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Tiny Houses: The Latest Architecture and News

Storage Solution for Small Houses: Useful Examples

Dense cities mean small homes. With more and more frequency we are forced to adapt to spaces within which some elements simply do not fit. As architects, these restrictions actually provide us with opportunities and remind us that our goal is to give precise solutions to specific problems. Designing with infinite number square meters and/or an unlimited budget is practically unheard of.

What's the key to accommodating everything? Let's review some effective storage solutions for minimum, tight spaces.

END THE ROC / nook architects. Image © Yago Partal Bazillion / YCL Studio. Image © Leonas Garbačauskas HB6B / Karin Matz. Image Cortesía de Karin Matz Gorki / Ruetemple. Image Cortesía de Ruetemple + 33

Bungalows Lake House / Cadi Arquitetura

© Cristiano Bauce
© Cristiano Bauce

© Cristiano Bauce © Cristiano Bauce © Cristiano Bauce © Cristiano Bauce + 35

  • Architects: Cadi Arquitetura
  • Area Area of this architecture project Area: 689.0 ft²
  • Year Completion year of this architecture project Year: 2019

Syshaus Residence / Studio Arthur Casas

© Filippo Bamberghi © Filippo Bamberghi © Filippo Bamberghi © Filippo Bamberghi + 20

São Paulo, Brazil
  • Architects: Studio Arthur Casas
  • Area Area of this architecture project Area: 206.0
  • Year Completion year of this architecture project Year: 2018

The Hedonist / Nuno Pimenta + Frederico Martins

© Nuno Pimenta © Nuno Pimenta © Nuno Pimenta © Nuno Pimenta + 12

Mannheim, Germany

BuildTech Trends: Movements Shaping Architecture and Construction

As construction evolves, new advancements are shaping how we design. These movements are the product of shared ideas and the convergence of building technologies that open up new possibilities for architecture. From the atomic scale of materials to preassembled homes and faraway planets, the changes in BuildTech are felt across industries. As a result, disciplines are learning from one another to reimagine how we build.

Courtesy of AI SpaceFactory and Plomp © Kim Jong-Kwan Courtesy of AI SpaceFactory and Plomp Courtesy of DAQRI + 10

The Great Tiny House Debate: What it Means to Downsize the Dream

The dream of a home in the suburbs with a white picket fence is changing. Between housing crises and homelessness, mounting debt and downsizing, home ownership has become increasingly less attainable. The tiny house movement is a direct response to these forces, with cities and designers asking whether micro dwellings can address pressing issues or if they are glorifying unhealthy living conditions.

Courtesy of thebearwalk Courtesy of Klein Courtesy of thebearwalk © Federico Villa + 10

Jonathan Mizzi on the Future of Tiny Architecture

London/Malta-based Mizzi Studio, led by founder Jonathan Mizzi, are at the forefront of the growing trend of micro-architecture. As exemplified by their recent commission for the design of nine kiosks across London’s Royal Parks, the firm has a passion for the fusion of craft and technology, and in particular, the large, invisible forces of economy, sustainability, and psychology that converge on such small spaces and structures.

The Royal Parks Kiosks - Ritz Corner. Image © Luke Hayes The Royal Parks Kiosks - Ritz Corner. Image © Luke Hayes The Serpentine Coffee House. Image © Luke Hayes The Serpentine Coffee House. Image © Luke Hayes + 14

The "Tiny House Nation" Series is Now Available on Netflix

Netflix has published a new show on its streaming service on the subject of tiny houses. “Tiny House Nation” follows renovation experts John Weisbarth and Zack Giffin across America, as they help design and construct tiny homes in spaces under 500 square feet. The seven episodes from the 2014-2017 series feature homeowners from all walks of life, from Florida to Hawaii, seeking to join a Tiny Houses Movement that prioritizes smart living.

The Trends that Will Influence Architecture in 2019

It is, once again, the time of year where we look towards the future to define the goals and approaches that we will take for our careers throughout the upcoming year. To help the millions of architects who visit ArchDaily every day from all over the world, we compiled a list of the most popular ideas of 2018, which will continue to be developed and consolidated throughout 2019.

Over 130 million users discovered new references, materials, and tools in 2018 alone, infusing their practice of architecture with the means to improve the quality of life for our cities and built spaces. As users demonstrated certain affinities and/or demonstrated greater interest in particular topics, these emerged as trends. 

House Plans Under 50 Square Meters: 26 More Helpful Examples of Small-Scale Living

Designing the interior of an apartment when you have very little space to work with is certainly a challenge. We all know that a home should be as comfortable as possible for its inhabitants, but when we have only a few square meters to work with and the essential functions of the home to distribute, finding an efficient layout is not easy. Following our popular selection of houses under 100 square meters, we've gone one better: a selection of 26 floor plans between 20 and 50 square meters to inspire you in your own spatially-challenged designs.

Grimshaw Creates Tiny House Prototype to Address Australia's Housing Crisis

Grimshaw Architects have created a prefabricated tiny house to address Australia's housing crisis. Made to raise money for the not-for-profit organization Kids Under Cover and support homeless youth, The Peak project provides an affordable option for young people priced out of the housing market in Australia's cities. Designed to go completely off grid or integrate with city infrastructure mains, the project was formed around IKEA furniture within a double-height volume. All profits from The Peak support Kids Under Cover in Melbourne and the state of Victoria.

The Peak. Image © Grimshaw Architects The Peak. Image © Grimshaw Architects The Peak. Image © Grimshaw Architects The Peak. Image © Grimshaw Architects + 6

Micro-Architecture: 40 Big Ideas for Small Cabins

© Markus Bollen © Leonardo Finotti © Gori Salvà © Nicolai Rapp + 81

In spite of their apparent simplicity, small cabins have always been a welcome design challenge in which scale, materiality and habitability must be resolved in order to take maximum advantage of minimal spaces. Perhaps the most famous exercise in cabin design, the Le Corbusier-designed 16m2 cabanon was a container of ideas in which the Swiss architect explored the "modulor"-- an understanding of the fundamentality of human scale. In the ensuing half-century, many prominent architects have ventured into cabin design both experimentally and at a primitive level, especially as a small refuge in harmony within a natural context.

We have selected 40 small cabin designs from around the world that explore different types of solutions according to context and programmatic needs. 

6 Tips for Designing and Building a Tiny House

Tiny houses have become popular in recent years as housing prices continue to soar. Whether as an off-the-grid retreat or a way to live more simply and economically, tiny homes offer a more flexible way to live. They are even being used by charity organizations such as the Tiny Homes Foundation in Australia as a way to tackle the issue of homelessness in cities and the need for social housing. As the popularity and need for tiny homes become ever more prevalent, knowing the necessary skills to design a tiny house for yourself or a client is a useful skill to have.

Below are 6 tips to keep in mind when designing and building a tiny house:

<a href=''>KODA / Kodasema</a>. Image © Paul Kuimet <a href=''>Minimod / MAPA</a>. Image © Leonardo Finotti <a href=''>Micro-house / Studio Liu Lubin</a>. Image Courtesy of Studio Liu Lubin <a href=''>Portable House ÁPH80 / Ábaton Arquitectura</a>. Image © Juan Baraja + 10

Smart Configurations for Small Kitchens

Smart Configurations for Small Kitchens
Smart Configurations for Small Kitchens

Small spaces sometimes have to host essential functions. How can you incorporate the kitchen into your design in the best possible way when your floor space is limited? We have thoroughly reviewed our published projects to select 7 houses in which the architects have effectively solved this problem, using intelligent and innovative configurations.

These kitchens manage to appear larger than they really are when attached to neighboring spaces such as living rooms or dining rooms. In themselves, they are kitchens that occupy very small spaces, opting for a different approach to the traditional kitchen that normally occupies an independent and exclusive room.

Casa na Rua Faria Guimarães / Fala Atelier Curtain Cottage / Apparte Studio 097 • Yojigen Poketto / elii Restauración Old Town / Habitan Architecture + 31

small home BIG LIFE 2018

The Small house trend is here! We invite Victorian TAFE and University students studying either building design or architecture (full time or part time) to design and submit an innovative response to living in 45m2, 60m2 or 100m2. Go our our website for competition details and to register.

5 Very Different Ways to Finance the Construction of Tiny Houses

This article originally appeared on Archipreneur as "5 Amazing Tiny Houses and Their Financing Models."

The tiny house movement is taking the housing market by storm, with small homes appearing all over rural and urban areas across the world. They are an affordable and eco-conscious solution to the narrowing housing supply and can offer mobility to an increasing population of young professionals. Tiny houses come in many forms and sizes—from micro-apartments and office spaces, to cabins on wheels and trailers. Similarly, the financing models vary, depending on function, local building codes, size requirements and whether they’re made as commercial products or private housing solutions.

The best option is to design and build the house yourself, using savings instead of worrying about interest rates and debt. Some tiny house manufacturers offer in-house payment solutions to their customers. Other options are RV loans, peer-to-peer lending and crowdfunding. We assembled a list of 5 beautiful tiny houses built for different purposes.

You Can Now Buy a Shipping-Container Tiny House from Amazon (But Should You?)

The conversion of shipping containers to living spaces is not a new concept—but being able to purchase them online and have them delivered by e-commerce giant Amazon is. Deliveries by the Seattle-based (and seemingly endlessly expanding) company are becoming a staple for most American households: dogs have never barked so much at the postman, porches have never been so littered with empty boxes, and never before has almost every product on the market been available from one place without even having to leave the house.

In spite of this consumer revolution, homes on demand constitutes new territory for the platform. So what does it look like when an entire house is delivered on the back of a truck?

Now You Can Assemble Your Own Tiny House for Outdoor Recreation

Vancouver-based Leckie Studio Architecture + Design has founded the Backcountry Hut Company to bring affordable recreation structures to outdoor enthusiasts. Inspired by IKEA's philosophy of providing superior design at a moderate price point, the prefabricated hut prototype aims to embody the company's four cornerstones: function, quality, sustainability, and value.

© Leckie Studio © Leckie Studio © Leckie Studio © Leckie Studio + 6