Habita Hotel / TEN Arquitectos

Mexican architects BGP Arquitectura designed this stylish hotel in Mexico City. The glass acts as a buffer to the busy outside, while converting into a lamp during night. Cool pool on the roof top.

Location: Lamartine 201, Colonia Polanco,  México City, Mexico
Architects: TEN ArquitectosEnrique Norten, Bernardo Gómez-Pimienta
Team: Aarón Hernández, Sergio Nuñez, Francisco Pardo, Julio Amezcua, Hugo Sánchez, Claudia Marquina, Carlos López, Martine Paquin, Adriana Díaz, Rubén Garnica, Miguel Ríos
Area: 2,500 m2
Design: 1996-1998
Construction: 1998-2000
Photography: Luis Gordoa, Undine Pröhl, Jean Luc Laloux

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Ekris Showroom / ONL

Architects: ONL [Oosterhuis_Lénárd]
Location: Utrecht,
Lead Designers: Kas Oosterhuis, Ilona Lénárd
Project Architect: Gijs Joosen
Design team: Ronald Brandsma, Pim Marsman, Paulina Gurak, Rafael Seemann, Arnest Boender, Gerard van den Engel, Bas de Beer, Sanne Plomp, David Milam
Client: Ekris Utrecht BV
Project year: 2005-2007
Construction Area: Building A_5,400 sqm Building B_6,400 sqm
Budget: US $8,84 M
Photographs: [Oosterhuis_Lénárd]

construction process

House of Ruins (Drupas) / NRJA

I like how this house uses an existing structure to hide, in both landscape and against the strong winds, creating a new habitable interior. This house by (this weeks AD Futures pick) won the Gran Prix for the Latvian Architecture Prize (2005), the Best Technology Award at the Interior Digest Magazine (outstanding implementation of a project using contemporary construction, constructive and electronic technologies, 2006) and was nominated for the (2007).

Location: Saka, Latvia
Architects: NRJA (Uldis Luksevics, Martins Osans)
Client: Una and Andris Vitolins
General Constructor: RBS Skals
Object: private house
Size: 200 sqm2
Year: 2002

Vladimir Kaspe Cultural Center / Jorge Hernandez de la Garza

Architects: Jorge Hernandez de la Garza, Gabriel Covarrubias González, Gerardo Broissin Covarrubias
Location: City,
Collaborators: María Teresa de la Torre Gorráez, Carlos Rubio, Jessica Vega
Project Year: 2006
Construction: GDI / Ing. José Hinojosa
Structural Engineering: Arq. Fernando Castillo
Photographs: Paul Czitrom

Construction process of the The Cathedral of Christ the Light / SOM

The construction process of the The Cathedral of Christ the Light by (featured earlier on AD), clearly shows the impressive structure that supports the building and its .

You can see more at this gallery, courtesy of SOM:

The Cathedral of Christ the Light / SOM

If you haven´t heard about Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, maybe you didn´t take and Architecture History class, as they played an active role on the  International Style during the 1930s. They also developed an expertise in high rise towers and structural engineering, shaping the downtown of the most important cities in the United States – and the rest of the world. As of now SOM is one of the largest offices in the world, with on-going projects such as the Burj Dubai, actually the tallest building in the world.

But SOM is not just high rise buildings. They have developed award winning sustainable master plans, interiors, structures, and other types of buildings.

Now we present you The Cathedral of Christ the Light in Oakland, CA, an amazing structure with a wooden/glass skin that creates an interior full of light. One of my favorite buildings of the year, already awarded with an AIA Honor Award for Architecture.

We´d like to thank SOM San Francisco for providing us all the information of this new project.

Architects: Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP
Location: Oakland, ,
Design Team: Craig Hartman, FAIA, Design Partner / Gene Schnair, FAIA, Managing Partner / Keith Boswell, AIA, Technical Director / Raymond Kuca, AIA, Project Manager / Patrick Daly, AIA, Senior Design Architect / Eric Keune, AIA / Lisa Gayle Finster, AIA / Christopher Kimball / Jane Lee / Christina Kyrillou / Elizabeth Valadez / Denise Hall Montgomery / Mariah Neilson / Peter Jackson / Surjanto / Gary Rohrbacher / Ayumi Sugiyama / Liang Wu / Katie Motchen / Matthew Tierney / Henry Vlanin
Structural Engineering: Mark Sarkisian, PE, SE, Structural Engineering Director / Peter Lee, PE, SE, Senior Structural Engineer / Eric Long, PE, Senior Structural Engineer / Aaron Mazeika, PE, AP / William Bond / Ernest Vayl / Feliciano Racines / Jean-Pierre Michel Chakar / Lindsay Hu / Rupa Garai / Sarah Diegnan
Interior Design: Tamara Dinsmore, Chanda Capelli, Susanne LeBlanc, Carmen Carrasco, David Lou
General Contractor: Webcor Builders
Design start: 2002
Construction Complete: 2008
Site Area: 2.50 acres
Constructed Area: 20,996 sqm
Photographs: César Rubio, Timothy Hursley, John Blaustein

© César Rubio © Timothy Hursley © César Rubio © John Blaustein

Architect´s description:

Collage Paris / ECDM

Architects: Emmanuel Combarel Dominique Marrec
Location: , France
Project Manager: Louis-Antoine  Grego – Matthieu Roggwiller
Project year: 2005-2008
Engineering: BETOM – TECSOL
Economy: Michel Larsonneur
Structural Engineering: Eng.Lopes de Oliveira
Site Area: 2,026 sqm
Constructed Area: 9,183 sqm
Photographs: Benoit Fougeirol – Philippe Ruault

Houseboat / X-Architects

Architects: X-Architects
Location: marina,
Program: Leisure home
Constructed Area: 220 sqm

Bicentennial Room, Chilean National Library / A+F Arquitectos

An amazing glass/lighting work to recover an unused space in the 1810 building for the Grand National in Santiago, . The new space becomes a reading room open for the public. Thanks to Flip360 you can navigate the project, in panoramic mode:

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Office building Rijkswaterstaat / Paul de Ruiter

Architect: Paul de Ruiter
Location: Middelburg, Netherlands
Project Architect:
Project Team: Dieter Blok, Monique Verhoef, Willeke Smit, Helga Traksel, Michael Noordam, Sander van Veen, Emma Franks, Melanie Go, Florent Rougemont, Jeroen Quanjer, Nicolle Flagiello
Landscape design: Bosch & Slabbers Tuin en landschapsarchitecten
Structural Engineer: ABT bv, adviseurs in bouwtechniek
Mechanical Engineer: Halmos bv
Contractor: BAM Utiliteitsbouw
Constructed Area: 11,835 sqm
Project Year: 2000-2003
Construction year: 2003-2004
Photographs: Pieter Kers, Rob’t Hart

Villa V / 3+1 Architects

Architects: 3+1 Architects
Location: Tallinn,
Architects in charge: Markus Kaasik, Andres Ojari & Ilmar Valdur
Construction Year: 2001
Constructed area: 354 sqm

Arreletes Day Care Centre / Xavier Vilalta Studio

Architects: Xavier Vilalta Studio
Location: Els Alamús,
Client: Alamús City Council
Structural Engineering: GN Arquitectos
Quantity Surveyor: Mario Campos
Design year: 2005-2006
Construction year: 2007-2008
Budget: US $304,088
Constructed Area: 254 sqm
Photographs: Jordi Anguera

Villa Roling / Paul de Ruiter

Architect: Paul de Ruiter
Location: Kudelstaart, Netherlands
PRoject Architect:
Project Team: Noud Paes, Willem Jan Landman, Helga Traksel, Dieter Blok, Willeke Smit
Landscape design: Copijn
Construction Advisor: Bouwtechnisch adviesbureau J.L. Croes
Installations: Wahlen & Jongkind
Contractor: Van Scheppingen Bouw
Constructed Area: 340 sqm
Project Year: 2006
Construction year: 2006-2008
Photographs: Pieter Kers

Turku City Library / JKMM Architects

Architects: JKMM Architects
Location: Turku,
Main Designer: Asmo Jaaksi architect SAFA
Design Team: Teemu Kurkela, Samuli Miettinen, Juha Mäki-Jyllilä, Mikko Rossi, Katja Savolainen architects SAFA, Päivi Meuronen interior architect SIO
Landscaping: Molino Oy
Structural Design: Narmaplan Oy
Lighting: Eficientysul
Main Contractor: NCC Rakennus Oy
Constructed Area: 6,900 sqm
Project Year: 2007
Photographs: Arno de la Chapelle, Asmo Jaaksi, Harri Falck, Jonny Holmen, Jussi Tiainen, Michael Perlmutter, Patrik Rastenberg

Wellness Sky / 4of7

Architects: 4of7
Location: Belgrade,
Project Year: 2008
Design Team: Djordje Stojanovic, Vlada Pavlovic, Slavko Milanovic
Construction Area: 1,100 sqm
Photographs: Ana Kostic

Chongqing Library / Perkins Eastman

Architects: Perkins Eastman
Location: Chongqing,
Project Year: 2007
Building Type: Public Assembly
Construction Area: 50,000 sqm
Budget: US $38.6M
Photographs: © ZhiHui Gu

Guangzhou Baiyun International Convention Center / BURO II + CITIC

Architects: BURO II & Design Institute of CITIC
Location: Guangzhou, China
Structural Design : Laurent Ney & Partners (Belgium)
Landscape Design: Stefaan Thiers en Denis Dujardin (Belgium)
Facade Engineering: Van Santen & Ass. ()
Interior Design: Lens°Ass (Belgium)
Project Year: 2007
Photographs: Philippe van Gelooven

This project recently won the civic category at the World Architecture Festival

Food Container Remixed / Spacelab Architects

Architects: Spacelab architects – Luca Silenzi
Location: Fermo,
Collaborators: Roberto Sargo, Zoè Chantall Monterubbiano
Structural Engineering: Giampiero Luzi
Technical Inspection: arch. Luca Silenzi, arch. Roberto Sargo
Contractor: G.I.L. Costruzioni, Porto San Giorgio (Italy)
Constructive System: Precast + metal structure; custom made precast exterior enclosure panels
Project year: 2006-2007
Construction year: 2008
Site area: 7200 sqm
Constructed Area: 2600 sqm
Photographs: ©Luca Silenzi