5 Things to Keep in Mind After Graduation / Nicholas Kreitler

© Caro Wallis

As a young architect and recent graduate of Kansas State University, Nicholas Kreitler shares with us five important recommendations for every graduate entering into the “real world”. Please feel free to add your recommendations in the comment section below.

Every school has a dif­fer­ent way of teach­ing their stu­dents, some take an approach focused on the­o­ry, some do it on prac­ti­cal experience and some try to take a bal­anced approach. Each of these have their advan­tages and dis­ad­van­tages, but I’m not look­ing to dis­cuss the cur­ricu­lum. I’d like to dis­cuss some of the things that were left out. Some­times there are just things that only real world expe­ri­ence can teach you. Now I am far from know­ing every­thing, if I know any­thing at all, but I have a seen a few glim­mers of hope on the hori­zon and that con­tin­ues to keep me moti­vat­ed. I have found that we are all search­ing for our place in this ever chang­ing world and a lit­tle advice is never a bad thing.

Participatory Resource Center / Natalia Muñoz Aguilar

© Duccio Malagamba

Architect: Natalia Muñoz Aguilar
Location: C / De Molina Francisco Mayor, ,
Technical Architect: Joaquin Ortiz de Villajos (Director of performance)
Developer / Owner: City of Malaga, Construction management, Construction and infrastructure
Manufacturee: San Jose, Inc.
Completion: 2011
Budget: € 989,092.77 (VAT Included)
Photographer: Duccio Malagamba


2012 MoMA PS1 YAP Runner-Up: Virtual Water / UrbanLab + endrestudio + Method Design

Courtesy of UrbanLab

ArchDaily announced the winning proposal for the 2012 MoMA PS1 Young Architects Program (YAP) earlier this month. In order to bring you full coverage of the annual , we are featuring the other four creative designs that competed against HWKN’s WendyVirtual Water, a collaborative design brought to you by UrbanLab, endrestudio and Method Design, formally manifests what is hidden in plain sight: RAIN. The project reveals and plays with thousands of gallons of summertime rainwater that would otherwise be discarded from the PS1 courtyard.

Virtual Water refers to water hidden in everyday products. A pair of jeans, for example, has a 3000 gallon Virtual Water footprint because 3000 gallons of water are consumed in the various steps of its production chain (growing the cotton, dyeing the fabric, etc).

Structures of Utility / David Stark Wilson

It is such a great pleasure for ArchDaily to promote David Stark Wilson’s photographic exploration Structures of Utility. We have feature Wilson’s firm WA Design on ArchDaily, but this book offer something uniquely different. Wilson traveled the back roads of California’s Central Valley and the Sierra Nevada foothills and captured the haunting beauty of utility buildings. These are buildings that would not otherwise be featured on ArchDaily, unless an architect did a remodel, but the photographs bring home the obvious point that design inspiration often lies far outside the realm of award winning and highly publicized buildings. The photographs are absolutely gripping. For a peak inside see more after the break.

Europan 11 Proposal: Effets de Serres / CLIC Architecture

Courtesy of

CLIC Architecture shared with is us their first prize winning proposal in the Europan 11 . Their proposal for Stains, France aims to connect, under an always changing seasonal landscape, all metropolitan scales from public space to housing issues, from global to local scales. The design also acts as the multi-modal hub (metro, train) for a three-dimensional subtle interconnection of public space, mobility nods and private business complexes. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Sanya Block 5 / NL Architects

Courtesy of

As part of a resort development, the first prize proposal for Block 5 by NL Architects consists of 8 blocks of 6 stories on top of a ground floor with restaurants, bars and retail. Located in the Hainan Province and the southernmost city in China, Sanya is well known for its tropical climate and popular tourist destination. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Courtesy of Cezary Kępka, Bartłomiej Popiela, Małgorzata Piotrowska, Jan Sukiennik
Courtesy of Cezary Kępka, Bartłomiej Popiela, Małgorzata Piotrowska, Jan Sukiennik

Operlab Competition Entry / 137kilo Architekci – Projektanci

With its function and form changing based on its location and event, the Operalab is a bold statement in the cityscape and serves as an ad hoc embassy for the Polish National Opera’s cultural program. Designed by 137kilo Architekci – …

Courtesy of Assael Architecture

Dreamland Margate / Assael Architecture

Assael Architecture… recently shared its vision for the Dreamland Margate, one of Britain’s most famous seaside amusement parks, into whether Thanet District Council will be allowed to compulsorily purchase the former fun park. Assael is the fifth architectural practice to

Yamakawa Rattan Showroom / Sidharta Architect

Courtesy of

The main concept of the design of the YAMAKAWA Rattan showroom by Sidharta Architect is to let people experience the product in a different way. People from the street will see the façade of the building as a two storey mass with a hanging cubical on the first floor, and other products displayed behind frameless clear glass on the second floor. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Bar-Studio Kluchi / Peter Kostelov, Alexey Rozenberg, Anton Grechko

© Alexey Knyazev

Architects:Peter Kostelov, Alexey Rozenberg, Anton Grechko
Location: , Russia
Design Team: , Alexey Rozenberg, Anton Grechko
Floor Area: 300 sqm
Project Date: 2011
Photographs: Alexey Knyazev

Flashback: Glen Murcutt on Sustainability

YouTube Preview Image

In reference to Living Steel‘s 3rd International Architecture Competition for Sustainable Housing,  discusses his ideas surrounding the issue of sustainability. He emphasizes the strategies employed by the top contenders such as the planning of orientation, thermal performance, and human effort in addition to other variables involved in sustainable architecture. One particular method that Murcutt stresses is using materials that can dissolve back into the earth, citing earth walls as an excellent medium to build with and their inherent thermal mass qualities. Each team was invited to present their ideas in person, a variation from previous years which Murcutt believes led to the highest quality of work and diversity of the competition series.

Amarees / Paul Davis Architects

© John Ellis

Architects: Paul Davis Architects -
Location: , CA
Design Team: Paul Davis, AIA, Principal-in-Charge; Gabriel Leung, Project Designer; Sarah Knize, Project Team; Ken Vermillion, Project Team; Jennifer Williams, Project Team
Size: 8,100 square feet
Photographs: John Ellis

2012 MoMA PS1 YAP Runner-Up: PS1 Moments / AEDS

Courtesy of

ArchDaily announced the winning proposal for the 2012 MoMA PS1 Young Architects Program (YAP) earlier this month. In order to bring you full coverage of the annual competition, we are featuring the other four creative designs that competed against HWKN’s Wendy. AEDS’s (Ammar Eloueini Digit-all Studio) proposal creates a 21st century urban oasis in the fabled courtyard of PS1. The design encourages visitors to meander through a maze-like field of objects, enticing them to take up different paths, creating distinct experiential moments. This anti-monumental, anti-plop art approach is acutely attuned to both the human scale and the elemental senses.

For perhaps the first time, the entire courtyard will be activated throughout the day and long into the night, inspiring a voyeuristic curiosity, a desire to explore and inhabit hidden “moments.” A stream of water carves a path between the objects, stitching together three main spaces defined by the experiences of Water, Mist and Vegetation. At night, diffused light is fragmented through the digitally fabricated patterns that perforate the surface of the objects.

Alvar Aalto: The Mark of the Hand / Harry Charrington and Vezio Nava

A short time ago we received the book Alvar Aalto: The Mark of the Hand. Before you Aalto fans get jealous of our newly acquired treasure, we want you to know that we received several copies and will be doing a giveaway in the near future. So keep yours eyes out, here and on our facebook page. The book is a collection of conversations recorded between members of Aalto’s atelier. It is a unique view into the process of this great architect and his team. It shows the personal side of Aalto, both the bad and good. Sometimes we get lost in the artistry of his works, and it is nice to see the context in which the works were developed.

Stavanger Museum of Archeology / Lund + Slaatto Architects

Courtesy of

Lund + Slaatto Architects, in collaboration with schmidt hammer lassen architects, were recently awarded second place in the competition for the extension of the Museum of Archeology. Though very vibrant and active, the premises of the museum are currently unsuitable and small. Therefore, the aim of the competition was to create an extension that forms the museum’s new main facade and which primarily provides space for the exhibition and education. More images and architects’ description after the break.

San Telmo Museum / Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos

© Stefan Tuchila

The successful architectural rehabilitation and expansion project for the historical San Telmo Museum by Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos emphasizes its connection with society both artistically and historically. Recognized internationally for recovering the original building to make it a contemporary work, the architects made it possible for the museum to reopen by providing a museum as well as a place to spread knowledge and create thought.

Also designed for the new museum is its extension with a new wing, under Mount Urgull along the seashore, intended to house the new cultural and commercial uses along with optimize accessibility for the public and the collections. The visual impact of the modern construction has been minimized thanks to the architects being able to work closely with artists Leopoldo Ferrán and Agustina Otero who have created a semi-plant wall covering the building with perforated sheets. A gallery of images taken by photographer Stefan Tuchila can be viewed after the break.

The Shanxi Grand Theater / Arte Charpentier Architectes


The project of the Shanxi opera house in , designed by Arte Charpentier Architectes, is at the heart of challenges such as the rapid development of the city and imposing reflections on its planning and scope. Situated in the new district of Changfeng, in the heart of a green island, it participates in the creation of a new centrality for the city. More images and project description after the break.

Yuan Ze University Project / Santiago Calatrava

Courtesy of , LLC

The world-renowned architect, engineer and artist, Santiago Calatrava was recently commissioned by Yuan Ze University in to design an ambitious new building complex for its campus. The ambitious project, which will consist of a Performing Arts Center, a new Art and Design School and the Y.Z. Hsu Memorial Hall, which is dedicated to the university’s founder, Mr. Yu-Ziang Hsu, will mark Mr. Calatrava’s architectural debut in the country. More project description after the break.