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A+U 550: Vo Trong Nghia Architects

From the Publisher: July 2016's issue of a+u is dedicated to the works of Vietnamese architect, Vo Trong Nghia Architects. The issue features 18 works.

Above all, VTN's work is concerned with how they can contribute as architects to cities and society in Vietnam and proposes three solutions for the rapidly-growing cities in the country, such as Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi: bamboo architecture, green architecture, and low-cost houses. Their work is informed by a renewed evaluation of traditional Vietnamese lifestyles, but it is not nostalgic.

A+U 548: BIG + SMALL

From the Publisher. The May 2016 issue of a+u is a special issue dedicated to recent works by BIGBjarke Ingels Group.

The team is engaged with projects both large and small in locations all over the world. The issue reflects that diversity, with the first half devoted to the large, urban-scale works for which the practice is best known, and the second half devoted to smaller works, including residences and a pavilion. Including those nearing completion, 20 of the 22 projects introduced here are currently underway. Over the next few years, we will see many more of their works finished.

JA101: Architecture – Era – Discourse, JA 60th Anniversary

From the publisher. JA 101 is the second of the anniversary issues celebrating the 60th year of JA (Japan Architect) magazine.

This issue features important texts on Architecture in Japan, published in JA since 1950’s, by Kazuo Shinohara, Seiichi Shirai, Kiyoshi Seike, Toyo Ito, Kenzo Tange, Kiyonori Kikutake, Rafael Viñoly, Tadao Ando, Kengo Kuma, Kazuyo Sejima, Arata Isozaki, Hisao Kohyama, and Ken Tadashi Oshima

A+U 547: Poetry of Modesty

JA100: Looking Back the 60 Years, JA 60th Anniversary

From the publisher: This issue of JA (Japan Architect) celebrates the 60th anniversary of the magazine which started as a monthly English publication on architecture in Japan. It is also the 100th edition since it became a quarterly bilingual magazine. JA 100 gives a comprehensive view of all the issues published in its 60 years of history.

Architects from around the world and from Japan contributed comments on their experiences with JA which has provided high-quality selection of Japanese architecture starting when there was not many other forms of information to overseas up until today when there are many different ways of communication. We invite our readers to look back at the magazine's history and imagine the future of Japanese architecture.

A+U 544: Sigurd Lewerentz Drawing Collection I

From the publisher: January 2016 issue of a+u is a special issue focused on the drawing collection of Swedish architect Sigurd Lewerentz (1885–1975).

Working with the guest editor Wilfried Wang, Professor at the University of Texas at Austin, who conducted an extensive research at the Lewerentz archive of the Swedish Center for Architecture and Design, this 200-page special issue gives a comprehensive view on two of the architect's earlier works: Malmö Eastern Cemetery (1916–1969) and Social Security Institute (1928–1932).

February 2016 issue will feature Lewerentz's later works: Villa Edstrand and St. Petri Church. We hope our readers will enjoy the rich collection of rare drawings by one of the most important architects of 20th century.

A+U 540: OMA – Recent Works

From the publisher. September 2015 issue of a+u is focused on OMA, architectural office led by Rem Koolhaas. Featuring 14 recent works, including 7 in-progress works.

In recent years, increasing number of projects that OMA takes on involve preservation or renovation of historic architecture. Fondazione Prada and Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, both completed this year, convert modern heritage into museums where the visitors experience spatial diversity brought about by the harmony and friction of old and new.

A+U 539: Ingenhoven Architects – Supergreen

From the publisher. August 2015 issue of a+u is a special 228-page volume focused Ingenhoven Architects from Germany, led by Christoph Ingenhoven.

The concept of “supergreen”, proposed by Mr. Ingenhoven transcends green architecture that merely meets the environmental standards. Rather, it is a comprehensive idea that encompasses people and their activities. This issue introduces 22 of their works from around the world and explores “supergreen” architecture.

A+U 538: Kimbell Art Museum – Drawing Collection

From the publisher. July 2015 issue of a+u is a special issue focused on the collection of drawings of Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth, Texas.

Kimbell Art Museum, completed in 1972, is one of Louis I. Kahn's later works. The issue features a set of construction drawings from the collection of Preston M. Geren's office who was the associate architect of the project.

The issue is composed of the drawings, photographs taken by our own photographers, two essays and an interview with two architects from Geren's office who worked on the project.

a+u 535: Christ & Gantenbein

From the publisher. April 2015 issue of a+u is a special issue on Basel-based architects Christ & Gantenbein. The edition features 19 works including Swiss National Museum and Kunstmuseum Basel which they won through competitions in 2002 and 2010, respectively.

The issue features essays by Philip Ursprung, professor at ETH Zurich, Sam Jacob of former FAT Architecture, and Mark Lee of Johnston Marklee. The issue also introduces the discussion between Emanuel Christ, Christoph Gantenbein, and their colleagues Diogo Lopes and Kersten Geers on how they use references in their works.

JA97: Curving Line & Surface

From the publisher. JA97 is focused on the curving lines and surfaces in architecture. The issue explores the topic through works, an interview, and essays by 10 architects including SANAA, Jun Aoki, TNA, and Junya Ishigami.

The issue, celebrating its 60th anniversary this year, also introduces works of architecture with curving lines and surfaces from the past such as Kenzo Tange’s National Gymnasiums for Tokyo Olympics from 1964 and Toyo Ito’s House in Kamiwada from 1977.

a+u 532: Latin America, 25 Projects

a+u 532 issue introduces 25 recent works built in Latin America.

Featured architects include: Rafael Iglesia, Antón García-Abril and Ensamble Studio, Paulo Mendes da Rocha, Brasil Arquitetura, Rojkind arquitectos, Una Arquitetos, Alejandro Aravena | ELEMENTAL.

JA96: Yearbook 2014

JA96 takes a retrospective look at the architecture of 2014. 83 projects were chosen to present the best of Japanese architecture, including works by Kazuyo Sejima, Kengo Kuma, Toyo Ito, Tadao Ando and Shigeru Ban.

The issue also features a roundtable conversation between Tomohiko Yamanashi, Satoru Ito and Akihito Aoi about the current architectural design and decision-making.

A+U Interviews Co-Founders of Google[x] Startup, Flux

A+u magazine was recently granted an exclusive interview with the co-founders of Flux, the Google[x] startup whose mission is to harness data to automate architectural and urban design. The discussion is one of 14 essays and interviews from leading urban technologists in the current November issue, Data-Driven Cities.

“We began our exploration with the premise that buildings and the sustainability of our modern lifestyle are deeply intertwined. In addition, buildings – more specifically, housing – is an issue of human dignity. We wanted to find ways to apply Google-scale thinking to tackle these important issues," says co-founder Nicholas Chim in the interview.

Read on after the break for a+u magazine's full interview with Flux co-founders, Nicholas Chim and Michelle Kaufmann. And check out the November issue of a+u magazine, available in digital and print editions, which features new essays by Carlo Ratti (MIT), Dan Hill (City of Sound), Alastair Parvin (Wikihouse) and more.

A+U 523: Juliaan Lampens

From the publisher. April 2014 issue of A+U is a monograph of Belgium architect Juliaan Lampens.

Featured works include: House Juliaan Lampens – Van Hove, House Vandenhaute – Kiebooms, and Kerselare Chapel. A+U visited Lampens in Eke, not far from Ghent, last year to interview him. Two essays, one by his former staff and the other by architecture researchers, depict the architect who, throughout his career, often avoided press exposer.

A+U 522: Supermodels – Photographed by Hisao Suzuki

From the publisher. March 2014 issue of a+u is focused on photographs of architectural models by Spain-based photographer Hisao Suzuki.

Based on the essence of architects' thinking expressed in the images, 70 photographs of models by 25 architects are categorized into "Inception", "Organization", "Blooming" and "Experiential". We also asked six architects – Arata Isozaki, Christian Kerez, Ryue Nishizawa, Kazuyo Sejima, Fabian Asunción (former architect at EMBT), Bijoy Jain – to talk about what models mean to their ways of creating architecture. Each photo is accompanied by photographer's story from the photo shoot.

A+U 521: Revitalization of Modernization Heritage

From the publisher. The development of industry and culture in the modern period has created architecture suited for the particular system. As the industry declines, followed by the population shift, the original purpose of these buildings has been lost. Instead of demolishing them and rebuilding from scratch, many have been renovated to serve as the bases for revitalizing the regions.

February 2014 issue of a+u introduces 10 works that take advantage of the architectural system derived from their original function and are enabled to assume new roles in the society.

JA92: World Yearbook 2013

JA92 takes a retrospective glance at the architecture of 2013. 49 works were chosen from cities around the world including Japan with the focus on architecture's relationship with environment and cultural background.

Also included are essays by Hitoshi Abe, Anton Garcia-Abril and TYIN.