Empty Oil Cans May Not Be the Reason for Tainan Building Collapse

16:00 - 9 February, 2016
via CNN
via CNN

With a death toll that may exceed 100, the unfortunate collapse of the 17-story Weiguan Jinlong (Golden Dragon) apartment complex in Tainan this past Saturday has caused some major confusion. As the BBC reports, the 200-unit building, built in 1983 by a construction company that has since gone out of business, crumbled after a 6.4 magnitude earthquake while surrounding buildings remained unscathed. Though some are suspicious of the use of empty oil cans as fillers in the concrete pillars, structural engineers do not believe that to be the cause. The building is under investigation for "shoddy construction." Its developer (Lin Ming-hui) has been detained on charges of negligence leading to death. 

Call for Entries: Tainan Public Library Design Competition

14:00 - 15 November, 2015
Courtesy of Tainan City Government
Courtesy of Tainan City Government

The Tainan City Government in Taiwan has launched an international design competition for its Tainan Public Library Project, a key factor in the cultural development of Tainan.

MVRDV Wins Competition to Build An Urban Lagoon in Taiwan

12:00 - 13 November, 2015
Courtesy of MVRDV. Image © APLUS CG
Courtesy of MVRDV. Image © APLUS CG

MVRDV, working alongside The Urbanist Collective and LLJ Architects, has been selected in a competition to transform downtown Tainan in Taiwan with their design for new green corridor and urban lagoon connecting the city to its waterfront. Transforming the area of Tainan known as the T-axis, the design will see the city's Haian Road turned into a public park and connected to the city's canal by demolishing the existing China-Town Mall, a commercial structure built alongside the canal in 1983 and described by MVRDV as a "rotten tooth of downtown Tainan."

Courtesy of MVRDV. Image © APLUS CG Courtesy of MVRDV. Image © APLUS CG Courtesy of MVRDV. Image © APLUS CG Courtesy of MVRDV. Image © APLUS CG +17

Yuwen Library / MAYU architects

01:00 - 12 November, 2012
© Guei-Shiang Ke
© Guei-Shiang Ke
  • Architects

  • Architects In Charge

    Malone Chang & Yu-lin Chen
  • Project Team

    Kwantak AUYEUNG, Jin-de HSU (Project team), Dong-long WU (Construction supervision)
  • Structural Engineer

    Tien-Hun Engineering Consultant Inc.
  • Area

    2965.0 sqm
  • Project Year

  • Photographs

    Guei-Shiang Ke

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