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These Are The 20 Most Livable Cities in Latin America in 2019

Vienna, Austria has been ranked as the city with the best quality of life in the world for ten consecutive years. The ranking made by multinational consultancy Mercer is dominated by Western European cities in the highest positions, while Vancouver, Canada reached third place, becoming the highest-ranking city in North America for the last 10 years.

Explore Panama City's Design Studios Through the Lens of Marc Goodwin

Architectural photographer Marc Goodwin recently visited Panama City to continue on his journey documenting the world's architecture offices. He's already featured an impressive list, including the Netherlands, Dubai London, Paris, Beijing, Shanghai, Seoul, the Nordic countries, Barcelona, and Los Angeles. In Panama, Marc photographed a range of work spaces across eight offices, from a studio of five people all the way up to 200. Looking outside and in, he captured both the spaces where designers work and glimpses into the city itself.

Mallol Arquitectos. Image © Marc Goodwin SKETCH. Image © Marc Goodwin Pinzon Lozano & Asoc. Arquitectos. Image © Marc Goodwin Femur arquitectura. Image © Marc Goodwin + 17

The Unexpected Stories Behind 10 Skyscrapers That Were Actually Built

As long as there have been buildings mankind has sought to construct its way to the heavens. From stone pyramids to steel skyscrapers, successive generations of designers have devised ever more innovative ways to push the vertical boundaries of architecture. Whether stone or steel, however, each attempt to reach unprecedented heights has represented a vast undertaking in terms of both materials and labor – and the more complex the project, the greater the chance for things to go awry.

Ryugyong Hotel. Image © José Tomás Franco Robot Building. Image © José Tomás Franco CCTV Headquarters. Image © José Tomás Franco Cayan Tower. Image © José Tomás Franco + 21

The Plaza / Casis Arquitectos

© Fernando Alda © Fernando Alda © Fernando Alda © Fernando Alda + 12

Panama City, Panama
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