Video: Tour Through Trahan Architects’ Sculpted Louisiana Sports Hall and Museum

A contemporary museum set within the oldest settlement in the Louisiana Purchase, Trahan Architects’ Louisiana State Sports Hall of Fame and Regional History Museum is distinguished for its sculpted interior and contrasting copper facade. Watch the short film above as Spirit of Space tours through the building, capturing the museum’s historic context and central pathway.

“Having spent several days in the space observing the museum patrons and their experiences, it is clear that the museum’s architecture is an exhibit itself. And while visitors point at and caress the exquisitely crafted cast stone, they are simultaneously guided by it without the need for any signage or wayfinding devices,” says Adam Goss of Spirit of Space. “This is a space about movement. In cinematic form, this film attempts to capture that fluid experience, and at the same time, to illustrate how the past can complement and inspire compelling and forward-thinking architecture.”

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Trahan Architects Design “Expo Georgia” Convention Center for Tbilisi

Northeast Entry. Image ©

Trahan Architects have collaborated with Christopher Counts Studio to design a 15-hectare, two-phase masterplan for a mixed-use convention center in , known as ”Expo Georgia.” Organized within a lush garden landscape, the masterplan’s first phase will see the completion of the convention center’s first half, which will be constructed in a sequence of repetitive gabled forms broken down as stepped, nine-meter modules.

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In honor of  we’ve collected twenty fascinating museums well worth visiting again. In this round up you’ll find classics – such as Bernard Tschumi Architects New Acropolis Museum and Zaha Hadid Architects‘ MAXXI Museum - as well as lesser-known gems – such as Medieval Museum, the Natural History Museum of Utah by Ennead, and the Muritzeum by Wingårdhs. See all of our editors’ favorites after the break!

Louisiana State Museum and Sports Hall of Fame / Trahan Architects

© Tim Hursley

Architects: Trahan Architects
Location: , LA, USA
President / Design Principal: Victor F. “Trey” Trahan, III FAIA
Project Architect: Brad McWhirter AIA
Design Team: Ed Gaskin AIA, Mark Hash, Michael McCune AIA
Project Team: Sean David, Blake Fisher, Erik Herrmann, David Merlin, Benjamin Rath, Judson Terry
Area: 28000.0 sqm
Year: 2013
Photographs: Tim Hursley

Holy Rosary Church Complex Succumbs to Redesign

Courtesy of Holy Rosary Church

After a recent settlement between the administration of the Holy Rosary Church and “those involved with the design and construction” of the complexes, the church is moving forward with new plans to redesign the elegant six-year-old complex. The new design, by WHLC Architecture, may not be changing much in respect to the structure – “we are not demolishing the entire buildings” the administration reassures – but the reconstruction defaces the original intent of the simple geometries and material choices made by Trahan Architects when the church complex was first designed in 2004.

Acadia Parish Conference Center / Trahan Architects

Courtesy of

Located to the north-east of , a small town in Louisiana known to be the “Rice Capital of America”, the Acadia Parish Conference Center by Trahan Architects will mediate the threshold between the urban development to the west and the agricultural fields to the east. Envisioned as an extension of the landscape, the center creates a harmonic balance between the two environments, expressing the importance of local agricultural.

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Zhengzhou Mixed Use Development / Trahan Architects

Courtesy of

Trahan Architects have proposed a 4.3 million square-foot mixed-use development in the historic city center of , China – the capital and largest city of the Henan province, with a population of 8.6 million. The concept is part of a broad scale master plan for redeveloping through ecological and infrastructure development. Continue after the break for more images and the project description.

In Progress: Louisiana State Museum and Sports Hall of Fame / Trahan Architects

Courtesy of - Renders by By-Encore

The Louisiana State Museum and Sports Hall of Fame (LSMSHOF) celebrates two seemly disconnected subjects within one contemporary venue, combining North Louisiana’s profound history with its influential world of sports. Designed by Trahan Architects, in coordination with Method Design and CASE, the new $12.6 million venue will house donated memorabilia that embodies “the contributions of the diverse cultures that have shaped the state and are crucial to understanding the unique traditions and legacy of Louisiana and the Gulf South.” A complex design, generated with the help of BIM technology, reflects the disparate subjects in one fluid structure encased within a locally inspired facade.

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First Presbyterian Church Colorado Springs / Trahan Architects


Trahan Architects, among several elite design firms to contend, was selected to design “one of the most significant ecclesiastical commissions in the nation,” also known as the First Presbyterian Church of Springs. The proposed 1,750 seat sanctuary, along with a master plan comprises this project, which sits in the heart of downtown Colorado Springs, Colorado.  The structure is relatively independent of overt signs of a church; its design aspires to revive the church’s identity through an architecture which articulates convergence.

More on the First Presbyterian Church of Colorado Springs after the break.

Baton Rouge Municipal Dock / Trahan Architects

Southwest View ©

Trahan Architects have shared their plans to completely transform an existing Municipal Dock into a mixed-use development.   The dock is nestled between LSU and Downtown Baton Rouge – an emerging pedestrian thoroughfare that is full of potential for future public infrastructure developments – and Trahan’s vision will further activate the growing connection between these urban areas in .

More images, great diagrams and more about the project after the break.

Baton Rouge International School / Trahan Architects

Using their award-winning campus master plan as a guide, the new international school in Baton Rouge, LA designed by Trahan Architects has just entered into the schematic design phase.  The facility will be comprised of a gymnasium, stage, classrooms and an administrative suite.   After interviewing Trey Trahan and being introduced to several of his projects, it is evident that the firm’s emphasis on understanding the context, in terms of both built form and culture, continually provides the backbone for their design process.

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AD Interviews: Victor Trey Trahan, Trahan Architects

One of the US practices I’ve been looking forward to meet has been . Based in , the firm has been very  involved in institutional projects for the local community (such as the Holy Rosary Church Complex and the Baton Rouge Library), universities and also in Make It Right.

I find that their involvement with the community, the embracement of new technologies in architecture result in what I feel that “american architecture” is (or should be).

But since traveling to Louisiana wasn´t on my plans, at least in the near future, I had no chance to personally meet Victor “Trey” Trahan (FAIA), principal at Trahan Architects. But thanks to some coincidences, I was able to meet  him briefly between connecting flights and do this interview.

Hope you like it as much as I did.

As usual, find the HD version of the interview at Vimeo.

Baton Rouge Downtown Library by Trahan Architects, update

RCL Presentation Material21

We have received an update on the design of the Baton Rouge Downtown Library by Trahan Architects, which clarifies several aspects of the circulations, the relation with the surroundings and details of the facade.

The facade looks very interesting, and on the diagrams you can see how the exterior envelope varies along the elevation to achieve the folded paper like look. A detail of the section reveals further information about this.

All the diagrams/drawings, courtesy of , after the break.

Baton Rouge Library / Trahan Architects

0805_sd 3d pr_ex03 090710

based Trahan Architects, a firm with expertise in institutional design and religious architecture (check the Holy Rosary Church Complex, remarkable project), recently unveiled conceptual design for the renovation and expansion of the River Center Branch Library.

The project stands at the intersection between civic buildings and the city’s arts and entertainment district, overlooking a new town square. This new building becomes an urban piece, exposing the interior activity to the outside with a rippled translucent skin. But also the library takes care of the exterior, with reading areas and a urban patio.

0805_sd 3d pr_ex01 090710
© Trahan Architects

As with changes on how people consume information, the typical library approach as a storage/reading facility gets obsolete. In response to this, the project is a public place for gathering and sharing around information, with circulation patterns that place stationary structures in the center of the floors and create space for staff and patron interaction, with movable parts and multiple paths along the perimeter.

During this days, the changes of information trough technology challenge library designs, while offering an opportunity to become important public spaces among our cities. In this way, I think this concept has a good start.

More images courtey of Trahan Architects after the break.

Sports Hall of Fame and Regional History Museum / Trahan Architects


The new State Sports Hall of Fame and Regional History Museum designed by Trahan Architects has just entered its construction phase.   The museum’s donated memorabilia embodies “the contributions of the diverse cultures that have shaped the state and are crucial to understanding the unique traditions and legacy of Louisiana and the Gulf South.”  Principal Trey Trahan, FAIA, describes the project as “an incredible opportunity to create a place that will celebrate the deep history of North Louisiana, as well as the indelible influence sports have had on our state’s culture.”

More images and more about the Hall of Fame and the Museum after the break.

Holy Rosary Church Complex / Trahan Architects


Architects: Trahan Architects, APAC
Location: ,
Project Architect: Victor F. “Trey” Trahan III, FAIA
Design team: Brad David, Kirk Edwards
Structural Engineer: Schrenk & Peterson Consulting Engineers
Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing Engineer: Apex Engineering Corporation
BUILDER: Quality Design and Construction, Inc.
Project Area: 1,586 sqm
Project year: 2004
Photographer: Tim Hursley / The Arkansas Office

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