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Climate-Smart Furniture: The Story Behind a 100% Sustainable Lounge Chair

Since the early 2000s, it has been widely reported that the construction industry accounts for nearly 40% of the planet’s CO2 emissions. The role of interiors in that percentage has been historically underestimated, with common statistics suggesting that a project’s furniture, fixtures and equipment are only responsible for about 7 to 10% of its overall carbon footprint. However, new research notably indicates the contrary: in a building’s average life span, the carbon footprint of its interiors will equal – if not exceed – that of the structure and envelope. Interior design, to the surprise of many, has actually been doing great harm.

15 Contemporary Architects Who Design Chairs

During their university years, architects acquire a wide range of skills apart from learning to design buildings. Some of these include creative problem solving, project management, high attention to detail, coordinating teams and accurately responding to consumer needs. Therefore, a degree often provides the necessary tools to design at any scale – from urban to product design – and to explore other creative fields, such as art, photography, journalism or industrial design. Of the many possibilities that open up, it is especially common for many to make the leap towards furniture design, particularly chair design, instead of following the traditional route.

The Unbearable Lightness of Fiber-Cement Furniture

The Unbearable Lightness of Fiber-Cement Furniture - Image 5 of 4
Cortesia de Swisspearl

The idea of turning cold, raw materials into elegant shapes has always fascinated artists, architects, and designers. In the Carrara marble sculptures of Lorenzo Berdini and Michelangelo, human forms were carved from heavy blocks of stones with great detail and precision. There is no difference in architecture: from taking a light volume off the floor, to leaving a small indentation between a structure and a fence, to altering the lining of a block, there are several devices to make buildings visually lighter.

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Mexican Cultural Heritage and New Technology Come Together in Interactive Chair

The most recent Project by Okubo Studio is the Fulgar Chair, mixing traditional Mexican design with interactive technology and design to create a new piece of furniture with lights and personality. The Acapulco chair is emblematic of Mexican culture, which radically transforms not just its materials but its utility and environment.

How to build an Eames Shell Chair?

The step by step process