAD Architects…, Destination Forus is intended to be a clear, robust and effective masterplan to become an exclusive commercial district, both in form and function, which radically differentiates itself from the surrounding building fabric. Increased density and

Bunker 599 / RAAAF + Atelier de Lyon

Courtesy of Rietveld Landscape

Architects: RAAAF + Atelier de Lyon
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Project Year: 2010
Photographs: Courtesy of Rietveld Landscape

Pulse Park / CEBRA

Zen Zone ©

Architect: CEBRA
Client: KildebjergRy, Skanderborg Municipality
Location: Ry,
Project Year: 2011-2012
Size: 24.057 ft²

CEBRA’s latest landscape project situated in Kildebjerg Ry near Arhus, Denmark, is a bit out of the ordinary.  Moving beyond providing flora, walkways and simple playground amenities, the Pulse Park will feature three distinct activity zones that will provide a place for fitness, meditation and play to benefit the residential and business areas nearby.  These zones create an activating framework for physical activities and exercise while forming an integrated part of the surrounding landscape.

More about the park after the break. 

Garage Centre for Contemporary Arts Pavilion / Artem Kitaev, Nikolay Martynov, Leonid Slonimskiy, Maxim Spivakov, Artem Staborovskiy

© Yuriy Palmin

Architects: Artem Kitaev, , , Maxim Spivakov, Artem Staborovskiy
Location: Gorky Park, ул. Крымский Вал, 9, город Москва, Russia
Project Year: 2012
Project Area: 600 sqm
Photographs: Yuriy Palmin

© Sergio Godoy
© Sergio Godoy

CYC Students Residence University / EKKY Studio

The first prize winning proposal for the CYC Students Residence University by EKKY Studio… is an affordable student housing complex close to the university of Cyprus, in the Aglantzia area of Nicosia. Through their research, a new building typology was

Fire Station Dordrecht / René van Zuuk Architekten

© Christian Richters

Architects: René van Zuuk Architekten
Location: Professor Kohnstammlaan 10, 3312 Land van Valk, The Netherlands
Project Team: René van Zuuk, Kersten Scheller, Peter Hagelaar, Wulf Oschwald
Project Year: 2011
Project Area: 7,000 sqm
Photographs: Christian Richters

Ethiopian Airlines New Headquarters / Söhne & Partner + BET Architects

© miss 3

In cooperation with BET architects from , Söhne & Partner shared with us their winning proposal in the international design competition for Ethiopian Airlines New Headquarters in . Their design is intended to address the need of the airline’s growth, dynamic operation and attaining its Vision-2025. The landscape, being an important part of the interior design, is flowing through and underneath the building. The office blocks are cantilevered above the street level as a floating form to represent the mountains, canyons or rocks. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Wahaca Southbank Experiment / Softroom

© Joseph Burns

Architects: Softroom
Location: Lambeth, Borough of Lambeth, SE1 8XX, UK
Project Year: 2012
Photographs: Joseph Burns

Coca Cola Beatbox Pavilion / Pernilla & Asif

© Hufton & Crow

Architects: Pernilla & Asif
Location: , UK
Design Team: Asif Khan, Pernilla Ohrstedt
Project Year: 2012
Photographs: Hufton & Crow

Chromatic Screen / Like Architects

© Dinis Sottomayor

Designed and constructed by Like Architects for the 2012 Oporto Show, the Chromatic Screen installation is an intervention representative of their ephemeral work that lies on the border between architecture, design, urban installation and art. The installation is designed using about 2,000 hangers for children’s clothes from IKEA – ‘Bagis’ -, in four different colors – blue, green, pink and orange – that merge into multiple tonalities. More images and architects’ description after the break.