Saxo Bank / 3XN

Danish architects just sent us their latest finished project, a building for an online bank. This building was finished 4 years after winning an international competition back in 2004.

I like how the central stair adds dynamism to the interior, enhancing vertical relations.

Architect´s description, photos and drawings below:

Architect: 3XN
Engineer: Rambøll
Address: Philip Heymans Allé, 2900 Hellerup, Denmark
Client: Carlsberg Properties / Saxo Bank
Award: 1st prize in invited international competition 2004
Size: 16,000 m2 + 6,700 m2 basement
Completion: 2006-2008
Budget: DKK212m / €28,4m

Saxo Bank is a young dynamic internet bank with focus on online-trade with currencies, shares and futures on the bank’s self-developed platform, Saxo Trader. Saxo Bank was founded in 1992 in Denmark and counts around 850 staff members of 35 nationalities who serve customers from 115 different countries.

Saxo Bank’s new headquarter in Copenhagen is designed by 3XN. Although the customers primarily encounter the bank in cyberspace, the physical premises of the head office is of great importance to the management of the bank who participate actively and are highly dedicated to the development of the building. The building is of great iconographic significance, and there is a strong conviction that architecture and design affect each staff member’s performance and awareness of the company.

The architectural design is based on Saxo’s cutting-edge profile and branding. The lines of the building design define a sharp balance between reliability and dynamic expressivity in dialogue with the local plan. The building is shaped like two blocks with the end walls pointing towards the canal, joined together by facades that are withdrawn from the end walls. The facades are shaped like double curved that wave like a piece of textile.

The interior of the building is open and transparent with a large sense of community. The open plans centre round a softly shaped atrium with a glass roof. In the atrium, the main stair case winds up to the top. However, the main room and largest attraction of the building is the so-called Trading Floor where share prices are monitored intensely and resemble scenes from American movies about stock exchanges. Furthermore, the building encompasses a large number of rooms for technical support, kitchenettes and recreational areas.

Cite: "Saxo Bank / 3XN" 28 Apr 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 24 May 2015. <>
  • Fino

    Very nice. Not too loud, and very ethical in the terms of providing sunlight and framed views for a corporate workspace. I am a fan.

    that is all.

  • Bo Lucky

    “sharp balance between reliability and dynamic expressivity in dialogue with the local plan”(?)… I do not feel any balance… no harmony, just chaos… symbol of the today’s financial markets(?).. It would be good to hear the bank emploees opinions on their work environment.

  • Bernie Madoff

    Bo Lucky, I work in that building, and the work environment feels just great. I almost feel sad at the end of the day when it’s time to go back home.

  • Bo Lucky

    And this is what counts… the rest is just a form which sooner or later will grow in the streetscape.

  • archdork

    loving it loving it loving it

  • mo


  • Wyatt

    Gotta love 3XN!

  • Lucas Gray

    That twisty staircase elevator contraption is fantastic.
    I’m not completely enthralled by the facade – its pretty busy for my taste.

  • Marcus

    Nice geometry.

  • http://none Van

    Nice stairs and interior sculpting, really like it. It’s just sad we can’t see the expression these outside.

  • INawe

    The interior is nice. Unfortunately the exterior diagonal window and wall cladding… makes me throw up in my mouth a little. Its like a graphic elevation gone wrong. Next time remember this… cool elevation in drawing does not equal good looking in real life. Spend that time in section drawings next time… promise the outcome will be better. ;)

  • vibenade

    everything fall into right place, have to agree with Fino, luvly piece of architecture..a masterpiece!

  • Abdullah

    thunderstorm façade, but really nice and original

  • TriART

    Great concept, this project truly lets one have a unique experience of space. Kudos!

  • ivy yi

    i love the staircase and internal verticality but somehow i am not a fan of the skin… it is a geometry that, well, not so harmony from my point of view.

  • Luciano

    What a charming interior… Very nice place to work. Truly a great work from 3XN.

  • critique

    Have to agree that the facade is monotonously sharp. Interior, however, seems just fantastic. The materials, the shapes, details, & other

  • Dennis

    architects are clearly losing their minds…

  • Anam Hamzeh

    I don’t like the elevations; CRAZY IDEA

  • Dirty Sanchez

    Considrable amount of attention was given to functional aspects of this building, while ditching the stereotypical strict nature of the bank, yielding a buildng that’s so functional yet oozes with exubrence and elegance,

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