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Interview: Jonathan Sergison, by Hugo Oliveira

21:45 - 23 October, 2011
© Hugo Oliveira
© Hugo Oliveira

We are sharing with you an interview of british architect Jonathan Sergison of Sergison Bates architects conducted by Hugo Oliveir, as seen in Jornal Arquitectos. Sergison, prior to the founding of his firm in 1996 with partner Stephen Bates, gained professional experience working for David Chipperfield and Tony Fretton. Currently he serves as a Professor of Architectural Design at the Accademia di Architettura in Mendrisio, Switzerland.

The complete interview following the break.

© Ioana Marinescu © Ioana Marinescu © Stefan Muller © Ioana Marinescu + 11

ICRC Logistics Complex / group8

00:00 - 20 October, 2011
ICRC Logistics Complex / group8, ©  Régis Golay, FEDERAL STUDIO
©  Régis Golay, FEDERAL STUDIO

©  Régis Golay, FEDERAL STUDIO ©  Régis Golay, FEDERAL STUDIO ©  Régis Golay, FEDERAL STUDIO ©  Régis Golay, FEDERAL STUDIO + 42

  • Architects

  • Location

    Geneva, Switzerland
  • Category

  • Project Management

  • Civil Engineer

     EDMS SA ingénieurs
  • Thermal Physics Engineer

  • Sanitary Engineer

    Zanetti Ingénieurs-Conseils
  • Facades Study

    BCS SA
  • Client

    International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)
  • Area

    11500.0 m2
  • Project Year

  • Photographs

AD Review: From the Archives

00:38 - 20 October, 2011

Our projects from the archives this week include a 15 meter cantilevered vernacular house, a bamboo sustainable campus, and two projects – a house and a cultural center – that both utilize perforated metal as an exterior facade. We couldn’t help but include the hundred foot house, a gallery with a rain skin of natural cedar, a guest house that was assembled in just one day, and a museum and house that both incorporate polycarbonate as a main material in the design.  Featured after the break are these projects and their highlights along with a link to their original project feature on ArchDaily.

Gehry Technologies to Transform the Building Industry through Technology

17:10 - 19 October, 2011
Soumaya Museum by LAR © Gehry Technologies
Soumaya Museum by LAR © Gehry Technologies

Update: The AIA has expressed their support for Gehry Technologies’ strategic alliance (reported last night on ArchDaily).  “We applaud this enterprise by Gehry Technologies and the Board who are comprised of many AIA members because it is estimated that as much as 30% to as much as 50% of all time, money, materials and resources that go into a construction project do not add value to the final product,” said AIA President, Clark Manus, FAIA. “The AIA has long been advocating for tools such as Business Information Modeling and methodologies like Integrated Project Delivery that can help reduce the inefficiencies in construction projects. We are anxious to see the progress though this effort that will be beneficial for both the industry and clients.”

Today Frank Gehry, co-founder and chairman of Gehry Technologies (GT), announced plans to further his vision to ‘transform the building industry and the practice of design’. In an effort to redirect the profession back to solving both clients’ and communities’ problems Gehry has gathered together some of the world’s most prominent designers: David Childs, Massimo Colomban, Zaha Hadid, Greg Lynn, Laurie Olin, Wolf D. Prix, David Rockwell, Moshe Safdie, Matthias Schuler, Patrik Schumacher, Ben van Berkel, and Richard Saul Wurman to serve on Gehry Technologies’ board of advisors.

“I am dedicated to giving architects better control of the process so they can deliver the fruits of their imagination, which is what our clients expect. I have gathered a group of my friends together who believe in this mission as much as I do and who can help me find the solutions that will ultimately lead to better buildings throughout the world,” stated Gehry.

Gehry's Eisenhower Memorial up for Debate

11:43 - 19 October, 2011
Summer view looking northeast along Maryland Avenue through the memorial site © Gehry & Partners
Summer view looking northeast along Maryland Avenue through the memorial site © Gehry & Partners

Pritzker Prize architect Frank Gehry’s designs are not shy to controversy, however the monumental significance of this design has raised the Gehry debate to an even higher level. The winning design of the GSA Design Excellence Program competition that began in 2008, Gehry Partners were chosen from forty-four design firms, then narrowed down to four finalists at which time the panel evaluated previous work, conducted interviews, and responses to the memorial’s pre-design program.

Upon selection Gehry Partners provided 3 options for the Eisenhower Memorial Commission to choose from and the final design was unanimously selected in March 2010 and featured here on ArchDaily. However since the initial design was revealed it has been met with debate, including a competition hosted by the National Civic Art Society this past spring inviting classical architects to submit alternative designs for the Eisenhower Memorial.

Update: Eisenhower’s grandson David, a commissioner for the Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial Commission, has not publicly voiced support for or against the Gehry/Wilson design.

Summer view of the memorial from the National Air and Space Museum © Gehry & Partners Winter view looking northeast along Maryland Avenue through the memorial site © Gehry & Partners Winter view of the memorial from the street © Gehry & Partners Summer view of the memorial from the street © Gehry & Partners + 12

Center for Life Science | Boston / Tsoi/Kobus & Associates

00:00 - 18 October, 2011
Center for Life Science | Boston / Tsoi/Kobus & Associates, © Ed Wonsek
© Ed Wonsek

© Jeffrey Totaro © Jeffrey Totaro © Jeffrey Totaro © Jeffrey Totaro + 29

  • Architects

  • Location

    Boston, Massachusetts, USA
  • Category

  • Mep Engineer

    AHA Consulting Engineers
  • Structural Engineer

  • Landscape Architect

    Copley Wolff Design Group
  • Owner

    BioMed Realty Trust
  • Developer

    Lyme Properties
  • Construction Manager

    Suffolk Construction
  • Acoustical Consultant

    Shen Milsom & Wilke
  • Area

    0.0 ft2
  • Project Year

  • Photographs

Steven Holl Architects' Campbell Sports Center Breaks Ground at Columbia University

12:57 - 17 October, 2011
Courtesy of Steven Holl Architects
Courtesy of Steven Holl Architects

Campbell Sports Center designed by Steven Holl Architects began construction over the weekend. Complimenting the existing Baker Athletics Complex, the Campbell Sports Center will create a necessary and inviting new gateway to Columbia University’s complex at its location on the corner of West 218th street and Broadway. The five-story, 48,000 sqf facility will include an auditorium, strength training and conditioning rooms, offices for varsity sports, a hospitality suite, and student-athlete study rooms. Led by Steven Holl and Chris McVoy, the Campbell sports Center is scheduled to open in fall 2012.

Steven Holl shared, “We are honored to collaborate with Dianne Murphy and Columbia Facilities in creating this new state of the art athletics facility. Its inviting architecture indicates the invigorating presence and future of intercollegiate athletics at Columbia University.”

Courtesy of Steven Holl Architects Courtesy of Steven Holl Architects Courtesy of Steven Holl Architects Courtesy of Steven Holl Architects + 8

200 Eleventh Avenue / Selldorf Architects

01:00 - 17 October, 2011
200 Eleventh Avenue / Selldorf Architects, © David Sundberg | Esto
© David Sundberg | Esto

© David Sundberg | Esto © David Sundberg | Esto © David Sundberg | Esto © David Sundberg | Esto + 16

Weightless Pull / CO

18:13 - 16 October, 2011
Courtesy of CO
Courtesy of CO

Weightless Pull designed by CO was part of Public Summer 2011 at Industry City. The installation temporarily transformed a once narrow and empty passageway into a lively vertical and depending on the wind horizontal sculptural environment.

Constructed of plastic wrap and nylon rope (there were over 600 different knots), CO’s design focused on geometry fields and linear systems, mechanics simple intuitive systems that are natural to the chosen materials and geometry, and materials that are repeatable, reusable, and economically sustainable.

AIA Phoenix Metro Home Tour

15:00 - 15 October, 2011
Cedar Street Residence by colab studio © Bill Timmerman
Cedar Street Residence by colab studio © Bill Timmerman

If you are in the Phoenix area this weekend be sure to take in the AIA Phoenix Metro Home Tour tomorrow from 10am to 5pm. The tour will feature seven designs within the Phoenix area that vary in scale and range from contemporary to traditional styles, so there is omething for everyone. Included within this year’s tour is colab studio’s Cedar Street Residence which has been featured here on ArchDaily. After the home tour you may be inspired to take a look at some of the other great architecture in the city. Check out our Architecture City Guide Phoenix for ideas.

SOM's Design Chosen for Nanjing Waterfront Sustainable Redevelopment

19:20 - 14 October, 2011
SOM©MIR renderings
SOM©MIR renderings

Modern urban living, commerce and tourism are a part of the new multi-district redevelopment plans for Nanjing’s Yangtze Redevelopment. Selected by Beijing based MCC Real Estate Company, SOM has imagined a scheme that will create a new area of neighborhoods, shopping districts and corporate skyscrapers embodying a new identity for Nanjing and a mixed-use cityscape for its people.

SOM Director Douglas Voigt said, “The core concept of the SOM plan for Nanjing Xiaguan is making connections. Connecting the city to the river. Connecting the best of urban living to nature. Connecting under–utilized land to value creation that will increase growth, tourism and prosperity. Connecting Nanjing’s rich heritage with China’s rising economy.”

Woodland Park Zoo New West Entry / Weinstein A|U

00:00 - 14 October, 2011
Woodland Park Zoo New West Entry / Weinstein A|U, © Lara Swimmer
© Lara Swimmer

© Lara Swimmer © Lara Swimmer © Lara Swimmer © Lara Swimmer + 17

  • Architects

  • Location

    Seattle, Washington, USA
  • Category

  • Design Team

    Rob Kiker, Ed Weinstein, Kirsten Wild
  • Mep

    WSP Flack & Kurtz
  • Landscape

  • Structural

    MA Wright LLC
  • Civil

    Springline Design LLC
  • Sustainability

    O’Brien & Company
  • Client

    Woodland Park Zoo
  • Contractor

  • Area

    97909.0 ft2
  • Project Year

  • Photographs

Video: Marion Weiss and Michael Manfredi - Evolutionary Infrastructures

15:00 - 13 October, 2011

Earlier this week Marion Weiss and Michael Manfredi, founding principals of Weiss/Manfredi Architecture/Landscape/Urbanism, lectured at Harvard GSD about Evolutionary Infrastructures. The multidisciplinary firm has distinguished themselves with their holistic design approach, successfully integrating the disciplines of architecture, art, infrastructure, and landscape design.

AD Review: From the Archives

22:05 - 12 October, 2011

This was a great week to choose from ArchDaily’s archive.  Again, the projects are from all over the world and vary greatly in size, anywhere from a small private concrete chapel in Lima to a library in Belgium with an active rooftop leaving way for a green pedestrian space.   An iconic concrete oval ribbed stadium in Croatia, remote Montana camp, art museum in North Carolina and Slovenian weekend house are all revisited after the break.

2011 Zerofootprint Re-Skinning Award Winners Revealed at Greenbuild

17:11 - 12 October, 2011
© Jason Schmidt
© Jason Schmidt

The 2011 Zerofootprint Re-Skinning Award Winners were highlighted last week during the U.S. Green Building Council’s Greenbuild International Conference and Expo held in Toronto. The annual competition aims to ‘jump-start the discussion on how we might retrofit entire cities to fight climate change’. Recognized as the Best Overall Project 2011, the Palms residence in Venice, California designed by Daly Genik Architects, “is an outstanding example of an architecture project that can transform our cities to fight climate change,” says Ron Dembo founder and CEO of Zerofootprint. “The design is energy and water efficient, replicable, and beautiful. This project demonstrates that retrofitting existing buildings to reduce their environmental impact does not have to mean limiting the quality of materials, the use of smart technologies, or the aesthetics of the final product.”

A complete list of the 2011 Zerofootprint Re-Skinning Awards winners and finalists following the break, including the King and King Headquarters in Syracuse, New York by King and King Architects and the Orange Cube in Lyon, France by Jakob + MacFarlane.

Chicago Ideas Week

18:39 - 11 October, 2011

It is an exciting week in the Windy City. Chicago Ideas Week (CIW) kicked off yesterday and runs through the 16th, featuring 100 speakers in 7 days. CIW is a combination of the world’s top speakers and Chicago’s best thinkers. The result, a newly created ecosystem of innovation, exploration, and intellectual recreation. Head to CIW’s website to download the schedule and purchase tickets, or to view a webcast.

3XN Celebrates 25years of Design Excellence

13:00 - 11 October, 2011

Celebrating 25 years of architecture and design Danish Architects 3XN have built a portfolio of work that ‘focuses on the humanity and environment at the center of its architecture.’ Their recent works include the award winning Middelfart Savings Bank Headquarters and the incredibly popular Museum of Liverpool.

Projects by 3XN that have been featured on ArchDaily include:

Bella Sky Hotel Middelfart Savings Bank Headquarters Museum of Liverpool Swedbank’s New International Headquarters Horsens Stadium Horten Headquarters Muziekgebouw Saxo Bank Tivoli Concert Hall

Kent Denver Dining Hall / Semple Brown Design

00:00 - 11 October, 2011
Kent Denver Dining Hall / Semple Brown Design, © Ron Pollard Photography
© Ron Pollard Photography

© Ron Pollard Photography © Ron Pollard Photography © Ron Pollard Photography © Ron Pollard Photography + 19

  • Architects

  • Location

    Englewood, CO, USA
  • Category

  • Project Team

    Bryan Schmidt, AIA, LEED AP, Dru Schwyhart, LEED AP, Sarah Semple Brown, AIA, Tom Gallagher, Architect, LEED AP, Mary Kay Sunset, ASID, LEED AP
  • Structural Engineer

  • Civil Engineer

    V-3 Companies
  • Mep Engineer

    M-E Engineers
  • Landscape Architect

    Christopher Hoy Design Group
  • Sustainability Consultant

    Enermodal Engineering, Inc.
  • General Contractor

    CMC Group, Inc.
  • Kitchen Equipment

    Duray/J.F. Duncan Industries, Inc.
  • Food Service Provider

  • Area

    20000.0 ft2
  • Project Year

  • Photographs