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Sergei Tchoban: The Latest Architecture and News

Une Ville Dessinée

The future of the European city is the central theme for Sergei Tchoban. It is evident that the language of contemporary architecture and the size of urban gestures contrast with the structure of the historical or traditional European city. Is it possible to harmonize and regulate these two positions? Is there a quality in the spontaneity or even in the chaos that can arise?

The exhibition ‚Une Ville Dessinée / A Drawn City‘ reflects the high-contrast interplay between historical and modern architecture, as it is so strongly traced in modern cities. It brings together visualized and constructed ideas on paper, presents

Building Drawings/Drawing Buildings: The Works of Sergei Tchoban

A drawing should be a key to the understanding of architecture – what is there to like or dislike, where do architects’ ideas come from, how do these ideas make it to paper, and what is important in this process.” - Sergei Tchoban

For the past month the Russian-German architect, artist, and collector Sergei Tchoban has been the focus of the exhibition, Sergei Tchoban: Drawing Buildings/Building Drawings, bringing together fifty of the architect’s large-scale urban fantasy drawings. These drawings, while intriguing for their technical and artistic value, also reflect Tchoban's deeply personal contemplations about the past, present, and future of his favorite cities - Saint Petersburg, Rome, Amsterdam, Venice, Berlin, New York – along with in-depth documentation of five realized projects (two museums, two exhibition pavilions, and a theater stage design.)

© Vasily Bulanov© Vasily Bulanov© Courtesy of Sergei Tchoban© Courtesy of Sergei Tchoban+ 24

Sergei Tchoban: Drawing Buildings/Building Drawings

Sergei Tchoban: Drawing Buildings/Building Drawings

Russian-German architect, artist, and collector Sergei Tchoban is the focus of Sergei Tchoban: Drawing Buildings/Building Drawings, an exploratory exhibition that brings together fifty of the architect’s large scale urban fantasy drawings, deeply personal contemplations about the past, present, and future of his favorite cities – Saint Petersburg, Rome, Amsterdam, Venice, Berlin, New York – along with documentation on five realizations – two museums, two exhibition pavilions, and a theater stage design. The show traces design process and highlights the architect’s intentions behind his searching architecture. Tchoban is questioning his own impact on some of these cities.

Sergei Tchoban Awarded the 2018 European Prize for Architecture

Architect Sergei Tchoban has been selected as this year’s Laureate of the European Prize for Architecture. Considered Europe’s Highest Award for Architecture, the prize is presented by the European Centre and The Chicago Athenaeum. Tchoban was chosen for his powerful designs and a unique design vision that celebrates the best of modernist buildings that are internationally iconic, complex, enigmatic, provocative, and profoundly artistic.

Federation Complex, 2017, Moscow. Image Courtesy of the Chicago AthenaeumRussian Pavilion at the Venice  Architecture Biennale. Image Courtesy of the Chicago AthenaeumCoca Cola Headquarters, 2013,  Berlin. Image Courtesy of the Chicago AthenaeumMusic- & Lifestyle Hotel nhow,  2010, Berlin. Image Courtesy of the Chicago Athenaeum+ 10

Drawings by Tchoban, Holl, and Calatrava Among Stunning Entries for the First Athens Architecture Club Exhibition

Russian-German architect Sergei Tchoban of Tchoban Voss Architekten has won the Gold Medal in the First Athens Architecture Club Exhibition, organized by the Chicago Athenaeum and The European Centre for Architecture Art Design. Participating architects included Steven Holl, Daniel Libeskind, and Santiago Calatrava.

The Athens Architecture Club seeks to resurrect the historical architecture clubs of the 19th century, functioning as an “open forum, an infrastructural framework, and support platform for architects, artists, and writers to discuss, challenge and enrich a dialogue among practitioners and scholars.

Monster / Alessandro Mendini. Image Courtesy of The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and DesignView of Lyon / James Von Klemperer. Image Courtesy of The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and DesignConcept Sketch of Imperial War Museum North / Daniel Libeskind. Image Courtesy of The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and DesignThe Dance / Santiago Calatrava. Image Courtesy of The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design+ 6

Exhibition: Sergei Tchoban / Contrasting Harmony of the City

The "Contrasting Harmony of the City" exhibition offers a selection of drawings, architectural fantasies, ideas for set design and various compositions depicting the contrasting harmony between contemporary and historical, iconic and background-architecture.

Exhibition: Sergei Tchoban Architectural Drawings

In his first solo exhibition in the United States, Sergei's 18 works on paper reveal his memories in Russia. The themes span monuments, fantastical scenes of Berlin, cities under water, exceptional sections and compositions of historical and contemporary architecture.

Lecture: Drawn Visions

"How does a thought evolve into a freehand sketch? What is the importance of the interaction between the mind, eyes and hand?“

The City of ArchDaily: 2017 Building of the Year Awards Exhibition

The 22nd ARCH Moscow International Exhibition of Architecture and Design was held in Moscow on May 24-28. ArchDaily joined the exhibition’s partners this year for the first time, and together with speech: media-project they presented a special exposition during Arch Moscow.

Featuring the buildings that received the ArchDaily Building of the Year award in 2017. The 16 sites that received the most votes this year from visitors of the ArchDaily website became the focus of this exposition designed by the architect Sergei Tchoban (together with the architect Andrei Perlich, and curator Anna Martovitskaya – chief editor of speech: magazine). In order to best show the sites’ photographs and drawings, the installation was designed in the form of 8 double blocks, whose shape and color reference the ArchDaily logo. Before us are snow-white rectangular blocks with the recognizable blue window-niches, and it is in these niches that the photographs of the best buildings of the year are displayed.

© Ilya Ivanov© Vasily Bulanov© Vasily Bulanov© Vasily Bulanov+ 34

9 Drawings to Celebrate Our 9th Birthday

9 years ago today, ArchDaily launched with a challenging mission: to provide inspiration, knowledge and tools to the architects tasked with designing for the 3 billion people that will move into cities in the next 40 years. Over these 9 years, as we have developed innovative approaches to help architects tackle the urban challenges facing our world, our work has brought us into contact with some of the most creative and respected architects in the world. To help us celebrate our 9th birthday, we asked 9 architects who are renowned for their creative and imaginative abilities to create drawings inspired by our logo, to show the world what ArchDaily means to them.

11 Artists Visualize Tchoban Voss Projects in "Images from Berlin" Exhibition

Towering like an infinite mountain of stone, a building devoid of windows and doors is hand-drawn in the tradition of the old masters. Elsewhere, colored strips of tape address the same project, visualized as a sequence of stacked layers. In yet another image, this time presented in a more realistic style, the cityscape is framed by two men gazing out at the viewer with a grin.

It’s a daring experiment that Tchoban Voss Architekten undertake in their exhibition “Images from Berlin.” Instead of presenting their projects with the usual means, they have delegated this task to 11 visual artists. The aforementioned works stem from a confrontation by Gottfried Müller and Valery Koshlyakov with the Museum for Architectural Drawing. Meanwhile, the Living Levels are approached by the duo Vrubel & Timofeeva as an everyday urban environment.

Sergei Tchoban: “We Cannot Avoid Looking At Architecture; Architecture Should Be Beautiful”

After receiving his education at the Repin Institute for Painting, Sculpture and Architecture in St. Petersburg, Sergei Tchoban moved to Germany at the age of 30. He now runs parallel practices in both Berlin and Moscow, after becoming managing partner of nps tchoban voss in 2003 and co-founding SPEECH with Sergey Kuznetsov in 2006. In 2009, the Tchoban Foundation was formed in Berlin to celebrate the lost art of drawing through exhibitions and publications. The Foundation’s Museum for Architectural Drawing was built in Berlin in 2013 to Tchoban’s design. In this latest interview for his “City of Ideas” series, Vladimir Belogolovsky spoke to Tchoban during their recent meeting in Paris about architectural identities, inspirations, the architect’s fanatical passion for drawing, and such intangibles as beauty.

Villa in Wasiljewo, 2009, near Saint Petersburg. Image © Aleksey NaroditskyMuseum for Architectural Drawing, 2013, Berlin. Image © Roland HalbeActor Galaxy, 2015, Sotchi. Image © Aleksey NaroditskyExpo Pavilion Milan, 2015, Milan. Image © Aleksey Naroditsky+ 45

Exhibition: Drawing Show

The A+D Architecture and Design Museum is pleased to announce a show of drawings by architects, exploratory in nature, and in no way typical of drawings by architects. See form, color, shadow and line unlike any other, under the museum lights. Featuring works by Thom Mayne, Sergei Tchoban, David Freeland & Brennan Buck, Carrie Norman & Thomas Kelley, Zeina Koreitem & John May, Volkan Alkanoglu, Michael Young, Sophie Lauriault, Kyle Miller, Mike Nesbit, Clark Thenhaus, Kelly Bair, Alex Maymind, David Eskenazi, Anthony Morey & Bryan Cantley.

Sergei Tchoban: Bridges & Spires - Drawing Reflections on Past and Future

German-Russian architect, artist, and collector Sergei Tchoban’s new exhibition Bridges & Spires: Reflections on Past and Future presents over 60 large format drawings and watercolors of existing and imaginary structures and ruins, as well as futuristic fantasies of context and gravity defying urban pasts and futures. The exhibition gathers Tchoban’s diverse oeuvre of drawings – from his travels throughout Europe, America, and Asia to urban fantasies that inhabit imaginary underwater canals in St. Petersburg and Venice, and the skies over Berlin and New York. The drawings on view, which span from 1983 to 2016, many exhibited for the first time, present the artist’s continuous pursuit, which is independent of his professional practice.

Panel Discussion: “Drawn to Build: Architectural Representation in the Digital Age”

Sergei Tchoban, managing partner of the architectural firm nps tchoban voss with offices in Berlin, Dresden, and Hamburg, SPEECH in Moscow and founder of the Tchoban Foundation – Museum for Architectural Drawing in Berlin and Andrew Zago, partner and founder of the firm Zago Architecture in Los Angeles will talk about the architectural hand- and computer generated drawings in architectural practice today. The importance of a drawing as an official language of an architect, as well as collecting and displaying it.

The panel will be moderated by Wim de Wit, Adjunct Curator of Architecture and Design at the Cantor.

Exhibition: Glazing the Future: Sergei Tchoban’s Architectural Fantasies

The harmonial contrast is the harmony of the 21st century: polyphony is meant to be the new language of the contemporary architecture. For several years now, the architect and artist Sergei Tchoban masters this language at its best by reflecting the multiple layers and ambivalent soul of our cities in his architectural drawings. The historical fabric and the present urge towards a significant object-based architecture are melted in fantasy-like perceptions. His hybrid structures of ancient buildings and modern glass towers may also remind of Bach´s Inventions: in a piece with two, three or more parts each of them unfold equally.

Lecture: Sergei Tchoban: Drawing a Museum of Drawings at the Cornell University

Sergei Tchoban was invited by the Architecture Art Planing at the Cornell University to give a talk about his passion for drawing, what is architectural drawing today and about his beautiful historical drawings that he has collected for his museum in Berlin. He will also discuss the development of the Museum for Architectural Drawing, its realization as a building and his choice in the collection.

Enter Russia's Tiny Mud-Clad Museum for Rural Labour

Standing tall in the expansive landscape of Western Russia, the monolithic Museum for Rural Labor is an architectural beacon for the Kaluga Oblast region. Built of local straw and clay, the eight meter tower is comprised of one round sunlit room adorned with the instruments of manual labor. Jarring, unexpected and mysterious, the museum was conceived by Russian architects Sergei Tchoban and Agniya Sterligova to pay homage to the region's deep agricultural history. Defined by a stark and unorthodox form, the tower disrupts the Russian landscape while simultaneously serving as a wayfinding device for residents from the nearby village of Zvizzhi.

Enter the rudimentary world of the Museum for Rural Labour after the break.

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