Malta Design Week

'Ripple Landscape' by Kane Cali

Malta Design Week‘s primary purpose is to provide a platform for the expanding local design talent to interact and experience work and designers from a broad international scene, right at home. Fashioned to promote and celebrate good design, this seven-day event, from October 1st-8th, will be spread across cultural and commercial venues around .

Having its base in the capital – , but also spilling and spreading across several satellite-event hosting venues – MDW aims to place various design disciplines on the same platform. It will host exhibitions, talks, workshops and launches bringing together local and foreign designers, architects, artists, artisans, journalists, critics, academics and entrepreneurs.

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KPF Honored with Five MIPIM Asia Awards

The 2011 MIPIM Asia Awards recently announced that Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates (KPF) garnered five awards out of the 29 awarded, the largest number of awards won by a single architectural firm. Recognized for the Inernational Commerce Centre in HongKong, Wheelock Square in Shanghai, the Abu Dhabi International Midfield Complex, the Xintiandi Hotels, and Singapore’s Marina Bay Financial Centre, will receive their prizes at the prestigious Awards Gala Dinner on November 16.

KPF was one of the first US architecture firms to start working in China, and has had a strong presence there for over 20 years, including growing offices in Shanghai and Hong Kong. These five awards serve as an affirmation of KPF’s unmatched experience and leadership in the region.

ArchDaily sat down with Eugen Kohn and Bill Pedersen back in February.  The AD interview with KPF can be viewed here.

AD Classics: Cosmic Rays Pavilion / Felix Candela

Photo by Aaron Forrest -

The Cosmic Rays Pavilion represents one of the first experiments with parabolic structures. The double curved structure is made of a very thin layer of , exemplifying its structural and design capabilities. These mathematically complex structures define the popular architecture of the pavilion’s designer .

Theory: Chapter 3

What was first apparent was that the trailers floated on little orange jacks, precariously sitting up on pins. Fat grey bodies on insect feet. They looked like they could have been knocked over by bullies in the night. Whomsoever wished to disturb these foreign elements could have penetrated their thin paneling and blown them apart, or burned them down. An angry mob could have scattered them over the city or put them in shopping carts and carted them away to underpasses and bus shelters. Such was the confidence and audacity of the academy, that it could abandon all shelter and camp out in this empty heart.

A failing, ragged chainlink fence ringed the perimeter of the dirt lot. There were tumbleweeds picking up little bits of indescribable trash and continuing along until they hit the fence where they formed sculpted dunes of tangled, dangerous-looking junk. This was ground zero of the new Green Zone in the bad backyard of Rayner Banham’s city—the fifth ecology, Darwinian drifter, evolved and sampled from the other four and distributed across the late-capitalist grid. This was the future. But other parts of the city had been promised similar futures in the past. Joan Didion would remember that. The school was counting on it. The kids would come. They would come with their student loans and their trust funds, their hair, Puma’s and hope.

Small House in Olive Grove / Wendy Evans Joseph Architecture

© Elliot Kaufman Photography

Architects: Wendy Evans Joseph Architecture
Location: , California,
Project Team: Wendy Evans Joseph, Chris Cooper, Chris Good, Michael Walch, Reed Langworthy, Farzana Gandhi
Architect of Record: Richardson Architects
Civil Engineer: CSW / Struber-Stroeh Engineering Group, Inc.
Structural Engineer: Tysinger & Associates Structural Engineers
Project Year: 2010
Project Area: 850 sqf
Photographs: Elliot Kaufman Photography

AD Round Up: Educational Architecture Part VIII

It’s our 8th selection of previously featured educational projects and we’re still featuring great posts from 2009! Check them all after the break.

Erika Mann Elementary School / Die Baupiloten
Following the successful modernization of the Erika-Mann Elementary School in the Utrechter Strasse 25/27 – 13347 Berlin, the Baupiloten have now designed the building’s interior for all-day use. With new seating-landscapes and worlds of recreation, the Baupiloten – together with the schoolchildren – expanded upon the concept of a comfortable learning environment to include the school’s hallways and classrooms (read more…)

Villa GM / Architrend Architecture

© Moreno Maggi

Architect: Architrend Architecture
Location: , Sicily, Italy
Project Team: Gaetano Manganello & Carmelo Tumino
Collaborators: Patrizia Anfuso, Marco Garfì
Project Area: 1.250 sqm
Project Year: 2010
Photographs: Moreno Maggi

Depot and Administration RUHR MUSEUM / Ahlbrecht Felix Scheidt Kasprusch

© Deimel & Wittmar

Architects: Ahlbrecht Felix Scheidt Kasprusch
Location: ,
Project Year: 2010
Project Area: 1,850 sqm
Photographs: Deimel & Wittmar

House in Kohoku / Torafu


© Daici Ano

Architects: Torafu
Location: ,
Design year: 2007
Construction year: 2008
Structure: RC
Building Site: Yokohama Kanagawa
Site Area: 230 sqm
Constructed Area: 67.35 sqm
Photographer: Daici Ano

Serrano Public School / Arzubialde Arquitectos

© Walter Salcedo-Franco Piccini

Architect: Arzubialde Arquitectos, Arq. Franco Piccini
Location: Caña de Ámbar 1465-Rosario (Sta. Fe-)
Client: Ministerio de Educación de la Prov. De Santa Fe- Región 6ta / Referente Flavio Gianetti.
Constructor: Adobe S.A.
Project Year: 2011
Photographs: Walter Salcedo-Franco Piccini

Jeanne Gang Named as a 2011 MacArthur Fellow

, principal and founder of Studio Gang Architects, has been named as one of this years prestigious MacArthur Fellows.  The second female recipient in architecture selected for the grant (Elizabeth Diller from Diller Scofidio + Renfro was named a MacArthur Fellow in 1999), Gang is among a total of  22 recipients who will receive $500,000 in no-strings-attached support over the next five years.  The recipients fields are quite broad ranging anywhere from biologist to radio producer, but regardless of their chosen profession all were selected for their ‘creativity, originality, and potential to make important contributions in the future’.

“This has been a year of great change and extraordinary challenge, and we are once again reminded of the potential individuals have to make a difference in the world and shape our future,” said Robert Gallucci, President of the MacArthur Foundation. “The MacArthur Fellows exemplify how individual creativity and talent can spark new insights and ideas in every imaginable field of human endeavor.”

YouTube Preview Image

St Antony Industrial Archaeological Park / Ahlbrecht Felix Scheidt Kasprusch

© Deimel & Wittmar

Architects: Ahlbrecht Felix Scheidt Kasprusch
Location: ,
Project Year: 2011
Project Area: 1007 sqm
Photographs: Deimel & Wittmar

Are College Graduates ready for the working world?

People go to college to learn how to learn and to train their brain to assess problems and determine what possible steps could or should be taken. You go to a technical college to learn how to do a thing or perform a specific job. You want to learn how to work on HVAC equipment there’s a school for that – they’re important – but it’s not the same set of criteria used to measure the success of college graduate from a typical four or five year program.

What I am really talking about is critical thinking – a skill that requires good logic skills but demands that the thinker employ accuracy, relevance, clarity and significance.

Courtesy of Post Works

‘Just the Flip Side of the Wall: Post Works at the AF’ Exhibition

For their inaugural show, Just the Flip Side of the Wall, Melissa Appleton and Matthew Butcher (Post Works) will create a new environment within The Architecture Foundation’s Project Space that will act as a frame for a series of events…

In Progress: Georgia Rest Stop / J. MAYER H. Architects

© J. MAYER H., Jesko Malkolm Johnsson-Zahn

Architect: J. MAYER H. Architects
Project Team: Jürgen Mayer H., Paul Angelier, Jesko Malkolm Johnsson-Zahn, Marcus Blum, Guy Levy
Architects on Site: Kobulieli and Partners / Ltd.”Alioni 99”
Preliminary Design: 2009
Completion: 2011
Clients: JSC Wissol Petroleum Georgia / Socar Georgia Petroleum
Photographs: J. MAYER H., Jesko Malkolm Johnsson-Zahn

Advanced Energy Center, Stony Brook University / Flad Architects

© Steve Hall of Hedrich Blessing

Architect: Flad Architects
Location: Stony Brook,
Project Year: 2011
Photographs: Steve Hall of Hedrich Blessing

Courtesy of 5710 Society

5710 Society Lecture Series

5710 (Fifty Seven Ten) Society recently announced their lecture series for 2011-2012. The series kicks off with an opening party on September 29th and runs until April 26th.
The lecture series will be held at The Scott Sutherland School of…

Flashback: Sunset Cabin / Taylor Smyth Architects

© Ben Rahn/A-Frame Inc.

Flashback: One of Archdaily’s goals is to bring you up to date information about projects that are being designed and constructed around the world. We’ve created a new category to cover inspiring projects that were constructed between the 1990′s and the early 2000′s.

Architects: Taylor Smyth Architects
Location: , Canada
Partner in Charge: Michael Taylor
Project Team: Mike Lafreniere
Project Year: 2004
Project Area: 275 sqf
Photographs: Ben Rahn/A-Frame Inc.