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The Great Tiny House Debate: What it Means to Downsize the Dream

The dream of a home in the suburbs with a white picket fence is changing. Between housing crises and homelessness, mounting debt and downsizing, home ownership has become increasingly less attainable. The tiny house movement is a direct response to these forces, with cities and designers asking whether micro dwellings can address pressing issues or if they are glorifying unhealthy living conditions.

Courtesy of thebearwalk Courtesy of Klein Courtesy of thebearwalk © Federico Villa + 10

Elliot Mono Cabin / Drop Structures

© Ryan Abernathy
© Ryan Abernathy

© Ryan Abernathy © Ryan Abernathy © Ryan Abernathy © Ryan Abernathy + 30

  • Architects: Drop Structures
  • Area Area of this architecture project Area: 144.0 ft²
  • Year Completion year of this architecture project Year: 2018

Could You Live in 15 Square Meters of Space? SUMATORIA's 'Tiny Home' May Make You Think Twice

Casa FOA is one of the most important exhibitions for architecture, interior design, landscaping, and industry in Latin America. Chilean architects SUMATORIA were selected to represent their country in the 'Emerging Design of Miniature Housing,' or the Tiny Home, a living space of only 15 square meters (equivalent to the size of a container module).

Cortesía de Sumatoria Cortesía de Sumatoria Cortesía de Sumatoria Cortesía de Sumatoria + 12

6 Tips for Designing and Building a Tiny House

Tiny houses have become popular in recent years as housing prices continue to soar. Whether as an off-the-grid retreat or a way to live more simply and economically, tiny homes offer a more flexible way to live. They are even being used by charity organizations such as the Tiny Homes Foundation in Australia as a way to tackle the issue of homelessness in cities and the need for social housing. As the popularity and need for tiny homes become ever more prevalent, knowing the necessary skills to design a tiny house for yourself or a client is a useful skill to have.

Below are 6 tips to keep in mind when designing and building a tiny house:

<a href=''>KODA / Kodasema</a>. Image © Paul Kuimet <a href=''>Minimod / MAPA</a>. Image © Leonardo Finotti <a href=''>Micro-house / Studio Liu Lubin</a>. Image Courtesy of Studio Liu Lubin <a href=''>Portable House ÁPH80 / Ábaton Arquitectura</a>. Image © Juan Baraja + 10

4 Tiny Houses Selected as Winners in the Ryterna modul Architectural Challenge 2018

European modular container and building producer Ryterna modul has announced the winners of their fourth International competition: Architectural Challenge 2018 Tiny House. The competition asked for the design of a home for two people no larger than 25 square meters that integrated a kitchen, bathroom, living room, and sleeping area into a cohesive environment. With 150 projects from 88 countries, the three winning solutions and one honorable mention turn micro dwelling into a luxury.

See all the winning entries below.

5 Very Different Ways to Finance the Construction of Tiny Houses

This article originally appeared on Archipreneur as "5 Amazing Tiny Houses and Their Financing Models."

The tiny house movement is taking the housing market by storm, with small homes appearing all over rural and urban areas across the world. They are an affordable and eco-conscious solution to the narrowing housing supply and can offer mobility to an increasing population of young professionals. Tiny houses come in many forms and sizes—from micro-apartments and office spaces, to cabins on wheels and trailers. Similarly, the financing models vary, depending on function, local building codes, size requirements and whether they’re made as commercial products or private housing solutions.

The best option is to design and build the house yourself, using savings instead of worrying about interest rates and debt. Some tiny house manufacturers offer in-house payment solutions to their customers. Other options are RV loans, peer-to-peer lending and crowdfunding. We assembled a list of 5 beautiful tiny houses built for different purposes.

Le Corbusier's Pavillon de l'Esprit Nouveau Named One of "20 Designs That Defined the Modern World"

Creator of London’s Design Museum and columnist for CNN, Stephen Bayley named Le Corbusier’s Pavillon de l’Esprit Nouveau as one of, “20 designs that defined the modern world.” Before Bayley lays out the list, he gives a brief history and several definitions of design; culminating to his conclusion that design gives life meaning. Bayley writes, “Le Corbusier declared that design is ‘intelligence made visible’. That’s certainly true, but intelligence can take many forms…” [1]

Tiny House Design Competition Winners Revealed

A design for a portable, sustainable 250 square foot house is no tall order. But back in June, online design magazine, Volzero, put $3200 USD on the line for designers to honor this request through their Tiny House Design Competition.

Interior program requirements included: Living Area | Sleeping Area for 2 | Cooking and Dining Area | Toilet | Workspace.

Around the world, creatives worked to conquer the puzzle of maximum usable space with a minimum footprint. Tiny houses were born. The jury consisted of five principals of different design firms: Abraham Cota Parades, Andrew Patterson, Didier Ryan, Md.Rafiq Azam and Sameep Padora. In addition to filling the basic needs of the competition, winning projects display a strong concept, and unique personality.