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Explore Boullée's Unrealized World Through Film "Lux in Tenebris"

04:00 - 25 June, 2019

Etienne-Louis Boullée, though regarded as one of the most visionary and influential architects in French neoclassicism, saw none of his most extraordinary designs come to life. Throughout the late 1700s Boullée taught, theorized, and practiced architecture in a characteristic style consisting of geometric forms on an enormous scale, an excision of unnecessary ornamentation, and repetition of columns and other similar elements.

Twinmotion Joins Unreal Engine Suite to Help Visualization Professionals Better Communicate Their Designs

12:00 - 13 May, 2019
Twinmotion Joins Unreal Engine Suite to Help Visualization Professionals Better Communicate Their Designs, © Twinmotion and Epic Games
© Twinmotion and Epic Games

American video game and software development company Epic Games today welcomes Twinmotion as the latest offering to help visualization professionals in the architecture, construction, urban planning, and landscaping industries better communicate their designs. Powered by Unreal Engine 4, Twinmotion delivers real-time, final-quality rendering through a simple and intuitive interface, with the ability to quickly produce a variety of presentation options including images, panoramas, videos, and virtual reality content.

An (ab)Normal Take on Architectural Representations

04:00 - 10 May, 2019
An (ab)Normal Take on Architectural Representations, © (ab)Normal
© (ab)Normal

Contemporary visualization tools have rendered exceptional illustrations, proving to be crucial in architectural representations today. However, some choose to explore objects in unprecedented manners instead of diving into "digital post-collage", unleashing different realms of design.

Created as an experimentation of visual narratives, (ab)Normal is a graphic patchwork that expresses design, scenography, illustration, architectures, and social utopias of a culture that revolves heavily around Internet, gaming, and religion. The iconographic images, which particularly focus on architectural representation, explore all the potentials of rendering, deconstructing, and reassembling photo-realism with a different hierarchies.

Jesus. Image © (ab)Normal Omotesando. Image © (ab)Normal The Ten Reincarnations of the Self. Image © (ab)Normal Unleashed. Image © (ab)Normal + 11

Façade Lighting Design in Revit: Bringing Buildings to Life

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Façade Lighting Design in Revit: Bringing Buildings to Life, Courtesy of Winled
Courtesy of Winled

The final look of the building is determined not only by the materials, texture, colors and forms of the space, but also by lighting design. Architecture is all about vision, and lighting enhances the way we perceive architecture even more. For example, in the case of outdoor lighting design, lighting the façade will give a new opportunity for a building to showcase its nightlife “personality” by creating a completely different atmosphere in the surroundings.

Let’s see how façade lighting design can be implemented in Revit with the help of the LIGHTS add-on.

The New Face of Architectural Visualization

05:00 - 4 December, 2018
HNTB Real Time Simulations utilizing Datasmith in UE4
HNTB Real Time Simulations utilizing Datasmith in UE4

Architectural visualization has been around for centuries, with drawings and paintings depicting finished structures before they were built. In the 1990s, the movement of the industry from paper to CAD saw video added to the mix, with the new ability to produce walk-throughs and fly-throughs from design.

It was only a matter of time before architectural visualization professionals discovered real-time rendering, which can produce finished videos in a fraction of the time of traditional rendering processes. Initially intended for game development, real-time render engines have now reached a level of quality and photorealism that makes them ideal for presenting architectural designs.

With real-time rendering comes an unexpected bonus: new types of presentations for clients. Architectural visualization can now include immersive experiences like virtual reality tours, interactive, game-like projects, and cave automatic virtual environments (CAVEs) to present design in ways never seen before.

A Game Changer for Architectural Visualization

03:30 - 11 June, 2018
A Game Changer for Architectural Visualization, A virtual apartment created by REinVR - Real Estate in Virtual Reality
A virtual apartment created by REinVR - Real Estate in Virtual Reality

REinVR, Real Estate in Virtual Reality, is a Canadian company that uses advanced video game technology to create photo-realistic visuals and animation to beautifully showcase real estate projects that have not yet been built. REinVR is a industry leader in the Virtual Reality industry and is regarded as having the highest quality visuals of any company working in Virtual Reality. We spoke to founder Nathan Nasseri about the success of his firm, and his unique background in video game design and new home sales.

New Extension for Revit Exports Models Directly to Sketchfab for Online Sharing

06:00 - 1 May, 2018

Sketchfab, the powerful architectural visualization software and database, is more convenient than ever thanks to a new extension for Revit developed by Emanuel Favreau of Montreal firm Larose McCallum Architects. Adding Revit to Sketchfab's extensive list of software add-ons is a big win for the Building Information Modeling (BIM) community. The new extension will allow Revit users to export models and scenes directly to Sketchfab, where they can be viewed in 3D and virtual reality from any device simply by following a link.

AD Essentials: Rendering

09:30 - 20 September, 2015

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