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Call for Entries: Bringing Light to Life Awards for Architecture & Design

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Bringing Light to Life Awards for Architecture & Design. Image Courtesy of VELUX
Bringing Light to Life Awards for Architecture & Design. Image Courtesy of VELUX

The BLL Awards for Architecture & Design comes from “Bringing light to life” which is the slogan of VELUX world brand for roof windows, which distribute daylight and fresh air into buildings through the roof. The idea of the Awards is to popularize good architecture, from architects and designers across countries in the CEE (Central and Eastern Europe) region, which demonstrates the effective distribution of daylight into buildings and the utilization of the space under the roof elements. It is a platform to showcase the work and products of architects and designers to a global audience. This year is the 6th edition of the BLL Awards, and is now open for entries. Seven countries from the CEE region are included – Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Turkey.

ARKxSITE Announces Winners of Site Mausoleum Competition

ArkxSite has announced the winners of its international architecture ideas competition.The competition has invited all architecture students and young architects to develop innovative ideas for the design of a Site Mausoleum located in the Jaspe Quarry, ‘Serra da Arrábida’, Portugal. The site is of great natural power as the remains of an old quarry are carved into its landscape, along with massive cliffs that drop dramatically into the Atlantic Ocean.

The competition committee wanted participants to develop an intervention that emphasizes, respects, and celebrates the site, all while providing visitors with a unique experience of movement between enclosed and open spaces.

1st Prize. Image © Giulio Pinci 1st Prize. Image © Giulio Pinci 1st Prize . Image © Giulio Pinci 1st Prize . Image © Giulio Pinci + 14

Call For Ideas: MIcro Housing 2019 Architecture Competition

Since the beginning of time, a HOME has continued to be an entity that is intimate to all living beings on the planet. Apart from being a physical shelter for humans and their daily lives, a home forms a distinct, intimate connection with its users.

Today, across the globe, we are experiencing a rise in densely populated urban areas, along with a lack of land resources to provide sufficient housing for the masses. This phenomenon has given rise to a new movement of Micro-Housing; one that commands the idea of simple but inventive living in today’s urban areas.

The concept

How to Win Architecture Competitions? Anatomy of a Winning Entry

"About one year ago we were hard at work, doing our best to come up with a proposal that could have a shot at winning the next edition of the world-famous eVolo Skyscraper Competition. Here’s our account of how we were able to achieve that and some tips and insights we were asked to share that you might hopefully find useful if you plan on following in our footsteps".
Original text by: Damian Granosik, Jakub Kulisa and Piotr Pańczyk.

Call for Entries: Barjeel Museum for Modern Arab Art

The 3rd Rifat Chadirji Prize for Architecture by Tamayouz Excellence Award.

Tamayouz Excellence Award is delighted to invite students, designers and architects worldwide to design an architectural and cultural landmark in the city of Sharjah in the UAE that hosts the Barjeel collection and represents modern art, architecture and design in the Arab world.

The competition hopes to see a contemporary museum does not become a historic pastiche but is relevant to contemporary architectural discourse whilst being informed by local cultural heritage and environmental conditions.

Berlin Architecture Museum Student and Young Architects Competition

Berlin has been a main witness of the greatest cultural, religious, political and artistic transfor­mations of Europe throughout the centuries and its architectural and urban heritage allow us to revisit through its streets, monuments and buildings the convulsive history of this continent. From its origins in the middle Ages it has witnessed the raise of the Prussian Empire and its collapse after the First World War, its resurgence as the Weimar Republic and later the formation of the III Reich. It has seen the horrors of World War II, occupied and divided by a shameful wall for almost 30 years and later, after its fall, it has experienced the reunification of a country to finally establish itself as the most important capital of Europe.

Bee Breeders Announce Winners of the Urban Zoo Coworking Competition

In their most recent design competition, Bee Breeders partnered with Urban Zoo Coworking to seek a signature style for Urban Zoo’s coworking spaces. Viewed as a prototype to be adapted to each new venue, these interior designs needed to be customizable for various users. Common inhabitants of Urban Zoo Coworking’s spaces include freelancers, start-ups, and small businesses who need a workspace to meet their different creative needs.

Third Prize: Habitat. Image © Apex Project Bureau First Prize: The Menagerie. Image © Studio Mas First Prize: The Menagerie. Image © Studio Mas Second Prize: WILD. Image © Cornerstore + 27

Vilnius National Concert Hall Architecture Competition

An international architectural idea competition for the National Concert Hall has been launched. Architects from all over the world are invited to design one of the most important future spaces in the capital city of Lithuania and to submit their proposals to Vilnius City Municipality.

AIA New York Selects the City of Dreams Pavilion to be Built from Salvaged Timber

The New York chapter of the American Institute of Architects has announced “Salvage Swings” by Somewhere Studio as the winner of the 2019 City of Dreams competition. The temporary art structure is now the subject of approvals and fundraising, with the goal of constructing the scheme on Roosevelt Island in the summer of 2019.

The pavilion, to be branded the “City of Dreams Pavilion,” utilizes scrap cross-laminated timber panels recovered from a construction project at the University of Arkansas, repurposing them in an “inviting summer pavilion” featuring 12 framed swing modules.

© Somewhere Studio Salvage Swings Pavilion Design. Image © Somewhere Studio Photograph of finished swing module prototype on University of Arkansas campus. Image © Somewhere Studio © Somewhere Studio + 8

Call for Entries: Moonception 2019 Architecture Competition

Ever since the beginning of mankind, we have developed an unexplained affinity towards the various celestial bodies around us, our captivation being held by the moon at the center of all of it. This fascination is visible right from humankind's illustrations in the caves from thousands of years ago to our latest works in literature, astronomy, astrology, architecture and many other fields of studies.
Our love for moon and race to explore new horizons, we have created history in the mid 20th century, with the first steps of mankind on the lunar surface. This drive and fascination for the moon have

BUYING - Alternative Designs for Shops

The aim of the “Buying” competition is to develop design proposals for the shop typology, intended as a space – either material or immaterial – where goods or services are available to the public.

Call for Ideas: House of Santa Architecture Competition

The most beloved figure for everyone around the world (kids and adults alike), Santa Claus, needs a new home in the Arctic Circle, and he is looking for a new, young architect to help him build his dream. With the world transforming at a rapid speed, Santa is looking to build a new, improved home that will make his living and working easier. His older house at the North Pole was built keeping in mind his former needs and functions.

As the world’s population expands, Santa needs more space, and a better equipped one, to make more toys for all the

African School Project: Education for the future

Many developing countries are seeking universal education, gender equality, and women's empowerment. Educating children helps reduce poverty and will give the next generation the tools to achieve upward mobility and conquer disease. Education also offers children a safe environment, with support, supervision, and socialization. Here they learn life skills that can help them prevent diseases, including HIV/AIDS and malaria prevention. Children may receive life-saving vaccines, fresh water, and nutrient supplementation at school.

Call for Ideas: RE School 2018 Architecture Competition

The world is growing at a break-neck speed today and with rapid urbanization, information and technology, it is demanding a constantly changing human intellect. To face these transformations, the upcoming generations need to be moulded in a way that they can cope efficiently with the variations. Education can help initiate this change by altering the mindsets and outlook of people around the world.

Open International Competition for Alternative Layout Design in Standard Housing

The Ministry of Construction Industry, Housing and Utilities Sector of Russia and DOM.RF, with the support of the Russian government, announces the Open International Competition for Alternative Layout Design in Standard Housing. Strelka KB have released a design brief and participants can enter here

Call for Ideas: Marschitect 2018 Architecture Competition

Since the start of time, we humans have been captivated by the mystical nature of other celestial bodies surrounding our Planet Earth. This fascination has been translated to works of astronomy, astrology, architecture and many other studies from making a simple telescope to humankind’s first steps on the Moon. This unending drive for exploration has today led us to understanding our neighboring solar systems and galaxies, thousands of light years away.

Call for entries: Revitalization and activation, Feroviar Park Cluj-Napoca

The aim of this competition is to make it possible to identify and implement an integrated urban remodelling concept that meets the complex needs of an area of significant size for the efficient functioning of the city of Cluj-Napoca.

The purpose of the competition is to provide the public administration with the most efficient solution of sustainable urban development of the Feroviarilor Park area. The reintroduction of Feroviarilor Park into the patrimony of public green spaces of Cluj-Napoca city is regarded as a significant victory for the entire community and at the same time as a huge opportunity to rehabilitate

Vincent Callebaut Architectures Wins Public Vote for Millennial Vertical Forest Competition

For the "Imagine Angers" international design competition, Vincent Callebaut Architectures worked in collaboration with Bouygues Immobilier group to submit a proposal for the French city at the intersection of social and technological innovation, with a focus on ecology and hospitality. Named Arboricole, meaning “tree” and “cultivation,” this live-work-play environment gives back as much to the environment as it does its users. Although WY-TO prevailed in the competition, the Callebaut scheme succeeded in winning the public vote.

Courtesy of Vincent Callebaut Architectures Courtesy of Vincent Callebaut Architectures Courtesy of Vincent Callebaut Architectures Courtesy of Vincent Callebaut Architectures + 26