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15 Houses and Their Inhabitants: The Best Photos of the Week

Cortesía de Atelier Vens Vanbelle
Cortesía de Atelier Vens Vanbelle

© Toby Scott© Fernando Guerra |  FG+SG© Sasha Juliard© Isaac Ramírez Marín+ 16

We are accustomed to seeing photographs in which architecture is recorded without any occupants, or perhaps captured only with models who give scale to the spaces shown. However, in recent years architectural photographers have increasingly decided to humanize the houses they document, presenting not only their architecture, but also those who inhabit these buildings. In this week's best photos, we present a selection of 15 houses captured by renowned photographers such as Luc Roymans, Adrien Williams and Fernando Schapochnik.

Call for Ideas: Sahara Eco House

reTH!NKING team is delighted to introduce the new competition Sahara Eco House, The competition consists of the realization of a project that provides a new concept of housing in the existing environment based on the concepts of use of passive techniques that will provide a home with comfort and sufficient architectural quality.

22 Skinny Houses With a Narrow Footprint and a Broad Impact

Skinny houses have a wider appeal than their footprint would suggest. With cities becoming denser, and land becoming rare and expensive, architects are increasingly challenged to design in urban infill spaces previously overlooked. Although designing within these unusual parameters can be difficult, they often require an individual, sensitive response, which can often lead to innovative, playful, even inspiring results. With that in mind, here are 22 houses with a narrow footprint, and a broad impact.

Call for Entries: Future House - Micro House

This international architectural idea competition invites all architecture students, young architects, and professionals related to architecture studies to develop and submit compelling ideas for the design of a Micro House. The competition seeks the creation of a Micro House with ideas and concepts in architectural design with site planning. Micro houses are the focal point in a broader system to address issues, concerns, and problems of the current day.

Hollywood: Design an Iconic Home of the Future

Arch Out Loud is partnering with Last House on Mulholland to host the HOLLYWOOD design competition. The competition asks participants to design a house of the future which demonstrates the use of innovative technology, integrative environmental strategies and capitalizes on the iconic prominence of its site beneath the famed Hollywood sign. The competition serves as a design charette generating ideas about the potential for what the site could become and how it can inspire the future of residential design.

Mrs. Fan's Plugin House / People's Architecture Office

Call for Entries: "House in Forest 2017"

Have you ever imagined living in a house surrounded by the forest? Here is a competition to realize your dreams. The competition will be started very soon and seeks to explore the fantastic ides of architectural design, as well as landscape design and site planning. The aim of this competition is to promote our ideas of protecting the forest and its environment. We also encourage the creation of new living style which is not only limited for houses, but also can be like pavilions, structures, or landscape.

Zhu’an Residence / Zhaoyang Architects

© Hao Chen© Hao Chen© Hao Chen© Hao Chen+ 26

Dali, China
  • Area Area of this architecture project Area:  426
  • Year Completion year of this architecture project Year:  2016

Call for Entries: A House for William Shakespeare

The University of Architecture and Urbanism "Ion Mincu" in Bucharest, Romania, together with ICARCH Gallery, launches a new international architectural competition, on the occasion of 400 years since the death of William Shakespeare. Please read below the brief for this competition. 

Open Call: BEE / HOUSE / LAB: International Design Competition


BEE / HOUSE / LAB, is an international design competition open to students and designers in the field of environmental design, architecture, landscape architecture, industrial design, and other related fields. The competition calls for a design of a bee house prototype that can be fabricated and deployed for field testing. Up to ten designs selected by the Design Jury will be fabricated (30 prototypes per design) and deployed (300 houses), to study their space-form-habitat performances. 


AD Classics: Palazzo Santa Sofia / The Ca d’Oro

Sitting on the northern bank of Venice's Grand Canal is a great house whose ornately carved marble facade only hints at its original splendor. The Palazzo Santa Sofia—or the Ca D’Oro (House of Gold), as it is also known—is one of the most notable examples of late Venetian Gothic architecture, which combined the existing threads of Gothic, Moorish, and Byzantine architecture into a unique aesthetic that symbolized the Venetian Republic’s cosmopolitan mercantile empire. Built to serve as the grand residence of wealthy Venetian businessman and politician Marin Contarini, the palazzo has seen a number of owners and renovations over its lifetime before ultimately coming to serve as a museum for medieval painting and sculpture.[1]

© Jean-Pierre DalberaImage of the Ca d'Oro via shutterstock.com. Image via Shutterstock user InavanHaterenCourtesy of Wikimedia user MadpackCourtesy of Wikimedia user Godromil+ 10

Housing L / in:Flux architecture

© Su shengliang© Su shengliang© Su shengliang© Su shengliang+ 37

Yantai, China

Aurelia House / Jorge Hernández de la Garza

Courtesy of Jorge Hernández de la Garza
Courtesy of Jorge Hernández de la Garza
  • Architects: Jorge Hernández de la Garza
  • Year Completion year of this architecture project Year:  2013

Courtesy of Jorge Hernández de la Garza Courtesy of Jorge Hernández de la Garza Courtesy of Jorge Hernández de la Garza Courtesy of Jorge Hernández de la Garza + 22

PAS House / Francois Perrin and Gil Lebon Delapointe

© Sam Mc Guire/Etnies
© Sam Mc Guire/Etnies

A unique concept the PAS House is imagined to be a place to both live and skateboard. The skateable surface of the home, interior to exterior, fluidly moves from the ground to the wall and then to the ceiling in a continuous surface forming a tube of a 10ft diameter. The PAS House will be constructed in Malibu, California for Pierre Andre Senizerques (PAS), a former World Champion and Pro Skater as well as Founder and Owner of Sole Technology, the design by Francois Perrin and Gil Lebon Delapointe divides the home into three separate spaces; including a living room, dining area, and kitchen, the second one includes a bedroom and bathroom and the third a skateboard practice area.

© Sam Mc Guire/Etnies© Skateboarder Magazine© Skateboarder Magazine© Gil Lebon Delapointe/Etnies+ 19

Architects: Francois Perrin and Gil Lebon Delapointe Location: Malibu, California (house); Exhibition Public Domaine/Skateboard Culture, La Gaite Lyrique, Paris, France (prototype) Client: Pierre Andre Senizergues Project Area: 2,200 sqf (house); 700 sqf (prototype) Project Year: 2011 Photographs: Mike Manzoori and Sam Mc Guire