Which Architects Are Most Admired By Other Architects?

Foster + Partner’s Apple Campus II. Image © City of Cupertino

As part of their annual research for the World Architecture Top 100, Building Design (BD) has compiled a list of which architects are most admired by their colleagues from across the globe. Last year’s results were somewhat predictable, with Foster + Partners leading and Renzo Piano’s Building Workshop and Herzog + de Meuron close behind. According to BD, “this year saw a trend towards more commercial names.”

This year’s “most admired” list includes:

According to BD’s results, Foster + Partners topped the list with 30% of the total votes and have “dominated the top spot in this ranking for a number of years now.” Herzog + de Meuron took 13% of the votes and was “closely followed” by BIG, a new entry to the 2014 rankings. Noting that BIG “has been growing at a phenomenal rate,” the public persona between these two international practices are almost polar opposites. 

AHMM has reappeared in this year’s rankings, whilst OMA and the have slipped down the list. Zaha Hadid Architects is missing from this year’s rankings altogether, having received only one vote.

Do you agree with the results? Let us know who you most admire in the comment section below.

More about this list can be found on BDOnline.

Cite: Taylor-Foster, James. "Which Architects Are Most Admired By Other Architects?" 04 Dec 2013. ArchDaily. Accessed 24 May 2015. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=454850>
  • Ben Huser

    I most admire:

    - Luigi Snozzi, Locarno, Switzerland
    - Paulo Mendes da Rocha, Sao Paulo, Brasil

    • http://ryansinger.com Ryan Singer

      my list as a young boy is so different than now.. I remember loving Mario Botta, Carlos Scarpa, Rudolf Schindler and Le Corbusier.. Today Paulo Mendes da Rocha is in my long list which we share in common. Luigi Snozzi is a new name and I like what I’ve seen so far. Thank you for mentioning.

  • John Park

    I most admire:
    -Toyo Ito
    -Herzog & de Meuron

  • Jorge Porras

    Over all the rest..

    • Sebastian Mlekicki

      You prove more and more that you know less and less. Bjarke is youthful and ambitious, yet he is restricted by his futurist ideologies that are expressed purely through his formal strategies… “Youthful and ambitious”

      • Kevin

        I would say its less about that and more about building life and material choices . His buildings are very poorly constructed. This could attribute to his youthful ignorance.

      • Jorge Porras

        You have to read “Yes is more”..

  • sotiris tsoulos

    Peter Zumthor people.. come on.. the answer is simple

  • Javier Gonzalez

    It is hard to say as there are so many and Norman Foster is definitely one of the top of my list but I would say of those not on the list, Cutler Anderson Architects from Washington and Morphosis would have to be there.

  • Eduardo rojas

    Marcio kogan – Isay Weindfeld – Mathias Klotz – im muy case.

  • andrei ardeleanu

    I most admire: Samuel Mockbee, Alvaro Siza, Terunobu Fujimori

  • Eric in Colorado

    Richard Meier & Partners is missing.

    Antoine Predock; Rick Joy; Will Bruder

  • Matthew Ferguson

    I most admire:
    Wang Xu
    Peter Zumthor

  • Fabio

    Architects should be admired by clients and not by other architects! Because of this idolatry and the design “made to shine” and not for the people, the profession is falling into disrepute around the world.

    • Matthew Ferguson

      Fabio, the point isn’t to admire their designs, we judge and learn from anything, however you can recognize a certain firms abilities, and what they do well, and admire and respect them for that. In this case Admire is being used in a different way than implies idolatry. Should we not learn from what others do well to improve our own work?

  • Rebin


  • Mike

    Just like Hollyweird and the Oscars…

  • aishwarya

    Sir Norman anyday

  • Ruben

    Alvaro Siza, who else…

  • zola tarekegn

    norman foster is the best offcourse along with richard meir…

  • AB Umich

    Diller, Scofidio and Renfro, LTL, SHoP, Steven Holl

  • sakura

    juteras design workshop

  • Lali

    Even though he is not with us anymore, he will remain in my top 10 Enric Miralles. OMA and AMO, Herzog, Ada Louise Huxtable (rip); they’re amazing.

  • Syed

    Alvaro siza, aires mateus, peter zumthor,UNSTUDIO

  • Sebastian Mlekicki

    How is Morphosis not on here?

    Thom Mayne is a ‘radical’ in the field, I Admire his effort to consistently push the boundaries of architecture.

  • giulio

    it’s a bit generic to say ‘most admired’, you could admire someone who runs business managing to pay people well (e.g. Rogers) while having a private life… anyways i think BIG has to be admired for success, growth, fresh designs, at young age (and his designs are not always poorly constructed)

  • colin


  • Dan

    Peter Zumthor
    Alvaro Siza
    Eduardo Souto de Moura

  • NOyourproblem

    Herzog & de Meuron
    Alvaro Siza
    Eduardo Souto de Moura
    Peter Zumthor