Damian Rogers Proposes Surf Park for Melbourne’s Docklands

© , Arup and Squint/Opera

Damian Rogers Architecture is hoping to “bring surf to the city” by proposing a $8 million AUD artificial beach and wave pool for the Harbor in Melbourne. Capable of simulating “surfable” 1.5-meter-high waves, the heated salt-water pool is envisioned as an extension of Central Pier in the Docklands. If built, the pool would be complimented by a beach, encompassing boardwalk, and grass-covered recreation and retail facility. 

Tetra Pak Headquarters / Berdichevsky Cherny Arquitectos + AtelierB Arquitectos

© Federico Kulekdjian

Architects: Berdichevsky Cherny Arquitectos, AtelierB Arquitectos
Location: Acceso A Uruguay, Victoria, Buenos Aires Province,
Project Architects: Federico Raponi, Yamil Kairuz
Project Team: Laura Ostrofsky, Juan Aiello, Ricardo Roca, Martin Chavanne
Project Area: 4000.0 m2
Photography: Federico Kulekdjian

Prahran Hotel / Techne Architects

© Peter Clarke

Architects: Techne Architects
Location: ,
Project/Design Director: Justin Northrop
Project Architect: Steve McKeag
Architect In Charge: Alex Lake
Area: 550 sqm
Year: 2013
Photographs: Peter Clarke

Fairhaven Residence / John Wardle Architects

© Trevor Mein

Architects: John Wardle Architects
Location: Great Ocean Road, , Australia
Project Team: John Wardle, Andy Wong, Diego Bekinschtein, Chloe Lanser, Robert Kolac, James Juricevich
Area: 430 sqm
Year: 2012
Photographs: Trevor Mein

The Studio / Branch Studio Architects

Courtesy of

Architects: Branch Studio Architects
Location: Victoria,
Architect In Charge: Brad Wray
Design Team: Brad Wray, Nicholas Russo
Area: 25 sqm
Year: 2012
Photographs: Courtesy of Branch Studio Architects

St Alfred’s Church / Studio B Architects

© Aaron Pocock

Architects: Studio B Architects
Location: Blackburn North, ,
Design Team: Fred Batterton, Clare Andrew, Tom Alves, Andrew Smith
Area: 1516.0 sqm
Year: 2009
Photographs: Aaron Pocock

Boundary House / BKK Architects

© Shannon McGrath

Architects: BKK Architects
Location: , Australia
Design Team: Tim Black, Julian Kosloff, Simon Knott, Michael Roper, Stephanie Bullock, George Huon
Area: 115 sqm
Year: 2008
Photographs: Shannon McGrath

Twofold House / BKK Architects

© Shannon McGrath

Architects: BKK Architects
Location: , Australia
Design Team: Tim Black, Julian Kosloff, Simon Knott, Michael Roper, Rory Hyde
Area: 638 sqm
Year: 2008
Photographs: Shannon McGrath

‘Fields of Synergy’ Competition Entry / PUPA

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Located in Latrobe Valley in South East , the ‘Fields on Synergy’ proposal is an integral brown field strategy which aims at providing a unique opportunity to create outstanding future by combining, re-cycling, and cascading transiting territories. Designed by PUPA (Public Urbanism Personal Architecture), their concept received honorable mention in the Transiting Cities international design ideas competition in Australia. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Zaha Hadid, Herzog de Meuron, Others Banned From Exhibit

Artist aerial impression of architect Andrew Burns’ design for , one of the designs which didn’t make the short-list. Image via The Age.

In November, the 6 shortlisted firms for the Flinders Street Station competition each received a letter. The letter, written by Major Projects Victoria, a division of the city government, warned them of a certain act that would not only result in their disqualification, but would also bring the entire competition into “disrepute.”

What potential act could deserve such a warning? Attending an exhibit of the rejected design entries.

On November 22nd,  Fitzroy-based architecture firm Edwards Moore organized the “Long-Listers” exhibit to build on the public excitement for the competition, using the momentum to generate more conversation and debate about the project. As architect and organiser Juliet Moore put it: ”We wanted peer collaboration . . . too often these things are done behind closed doors. By the time the designs are revealed [a year later] the moment has passed.”

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Sugar Gum House / Rob Kennon Architects

© Derek Swalwell

Architects: Rob Kennon Architects
Location: , , Australia
Area: 210 sqm
Engineer: Yttrup
Photographs: Derek Swalwell, Courtesy of Rob Kennon Architect

El Rancho Relaxo / Wolveridge Architects

Courtesy of

Architects: Wolveridge Architects
Location: Mt Martha, , Australia
Photographs: Courtesy of Wolveridge Architects 

The Avenel House / Paul Morgan Architects

© John Gollings

Architects: Paul Morgan Architects
Location: Tarcombe Road, Avenel, Victoria,
Built area: 250sqm
Senior Project Team: Sophie Dyring, Karla Martinez, Stephen Yau, Teck Chee Chow
Photographs: John Gollings


George Patterson Y&R / HASSELL

© Dianna Snape

Architects: HASSELL 
Location: , , Australia
Client: George Patterson Y&R
Discipline: Interior Design
Scale: 2,840 sqm
Year: 2011
Photographs: Dianna Snape


The Atrium / D’Ambrosio Architecture & Urbanism

© Sama J.Canzian

Architects: D’Ambrosio Architecture & Urbanism
Location: , BC, Canada
Client: Jawl Investment Corp.
Completion: 2011
Structural Engineer: Stantec Consulting
Civil and Mechinal Engineer: Genivar Consultants Ltd
Electrical Consultant: Applied Engineering Solutions Inc.
Acoustic Engineer: Wakefield Acoustics Ltd.
Landscape Architect: Murdoch DeGreeff Inc.
Photographs: Sama J.Canzian

House Reduction / MAKE Architecture Studio

© Peter Bennetts

Architect: MAKE Architecture Studio
Location: 2 Hodgson St Kew, , Australia
Completion: November 2011
Site Size: 470 sqm
Floor Area: 215 sqm
Project Architect: Melissa Bright
Project Team: Shelley Freeman, Bruce Rowe, Gillian Hatch
Photographs: Peter Bennetts

Finn House / WoodWoodWard Architecture

© John Gollings

Architects: WoodWoodWard Architecture  – Monique Brady-Ward, Scott Woodward and Jen Wood
Location: Silverleaves, , Australia
Photographs: John Gollings


Artist Studio / Edwards Moore

© Peter Bennetts

Architects: Edwards Moore
Location: Elwood, Melbourne, Victoria,
Project Team: Ben Edwards & Juliet Moore
Project Area: 28 sqm
Project Year: 2011
Photographs: Peter Bennetts