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Call for submissions: LafargeHolcim Awards for Sustainable Construction

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Seeking international projects that combine sustainable construction practices with architectural excellence, the LafargeHolcim Awards are open for entries to their 6th cycle through February 25, 2020. The Awards offers a total of $2 million USD in prize money to projects and concepts from architecture, engineering, urban planning, materials and construction technology, and related fields.

Flexform's Versatile Furniture Enhances Projects Worldwide

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Architectural design of a space and the furniture chosen to fill it can work together to define a room's function, set a certain vibe, and make a statement. While an architect or designer may want specific furniture to create a certain look at the time of design completion, versatility is also important over the course of a building's life. Not only do the needs of building programs and inhabitants shift over time, but owners of commercial and public spaces often want the ability to react to both aesthetic and social trends to keep up-to-date. 

Architects Play a Vital Role in Building Maintenance

Architecture and design influence not merely the aesthetics of buildings and other physical surroundings, but also the way individuals perceive and go about performing everyday activities. Contemporary architecture considers and shapes the behavior of people, whether at home, at work or during leisure activities. In this regard, contemporary architecture increasingly incorporates diverse materials with different and unique qualities in order to create surroundings that facilitate the intended and naturally occurring behavior of visitors and everyday users. Architects thus create spaces that enable people to perform daily tasks and a range of everyday social activities. However, architects also play a vital role in securing the future maintenance of newly designed buildings in order to ensure the continued existence of these physical spaces.

Falcon Spider Lift at Al Ameen Mosque. Image © Falcon LiftsFalcon Spider Lift in the Nordea Bank Headquarters. Image © Falcon LiftsFalcon Spider Lift in Cebu International Airport. Image © Falcon LiftsFalcon Spider Lift in Baku Airport. Image © Falcon Lifts+ 10

A' Good Architecture Design Award Winners Showcase Integrative Design

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The A’ Design Award’s annual Accolades reward the top designers worldwide in all design disciplines. It is a peer-reviewed, anonymously judged international award whose aim is to provide a platform for these designers to showcase their work and products to a global audience. This year's edition is still open for entries until the Late Deadline on February 28th, with winners announced on April 15th; designers can register their submissions here today!

Hotel Pino Nature - Hotel / Studio ZEC. Image © Damir DautbegovićHangzhou Zhongshuge Bookstore - Bookstore / Xiang Li. Image © Feng ShaoManshausen - Hospitality, Sport, Hotel, Wellness/Spa / Snorre Stinessen. Image © Steve KingPONE Transparent Shell - Exhibition Space / PONE ARCHITECTURE. Image © PONE ARCHITECTURE+ 21

BIM for Landscape Architecture: How Ares Uses Vectorworks

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The landscape architecture industry’s recent movement to standardize BIM workflows is a transition quite similar to its former move from hand drawings to CAD drafting. Now with BIM, landscape architects can work more closely with fellow architects, engineers, and other external collaborators on projects with structural and civil requirements. Adopting a new workflow to accommodate partners who use BIM regularly, however, isn't always a walk in the park.

Open Call for Design of New Xi’An Train Station

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Manni Group and YAC - Young Architects Competitions launch Xi’An Train Station, a competition of ideas to design a new rail terminal that will define the meeting point between East and West in the city where the famous Terracotta Army was found. A cash prize of €25,000 will be awarded to the winning projects selected by an internationally-renowned jury featuring: Dong Gong (Vector Architects), Ben van Berkel (UNstudio), Antonio Cruz (Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos), Volkwin Marg (GMP Architekten), Patrik Schumacher (Zaha Hadid Architects), Stefano Boeri, and many other distinguished professionals. The competition is promoted by Manni Group with the participation of ROCKWOOL, Renolit, Dow and Tata Steel as sponsors.

© Young Architects Competitions© Young Architects Competitions© Young Architects Competitions© Young Architects Competitions+ 12

Call for Entries: Bringing Light to Life Awards for Architecture & Design

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Bringing Light to Life Awards for Architecture & Design. Image Courtesy of VELUX
Bringing Light to Life Awards for Architecture & Design. Image Courtesy of VELUX

The BLL Awards for Architecture & Design comes from “Bringing light to life” which is the slogan of VELUX world brand for roof windows, which distribute daylight and fresh air into buildings through the roof. The idea of the Awards is to popularize good architecture, from architects and designers across countries in the CEE (Central and Eastern Europe) region, which demonstrates the effective distribution of daylight into buildings and the utilization of the space under the roof elements. It is a platform to showcase the work and products of architects and designers to a global audience. This year is the 6th edition of the BLL Awards, and is now open for entries. Seven countries from the CEE region are included – Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Turkey.

Debunking 3 Myths about 3D Visualization and VR in Architectural Projects

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There’s a lot of buzz going on in terms of technology-driven innovation in the AEC industry. Especially the increasing use of 3D renderings and virtual reality for architectural projects is hitting every architect’s newsfeed. Photorealistic images and virtual reality walk-throughs seem to be turning into the new industry standard. That being said, for many architectural firms it seems to be hard to keep up with quickly developing new tech and thereby find ways to differentiate themselves from the competition.

Members of LafargeHolcim Awards Juries 2020 Confirmed

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The independent juries will evaluate entries in the 6th International LafargeHolcim Awards for Sustainable Construction in five regions of the world. Each jury consists of nine experts in sustainable design and construction. The Awards seek real projects as well as bold ideas that combine sustainable construction solutions with architectural excellence. The competition offers a total of USD 2 million in prize money and is open for entries until February 25, 2020.

"Shared Cities: The Finale" Event to be Held In Prague

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Zive Namestie. Image © Archiv Zive Namestie
Zive Namestie. Image © Archiv Zive Namestie

How can we support creative answers to current and future challenges the constantly growing population of urban areas will face in the near future? This is just one of many questions and topics which have been discussed during the international project Shared Cities: Creative Momentum in the past four years. Now the time has come to present the accomplishments. An international festival called Shared Cities: The Finale will take place on October 2nd and 3rd in the city of Prague, Czech Republic.

The Power Plants, Old and New. Image © Bernhard SacklDecades of Neglect. Image © Bernhard SacklBelgrade. Image © HaladaPrague Film Shooting. Image © Petra Hajska+ 17

Is Integrating Building Performance Difficult at Your Firm?

In a study recently published by AIA, less than 13% of architectural firms have incorporated building performance as part of their practice. With buildings contributing 40% of total carbon emissions leading to climate change, just 25 projects are roughly equivalent to planting 1 million trees each year. In addition to that, teams that are able to showcase data-driven and performance-driven decision-making and feature an energy analysis in every pursuit are able to increase fees and generate more revenue. Although integrating building performance sounds like a no-brainer, it proves to be difficult at many firms, because in addition to the practical changes, it requires a culture shift. That culture shift can only happen if the tools are easy to use, accurate, and mesh well with current workflows. Right now is the perfect time to tackle these culture changes due to a few reasons:

Top 20 A' Design Award Winners

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The A’ Design Award is an international award whose aim is to provide designers, architects, and innovators from all architecture and design fields with a competitive platform to showcase their work and products to a global audience. Among the design world's many awards, the A' Design Award stands out for its exceptional scale and breadth; from 2018-2019, over 2,000 individual designs from 106 countries received awards in 98 different design disciplines. This year's edition is now open for entries; designers can register their submissions here.

Courtesy of A' Design AwardsCourtesy of A' Design AwardsCourtesy of A' Design AwardsCourtesy of A' Design Awards+ 21

Articulate and Amplify

Now a one-year program with student funding, the Design Research, Writing & Criticism MA program at NYC’s School of Visual Arts empowers professionals as researchers, writers and—above all—critical thinkers.

“Will I get a job with this degree?” It’s a question that would-be students around the world are having to engage with far more seriously these days. In a climate where graduates can often find themselves “under qualified” when entering a lopsided jobs market, the number of institutions and programs that can confidently point to proven track records are on the decline.

Blueprints Printing: The Architect’s Time Machine

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a time machine - to skip ahead into a future when technology has solved all of our problems, or perhaps to go back to a simpler time when we didn’t have to deal with the complications that modern technology brings? However, in the wise words of Archibald, the animated architect: “Architecture is not a final destination in time; it is a journey through life.”  As architects and builders, we are constantly imagining and designing for the future, while attempting to deal with reality as it exists in the present. 

From Touring With Skrillex to Building A Community: A Musician-Turned-Designer Builds "Beautiful Things"

Before starting down the arduous path of the life of a designer, those who have been there before you will insist on one thing: you must be passionate about what you do. Music brought Nathanael Balon to California, where he ended touring with his neighbor Sonny Moore (you probably know him as Skrillex). But 40 days into his second world tour he woke up wishing he were doing something else. Nathanael dreamed of building.

His desire to "build beautiful things" culminated in the creation of WoodSmithe, a company that designs and constructs retail environments, window displays and trade-show booths. Get a glimpse into Nathanael's courageous move in the short video above and read on to find out about a group of people who have made bold decisions to follow their dreams.