StudioLofts Hamburg / Pott Architects

© Sebastian Treytnar

Architects: Pott Architects
Location: Borsteler Bogen, , Germany
Completion: 2011
Client: ABB Studiolofts
Size: 3,200 sqm
Photographs: Sebastian Treytnar

Courtesy of Martin Klaeschen & Carl Ray Miller

Noble Square Park Proposal / Martin Klaeschen & Carl Ray Miller

Martin Klaeschen & Carl Ray Miller… shared with us their first place winning proposal for the Noble Square Park in the Eckhart Park Design Competition. Their design focused on a donor recognition wall with an earthen mound that would act

Roteiro Musical de Sao Paulo / Estudio Guto Requena + Atelier Marko Brajovic

© Fran Parente

Architects: Estudio Guto Requena + Atelier Marko Brajovic
Location: 579 Luiz Dumont Villares Avenue, São Paulo, Brazil
Collaborators: Vinicius Capella, Alberto Gomez, Henrique Stabileand Paulo de Camargo
Installation Coordinator: Carmela Rocha
Visual Identity and Graphic Project: Estudia Design
Photographs: Fran Parente

Video: reALIze / Oyler Wu Collaborative & Michael Kalish

Oyler Wu Collaborative, in collaboration with , shared with us their video, reALIze, which documents the development and fabrication of the 2011 reALIze installation, a tribute to the life and cultural significance of Muhammad Ali. The project is aimed at exposing a new generation to this larger than life character by building an appreciation for the nuanced emotional, aesthetic, and technical principles that collectively form experience – a concept that holds true as much for human persona as it does for architecture.


2G / Pezo von Ellrichshausen

The monograph presents a new way of approaching Chilean architecture. In the wake of the interesting publications of Mathias Klotz (2G 26, 2003), Smiljan Radic (2G 44, 2007) and Cecilia Puga (2G 53, 2010), now comes that of  Pezo von Ellrichshausen, a firm that has proven itself around the world for its consistently outstanding, contemporary works (you can see some examples here).

In Progress: PARKROYAL on Pickering / WOHA

Courtesy of

Located in central , the top tier business hotel and office in a garden project at Hong Lim Park, designed by WOHA, demonstrates how they were able to not only conserve greenery in a built-up high-rise city center, but multiply it vertically in a manner that is architecturally striking, integrated and sustainable. Undergoing construction with scheduled completion in this year, the project has achieved Singapore’s Green Mark Platinum score, the nation’s highest environmental certification. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Portago Urban / IlmioDESIGN

© Alfonso Acedo

Architects: IlmioDESIGN – Andrea Spada, Michele Corbani
Location: Plaza Fortuny, , Spain
Client: Global Suites S.A 
Design Team: Andrea Spada, Michele Corbani
Completation: January 2012
Built Area: 1,000 sqm
Photographs: Alfonso Acedo

Panama Rainforest Discovery Center / ENSITU

Courtesy of

Architects: ENSITU – Patrick Dillon
Client: Eugene Eisenmann Avifauna Foundation
Design/ Production Team: Brenda Gotti, Zitta Pozo, Aristides Robles, Emilio Rivadeneira
Structural Engineer: Arquinde. Martin Isaac, Luis McNulty
MEP: Luis Carlos Gotti
Area: Visitor’s Center- 150 sqm, Observation Tower- 32m height
Photographs: Sylvia Grunhut, Colibri Productions

Michael Green presents ‘The Case for Tall Wood Buildings’

Courtesy of

Driven by the desire to find safe, carbon-neutral and sustainable alternatives to the incumbent structural materials of the urban world, Michael Green, Principal at Michael Green Architecture, has shared with us this highly-anticipated feasibility study, The Case for Tall Wood Buildings. The 200-page document encourages architects, engineers and designers to push the envelope of conventional thinking by demonstrating that wood is a viable material for tall and large buildings and exposing its environmental and economic benefits.

Co-author Michael Green explains, “To slow and contain greenhouse gas emissions and find truly sustainable solutions to building, we must look at the fundamentals of the way we build – from the bones of large urban building structures to the details of energy performance. We need to search for the big picture solutions of today’s vast climate, environmental, economic and world housing needs.”

AD Round Up: Classics by Mies van der Rohe

© Greg Robbins

In case you haven’t noticed, we are celebrating Mies van der Rohe’s 126th Birthday. You can’t miss our infographic on one of the most famous architects that ever lived. And of course, you can’t miss some of our AD Classics on Mies projects. Like the Farnsworth House, built between 1945 and 1951. Or the Neue National Gallery in Berlin. One of the most popular project he designed was the Barcelona Pavilion, designed for the World’s Expo of 1929. We couldn’t leave out two skyscrapers that redefined modern high-rise construction: 860-880 Lake Shore Drive and Seagram Building.

Mecano House / Juan Robles

© Andrés García Lachner

Architects: Juan Robles
Location: Península de Osa,
Project Team: , Emilio Quirós, Adriana Serrano, Andrea Solano, Isabel Bello, Marcelo Pontigo, Bernardo Sauter,Bernd Loh
Built Area: 420 sqm
Date: 2010
Photographs: Andrés García Lachner

Xinjin Zhi Museum / Kengo Kuma & Associates

Courtesy of

Architects: Kengo Kuma & Associates
Location: , China
Client: Fantasia Group
Structural engineers: Oak Structural Design Office
Mechanical engineers: P.T.Morimura & Associates,LTD
Completion: 2011
Site area: 2,580 sqm
Building Area: 787 sqm
Total floor area: 2,353 sqm
Total Budget: 30,000,000RMB
Photographs: Courtesy of Kengo Kuma & Associates

New Bauhaus Museum / BUBE

Courtesy of

Rotterdam-based practice BUBE has shared with us their third-place winning proposal in the Classic Siftung Weimar international competition for the New Bauhaus Museum. Three translucent cubes are clustered together in an effort to maximize open space and reorganize the site with a focus of intensifying the interactions between park and museum visitors. BUBE’s proposal is one of the final four designs still competing. The jury is expected to announce the winning design this summer. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Palapa / GH+A | Guillermo Hevia

© Guillermo Hevia H.

Architects: GH+A | Guillermo Hevia
Location: ,
Project Team: Tomás Villalón, Francisco Carrión, Guillermo Hevia García, Marcela Suazo
Client: Grupo KALOS
Contractor: Grupo KALOS
Project Area: 450 sqm
Project Year: 2009
Photographs: Guillermo Hevia H.

Le 49 / APOLLO Architects & Associates

© Masao Nishikawa

Architects: APOLLO Architects & Associates – Satoshi Kurosaki
Location: Kamakurayama, city, Kanagawa, Japan
Date of Completion: December 2011
Structure: Steel
Site Area: 111.92 sqm
Total Floor Area: 182.70 sqm (79.29m2/1F, 103.41m2/2F)
Structural Engineer: Taro Yokoyama
Mechanical Engineer: Zenei Shimada
Photographer: Masao Nishikawa

Public Art Installations from Numen / For Use Design Collective

Courtesy of

The Croatian/Austrian Design Collaborative Numen/For Use blends architecture and public installation art.  The sculpture-like pieces are large in scale and take over whole public spaces while also reinventing them, changing the way in which they can be occupied and changing the experience of the interactions between participants.  Numen/For Use has shared with us three of their recent works.  Tape, which was actualized in Florence, Italy and Melbourne, Australia; Tuft Pula, a more permanent version of Tape installed in the middle of the former church in Pula; and Net, built in Z33 high spaces.  Tape and NET take a material that is ephemeral and non architectural and turn it into one that has architectural capacity.  Join us after the break to read more about these projects!

Savonnerie Heymans / MDW Architecture

© Filip Dujardin

Architect: MDW Architecture – Xavier De Wil, Marie Moignot, Gilles Debrun
Location: , Belgium
Project Manager & QS: FORUM
Technical Control: SECO
Contractors: CFE, M&M Sitty
Photographs: Filip Dujardin,


Infographic: Celebrating Mies van der Rohe