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"Design is All About People": Joshua Sanabria Explores Storytelling, Media and Alternative Paths

Storytelling is at the heart of architecture and design. For Josh Sanabria, CEO of independent media company DesignClass, great stories foster curiosity and creativity. Moving between design and technology, Sanabria has launched numerous competitions and interactive classes to celebrate design and advocate its impact. In a new interview with ArchDaily, Sanabria explores storytelling, media and technology, as well as how designers can create meaningful impact through their work.

Courtesy of Subject StudioCourtesy of Joshua SanabriaCourtesy of Joshua SanabriaCourtesy of Joshua Sanabria+ 7

Vicente Guallart Wins Self-Sufficient City Competition for Post-Coronavirus China

© Guallart Architects© Guallart Architects© Guallart Architects© Guallart Architects+ 24

Guallart Architects has won the international competition for the design of a mixed-use community in Xiong'an, China, defining an urban model that merges the traditional European urban blocks, the Chinese modern towers, and the productive farming landscape.

Projects to Revive Traditional Spanish Architecture: Winners of the 2020 Driehaus Architecture Competition

The results are in from the 2019-2020 Richard H. Driehaus International Architecture Competition, a contest put on by the Spanish government that invites architects and urbanists from around the world to design projects that promote local, traditional Spanish architecture.

Call for Ideas: Lifeguard Tower

Ideas International Contest to conceptualized as an architectural element that, with its visual art, will become reference points for tourist cities, adding value to the natural and urban environment.

The LIFEGUARD TOWER will serve as a watchtower on beaches for lifeguards and will have a first aid area and a tourist information pavilion on the ground floor. The same
prototype could be replicated in parks, urban squares and massive events such as concerts or sporting events.


1º PRICE US $ 2,500
+ Exhibition and diffusion in the main architecture sites worldwide.
+ Virtual booklet of the best proposals.

+ Exhibition and diffusion in the

Call for Submissions: Architecture for Wellness - The Space for Body and Soul

YACademy launches the second edition of Architecture for Wellness, a high-level training course offering 8 scholarships and internships in internationally-renowned architectural firms.

115 hours of lessons, a 30-hour workshop, lectures and placement opportunities in internationally-renowned architectural firms like SIMONE MICHELI ARCHITECTURAL HERO - PARTISANS - TNE ARCHITECTS - CARLOS MARTINEZ ARCHITEKTEN - ANDREA MAFFEI ARCHITECTS - ALBERTO APOSTOLI

10 Ways to Eliminate Loneliness Through Design

Bubble Design Competitions has unveiled the winners of their inaugural international competition, challenging teams to “Eliminate Loneliness Through Design.” Organized in response to the global crisis of loneliness and isolation in the modern age, the competition aimed to demonstrate the power of architecture and design to tackle society’s pressing issues.

Call for Entries: Eliminate Loneliness Through Design

***Registration Closes at 00:00 EST on April 8th, 2019***

Vilnius National Concert Hall Architecture Competition

An international architectural idea competition for the National Concert Hall has been launched. Architects from all over the world are invited to design one of the most important future spaces in the capital city of Lithuania and to submit their proposals to Vilnius City Municipality.

Shortlist Announced for Competition to Redesign the Eiffel Tower Visitor Experience

Amanda Levete is among one of four teams to be shortlisted for a competition to reimagine the visitor experience for the famous Eiffel Tower in Paris. The four teams, chosen from 42 entries, will be tasked with rethinking the ways in which people discover and interact with the tower, working in collaboration with the City of Paris government.

Titled “Discover, Approach, Visit,” the competition site covers 54 hectares of land on both sides of the River Seine, with the Eiffel Tower site located at the center. In preparation for Paris’ hosting of the 2024 Olympic Games, the competition asks teams to spend 10 months exploring how to enhance the visitor experience at the base of the tower, strengthen existing connections across the site, reconfigure public transport routes.

eVolo Announces 2018 Skyscraper Competition Winners

Skyshelter.zip: Foldable Skyscraper for Disaster Zones. Image Courtesy of eVolo
Skyshelter.zip: Foldable Skyscraper for Disaster Zones. Image Courtesy of eVolo

eVolo Magazine has announced the winners of its 2018 Skyscraper Competition. Now in its 13th year, the annual award was established to recognize “visionary ideas for building [high-rise] projects that through [the] novel use of technology, materials, programs, aesthetics, and spatial organizations, challenge the way we understand vertical architecture and its relationship with the natural and built environments.”

This year, 3 winners and 27 honorable mentions were selected from a pool of 526 entries. Among this year’s winners are a foldable skyscraper inspired by origami, an urban building for rice farming, and a prototype for vertical housing in areas damaged by wildfires.

Levitated Broadway – Los Angeles. Image Courtesy of eVoloWaria Lemuy: Fire Prevention Skyscraper. Image Courtesy of eVoloShinto Shrine / Urban Rice Farming Skyscraper. Image Courtesy of eVoloSand Dam: Anti-desertification Skyscraper. Image Courtesy of eVolo+ 31

Henning Larsen Brings Canals and Rooftop Farming to Brussels in Competition-Winning Masterplan

Courtesy of Henning Larsen
Courtesy of Henning Larsen

Danish firm Henning Larsen has released images of their competition-winning Key West urban development, seeking to revitalize a socio-economically challenged area of the Belgian capital Brussels. Developed in collaboration with A2RC Architects, the masterplan aims to balance urban and recreational life along the Brussels Canal Zone through a combination of housing, schools, urban farming, and a market hall.

Like many European cities, Brussels is moving towards a post-industrial economy, giving new opportunities to old industrial areas such as the Canal Zone. The Henning Larsen redevelopment seeks to remodel the area as an urban center, tying the urban areas west of the canal to central Brussels.

Courtesy of Henning LarsenCourtesy of Henning LarsenCourtesy of Henning LarsenCourtesy of Henning Larsen+ 6

Former Citroën Factory to be Converted Into Brussels "Centre Pompidou"

Exterior view. Image Courtesy of NOA / EM2N / SBA
Exterior view. Image Courtesy of NOA / EM2N / SBA

A team comprising noAarchitecten, EM2N, and Sergison Bates has won a design competition for the transformation of a former Citroën factory in Brussels into a cultural hub, merging a Museum of Contemporary Art, architecture center, and public amenities under the name “KANAL – Centre Pompidou.” The architects’ vision was for a scheme which reflects on the role of the twenty-first-century museum in society, one which opens out towards the city to entice the general public.

Showroom. Image Courtesy of NOA / EM2N / SBAInterior space. Image Courtesy of NOA / EM2N / SBAInterior space. Image Courtesy of NOA / EM2N / SBAExterior view. Image Courtesy of NOA / EM2N / SBA+ 11

Competition-Winning Students Design and Build Pavilions for Remote Chinese School

For students of architecture, few things are as thrilling as seeing one of their designs physically built. For a group of Polish and Norwegian-based students, this dream has become a reality.

Having won the 120 Hours student competition in 2017, the Warsaw University of Technology team behind the “In ‘n’ Out Village” winning proposal has combined with students at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design to realize the design, constructing 19 pavilions in a Chinese schoolyard.

© Jakub Andrzejewski© Jakub AndrzejewskiCourtesy of PR 120 HoursCourtesy of PR 120 Hours+ 20

Historic Fortress Inspires Steven Holl's Competition-Winning Museum in France

The white concrete museum is inspired by an adjacent fortress. Image Courtesy of Steven Holl
The white concrete museum is inspired by an adjacent fortress. Image Courtesy of Steven Holl

Steven Holl Architects has won an international competition for the design of the Angers Collectors Museum and adjacent hotel in the historic city of Angers, France. Working in collaboration with developers Compagine de Phalsbourg, Holl’s scheme draws inspiration from the nearby 9th century Chateau d’Angers fortress, and seeks to form a new cultural gateway to the city.

The museum is connected to a titanium linear hotel. Image Courtesy of Steven HollConceptual watercolor sketch. Image Courtesy of Steven HollA central atrium gives space for exhibitions. Image Courtesy of Steven HollA series of reflecting pools reference the river that historically consumed the site. Image Courtesy of Steven Holl+ 8

24H Competition: 23rd edition - bigData

Ideasforward wants to give young creative people from around the world the opportunity to express their views on the future of societies through their innovative and visionary proposals.
We are an experimental platform seeking progressive ideas that reflect on emerging themes.

Bee Breeders Announce Winners of Cannabis Bank Competition

Through their international architecture competitions, Bee Breeders give young architects and designers the platform to question the social and political role of architecture. Their latest competition, a Cannabis Bank without a specified site, was an open-ended question into the role and relevance of the increasingly normalised substance. The judges selected three winners and six honorable mentions, all of which presented ideas that open up the discourse around cannabis and its integration into the built environment.

As the architecture of cannabis still remains undefined territory, it has historically been associated with refits of other building types such as tea houses, cafes, public houses or pharmacies. This ambiguity left the field open for entrants to be as fantastic and progressive as they desired, with respect to the impact of the program on their social context. The judges commented that the most successful projects presented a, "consideration of individual experience — medicinal, psychological, and spiritual; sensitive accommodation in space and circulation for both the intimate and social; clearly defined context and locale; and innovation of an undefined spatial, tectonic, and architectural typology."