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Treehouse: The Latest Architecture and News

Wooden Treehouse C / Stilt Studios

© Arley Mardo© Arley Mardo© Arley Mardo© Arley Mardo+ 23

Tropical Modernism: Costa Rica’s New Elevated Treehouses

Costa Rica’s new modern homes are built to float above the landscape. This wave of elevated housing is designed to minimize environmental impact while working with varied terrain. Aiming to become a carbon-neutral country, Costa Rica is transforming its housing market as it experiences a growing demand for more residential buildings.

© Jordi Miralles© Andres Garcia LachnerCourtesy of Garcia Lachner photography© Nic Lehoux+ 12

Tips for Building a Tree House

It is difficult to find someone who has never dreamed of building or having a tree house to call their own. The idea of a refuge, a space fully integrated with nature and with a privileged view, pleases almost all ages. There are examples of tree houses of all scales and complexities, from small elevated platforms to highly complex structures, including electrical and hydraulic installations. Some sites specializing in the topic (yes, that exists!), offer valuable tips for building these dreams. In general, they subscribe to the motto: "Choose your tree, make your project, but be ready to adapt it!"

Call for Entries: Design a Tree House Module in the French Countryside

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YAC - Young Architects Competitions and Dartagnans launch Tree House Module, a competition of ideas aiming to design and realize a tree house system to sit amidst the oneiric French castles of Vibrac, Mothe Chandeniers, and Ebaupinay. A cash prize of € 15,000 (and the realization of the first-ranking project) will be awarded to the winners selected by an outstanding jury panel including Espen Surnevik, Matthew Johnson (DS+R), Giulio Rigoni (BIG), Tue Hesselberg Foged (Effekt Architects), Peter Pichler, and Patrick Lüth (Snøhetta).

© YAC© YAC© YAC© YAC+ 11

Studio Precht Designs Truncated Tiny-Home Treehouses for Baumbau

Design practice Studio Precht has created a series of truncated timber treehouses for eco-building start-up Baumbau. The concept was created by Chris Precht and his wife Fei Tang Precht as a family of modular houses that are shaped by playfulness. Called Bert, the project was conceptualized as a treehouse shaped by the forest itself. Bert invites people to experience architecture and nature through the eyes of children.

Bert. Image Courtesy of Studio PrechtBert. Image Courtesy of Studio PrechtBert. Image Courtesy of Studio PrechtBert. Image Courtesy of Studio Precht+ 14

Yellow Treehouse Restaurant / Pacific Environments

© Lucy Gauntlett© Lucy Gauntlett© Lucy Gauntlett© Lucy Gauntlett+ 49

PPA Offers Unique Nature-Integrated Experience in Proposed Italian Forest Development

Milan-based architecture and design firm Peter Pichler Architecture has proposed a new sustainable tree-house concept, offering a unique maximized connection with nature.

Tree House Section Tree House RoomCourtesy of Peter Pichler ArchitectureCourtesy of Peter Pichler Architecture+ 7

Tree Houses Reimagined: Luxurious Retreats for Tranquility and Play

Enter the world of fairy-tale towers, whimsical stairways, crow's nests, zip lines, and suspended rope bridges. Take pleasure in the details of hand-split oak shingles, thatched roofs, and cedar tongue-and-groove interiors. Made of sustainably sourced materials, Blue Forest's magical sanctuaries fit snugly between trees and branches often incorporating them into the building itself and sit lightly on the land.

The Treehouse / Wee Studio

© Sun Haiting©  RoadsideAlien Studio© Sun Haiting©  RoadsideAlien Studio+ 24

Beijing, China
  • Architects: Wee Studio
  • Area Area of this architecture project Area :  8
  • Year Completion year of this architecture project Year :  2016

Live Out Your Adult Treehouse Fantasies With the Skysphere

After childhood, treehouses are usually stowed away in tandem with the fantasy and adventures associated with youthful imagination. As it turns out though, there can be a wildly elaborate, adult counterpart to this early life staple. The Skysphere, a project designed by Jono Williams, is the ultimate 21st century DIY treehouse project. Actually a small pod-like inhabitable platform attached to a steel column, it is more like the homegrown equivalent of Toronto’s CN Tower, Tokyo’s Skytree, or the unrealized Phoenix Observation Tower by Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG).

Courtesy of Jono WilliamsCourtesy of Jono WilliamsCourtesy of Jono WilliamsCourtesy of Jono Williams+ 18

9 Stunning Treehouses that Will Bring Out Your Inner Child

The word “treehouse” can conjure up fond childhood memories for many. As a kid, the idea of a house floating above the ground is an endless source of wonder-- and that wonder never truly goes away! Countless designers have experimented with the idea of suspending their architecture among the trees, and a large number of those projects have made their way onto our site. See nine of our favorites, after the break.