Eisenhower Memorial / Frank Gehry

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Last year Frank Gehry won the design competition for the Eisenhower Memorial, which included six other firms (Perkins & Will, Krueck & Sexton, Rogers Marvel Architects, Moshe Safdie & Associates, Natoma Architects and PWP Landscape Architecture). After that, the firm was asked to produce three options for the members of the Eisenhower Memorial Commision to choose from, from which the final design was chosen a few days ago.

LA Time’s Culture Monster has more info about the project:

The design, which Gehry and his colleagues will flesh out in the months to come, combines a grove of oak trees, two parallel colonnades of limestone pillars and loosely piled limestone walls carved with sculptural reliefs — elements common to all three proposals — with a series of woven steel-mesh tapestries that will feature images of Eisenhower and his presidency. There is a gap in the colonnade as it runs along Independence, creating an opening framing views of the Capitol and also marking an informal pedestrian entry into the memorial site.

While the oak trees should provide plenty of shade — along with pockets of contemplative space — the tapestries will give much of the memorial the feeling of an expansive outdoor stage set. Gehry came up with the idea for the steel-mesh panels while exploring the tapestry collection at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, where his firm has been working on an expansion.

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© Gehry & Partners

© Gehry & Partners
© Gehry & Partners
Cite: Basulto, David. "Eisenhower Memorial / Frank Gehry" 30 Mar 2010. ArchDaily. Accessed 30 May 2015. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=54641>
  • Dustin

    Hey, Gehry is more than a one trick horse, it would be nice to see more about this project.

  • Dondi Daharyadika

    Another awesome work of Gehry

  • http://twitter.com/oasrs/status/11317631306 O. ARQUITECTOS SRS

    RT @archdaily: Eisenhower Memorial / Frank Gehry http://archdai.ly/9SlHne

  • nando

    beautiful work

  • Johnny

    You can see two other competition team designs here:


    • PWN

      Knowing what I know, I would have to go with Kreuck + Sexton’s submission.

      • Johnny

        What is it that you know PWN?

        Krueck + Sexton design, while stronger than Gehry’s, (and even more Gehryish than Gehry’s), is too womb-like for a man like Ike.

  • Tosh

    I don’t get it.. but it doesn’t look like Frank Gehry’s work.. too peaceful and regular as if..

  • PWN

    Can we see the other submissions? Even the competition web site does not show the work. How Democratic is that?

  • Christian213

    Oh Gehry, the best is yet to come.

  • christopher

    i just puked in my mouth. even the greats can’t design anything decent for DC. what IS this? mesh imagery? is this a shopping-mall kiosk? THIS is what memorializes Ike? the president who’s era defined so much of what America’s image is today? is it a play on drive-in movie screens? park your hod-rod with your chick and watch the Ike Show?

    where are you going to import the Avatar Tree Of Life from? see you in 150 years when that oak tree is actually big…

    • juan

      Are we back on postmodernism?, This is not really the best of Gehry, in fact I believe, he’s not very good at urban design, planning or anything involving the public realm

    • Nickelbizzle

      We need to start a crusade to stop this design. It’s awful.

  • Samuel

    Rogers + Marvel’s proposal was a beautiful piece of thought and it’s a shame it didn’t get further.

    This is…Well I don’t know what this is, but it’s not contemporary, and I wonder if it will simply be lost in the wash of monuments around D.C.

  • nolya

    finally, Gehry could make a building that is not seem like his another works..

    • Brian

      I laughed out loud at the comment regarding the inspiration for steel mesh panels coming from a museum visit. The parking structures at Santa Monica Place (a mall) were covered in mesh with the name of the mall overlayed in additional mesh. Fortunately that warehouse of a structure was completely re-done recently; the parking structures remained and were also given a facelift.

      It’s neither new nor original but an updated re-hash of projects he did in the 80′s before his iconic Disney Hall design.

  • carlos

    i do not understand completely.

    i need plans and sections to understand it fully.

    but i love Gehry’s work (most of it).

  • claudem

    hahaha nice 1st of april joke. now show us the real memorial cummon…

  • someone good

    I like it and don’t understand the lamentation around it. Interesting, simple, original…

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  • aa

    i like it for the most part. it is simple and dignified. however i wish the material characteristics of the columns were in line with the rest of the memorials. it would help to visually connect the plan with its historical environment.

  • http://secrestArt.com Randall E Secrest

    Perspective… perspective… perspective… Washington, D.C., a conglomerant of diverse building styles and memorials, the MLK Memorial is well done, please allow your creative mind to wander beyond a narrow perception of what ‘should’ be, and conceive what ‘could’ be!!! Indeed, twenty-first century memorials may not parallel 1950′s memorials…

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