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Chybik+Kristof Associated Architects: The Latest Architecture and News

CHYBIK + KRISTOF Reimagine the Historic Mendel Square in Brno

CHYBIK + KRISTOF architects & urban designers and DÍLNA have created a new design for Brno's historic Mendel Square. Part of a large revival plan for the city, the design pays homage to the city's rich cultural past. Partnering with local practice DÍLNA, landscape architect Zdenek Sendler, and engineering firm PK Ossendorf, the team exposed the square’s core functional and historic role to drive change in the urban fabric.

Courtesy of CHYBIK + KRISTOF Architects & Urban DesignersCourtesy of CHYBIK + KRISTOF Architects & Urban DesignersCourtesy of CHYBIK + KRISTOF Architects & Urban DesignersCourtesy of CHYBIK + KRISTOF Architects & Urban Designers+ 22

CHYBIK + KRISTOF Redesign Brutalist Bus Terminal in the Czech Republic

Architects and urban designers CHYBIK + KRISTOF have announced the ground-breaking of their redesign of Brno’s Zvonařka Central Bus Terminal in the Czech Republic. Self-initiated by the architects in 2011, the project involved preserving the existing Brutalist heritage structure while addressing the need to rethink the terminal for contemporary needs. The project reimagines an iconic landmark and its role within the city.

CHYBIK + KRISTOF Design Senezh Campus Concept in Russia

CHYBIK + KRISTOF Architects have unveiled their 3rd prize concept in the competition to design the new Senezh Management Lab campus in Russia. Located in a lakeside town on the outskirts of Moscow, the competition invited teams to propose a site-specific and forward-thinking masterplan for the 82-hectare educational campus. The design was made to rethink Constructivist educational theory and anchor learning in the natural environment.

CHYBIK + KRISTOF to Bring Gregor Mendel's Historic Greenhouse to Life

On the 200th anniversary of Gregor Mendel’s birth, CHYBIK + KRISTOF will bring the historic St. Augustin Abbey greenhouse to life in Brno. As the location where the notorious scientist and father of modern genetics conducted his pioneering experiments, the greenhouse is located in the 14th-century Augustinian monastery’s gardens. After the original building was swept away by a storm in the 1870s, the team aims to return the significant site to Brno’s old city in 2022.

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Landscape and Building Merge in New Czech Forestry Commission Centre

A design team under the direction of Chybik + Kristof has won the international competition to design a new administrative center for the Czech Forestry Commission in Hradec Králové. The project focuses on a symbiotic relationship between the building and the adjacent forest, where the natural landscape outside begins to mingle with the office spaces within.

Exterior Visualisation. Image Courtesy of Chybik + KristofExterior Visualisation. Image Courtesy of Chybik + KristofNature Trail. Image Courtesy of Chybik + KristofOffice Spaces. Image Courtesy of Chybik + Kristof+ 12

Recreational Family Housing / Chybik + Kristof Associated Architects

Courtesy of Chybik + Kristof Associated Architects
Courtesy of Chybik + Kristof Associated Architects

The recreational family houses near Bratislava, designed by Chybik + Kristof Associated Architects, offer a possibility of permanent settlement. The project aims to create a residential area of high quality with direct contact with water surface. Furthermore, a considerable number of houses are located in the area of an ancient riparian forest in the riverbed of the Danube. The project’s main motto is to set up a space for a life in contact with nature, a life with a link to the original fauna and flora. More images and architects’ description after the break.



This winning project for the Master Plan of Juzne Centrum in Brno, Czech Republic comes from CHYBIK+KRISTOF ASSOCIATED ARCHITECTS selected for the Southern Moravian Region Award 2010. The alternative master plan of “Juzne Centrum” is located in a big brownfield and is driven by local activists groups and the academic institution of Faculty of Architecture at University of Technology in Brno. The project incorporates the principles of ecology and economy towards common good and creates a new economic urban design.

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