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The Treehouse is located in a little woods of poplar and hawthorn trees, where is at the foot of Mount Wuling in Miyun, Beijing. The cliff on the north with a stream meandering under it, and a mountain spring running in all seasons together create a quiet and peaceful environment for the Treehouse. There are two parts of the building, a deck and two separated polyhedrons the function of which are tearoom and bathroom. The inside of the tearoom is floored with Tatami, and the space is designed to serve as tea drinking in the daylight and sleeping as well as at night.  The building of Treehouse is a practice of Wee Studio about the subtle relationship between nature and inhabitation, as well as an exploration about how to achieve the architecture in the era of internet now. At the end of 2015, we initiated a crowdfunding on the Internet which had a great response in a short time. More than just about building a Treehouse on our own, the practice is more about inviting more people with same interests into the process of design and construction and having fun with it.  View more View full description
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