Nousfit Warehouse / Hideo Horikawa Architect & Associates

© Katsuhisa Kida

Architects: Hideo Horikawa Architect & Associates
Location: ,
Design: Hideo Horikawa
Contractor: Takeshi Koumuten
Area: 39.74 sqm
Year: 2013
Photographs: Katsuhisa Kida

Roji House / airscape architects studio

© Toshiyuki Yano

Architects: airscape architects studio
Location: ,
Architect In Charge: Tsuyoshi Ando
Area: 132.06 sqm
Year: 2008
Photographs: Toshiyuki Yano

Hachioji Tree House / Airscape Architects Studio + torinuso

© Kai Nakamura

Architects: Airscape Architects Studio + 
Location: , Japan
Architect In Charge: Tsuyoshi Ando, Kazuki Ohtomo
Area: 255 sqm
Year: 2011
Photographs: Kai Nakamura

Park House / another APARTMENT

© Koichi Torimura

Architects: another APARTMENT
Location: , Japan
Architect In Charge: Tsuyoshi Kobayashi
Area: 27.6 sqm
Year: 2012
Photographs: Koichi Torimura

‘MonsterScape’ Exhibit / Hannat Architects

© Koichi Torimura

‘MonsterScape’, an display design for Monster 2013 organized by Recover & Rebuild Japanese art & design, was a concept created by Hannat Architects to exhibit monsters as a metaphor of disaster and to prevent people’s consciousness of disaster from diminishing. On display this past February, the organizer of the event wanted this exhibition to be something not to tell the misery of disaster but to recall “important things” that tend to be forgotten in everyday life, and visitors to enjoy art and design. More images and architects’ description after the break.

NN House / Kozo Yamamoto

© Koichi Torimura

Architects: Kozo Yamamoto
Location: ,
Structural Engineer: a・s・t atelier
Contractor: B・L home
Area: 61.59 sqm
Year: 2013
Photographs: Koichi Torimura

Coach Omotesando Flagship / OMA

© Iwan Baan

Architects: OMA
Location: ,
Partner In Charge: Shohei Shigematsu
Project Architect: Rami Abou Khalil
Team: Yolanda do Campo, Benedict Clouette with Jackie Woon Bae, Cass Nakashima, Phillip Poon, David Theisz
Area: 444.75 sqm
Year: 2012
Photographs: Iwan Baan

Hachiouji House / Krew Architects

Courtesy of

Architects: Krew Architects
Location: , Japan
Architect In Charge: Krew Architects
Design Team: Ryosuke Kanayama, Tadashi Kawarasaki
Area: 100 sqm
Year: 2012
Photographs: Courtesy of Krew Architects

House in Keyaki / SNARK + OUVI

© Ippei Shinzawa

Architects: SNARK + OUVI
Location: ,
Architect In Charge: Sunao Koase, Yu Yamada, Shin Yokoo
Structural Engineer: Shin Yokoo
General Constructors: Yasumatsu Takken
Area: 10,313 sqm
Year: 2012
Photographs: Ippei Shinzawa

‘The Twist’: Tokyo Olympic Stadium Competition Entry / MenoMenoPiu Architects + FHF Architectes

Courtesy of + FHF Architectes

Designed as not only a sports stadium, but as a city fragment, the design by MenoMenoPiu Architects + FHF Architectes is an attractor: innovative and a generator of vitality. Given the name The Twist, their proposal for the Olympic Stadium is expanding in order to better reach users’ requirements: proximity, diversity, and accessibility. Their conept, unlike other conventional stadiums, is an elliptical spiral which is gradually unrolling and forming. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Tama Art University Library / Toyo Ito by Iwan Baan

Once again, Iwan Baan shared with us another impresive photoset. This time, we are presenting the Tama Art University Library in , , by Toyo Ito.

Za Koenji Public Theatre / Toyo Ito by Iwan Baan

Once more, Iwan Baan shared with the Za Koenji Public Theatre by Toyo Ito in Tokyo, . An impressive black volume in the middle of the city of Suginami in Tokyo and managed by Creative Theatre Network (CTN), a non-profit organization led by president Ren Saito.

You can see the complete photoset on Iwan’s website.

House Vision 2013 Exhibition Hits Tokyo

ⓒ Nacása & Partners inc.

Graphic designer and curator Kenya Hara has put together a three week-long exhibition in Tokyo focusing on the future of the Japanese house. Hara argues that the housing industry can no longer be isolated but must be combined with other industries, technologies and ideas, including energy, transportation, communication, household appliances, the “vision of happiness” pursued by adults, the representation of Japanese traditions and aesthetics as well as a future vision of health. All of these elements he hopes to present and discuss at the House Vision Exhibition where more than ten types of futuristic are on display and daily seminars with expert urban planners, developers, contractors, architects, telecom and even gas organizations have been taking place.

Read more about the exhibition after the break.

ST-House / PANDA

© Hiroyuki Hirai

Architects: PANDA
Location: , Japan
Architect In Charge:
Area: 62.0 sqm
Year: 2013
Photographs: Hiroyuki Hirai

Neut House / APOLLO Architects & Associates

© Masao Nishikawa

Architects: APOLLO Architects & Associates
Location: , Japan
Architect In Charge:
Area: 115 sqm
Year: 2012
Photographs: Masao Nishikawa

Video: House T / Hiroyuki Shinozaki Architects

House T, designed by Hiroyuki Shinozaki Architects, is a unique two person house and office located in TokyoJapan. Considering the house is only accessible by a narrow alley and is surrounded on all sides by other buildings, the space was a major challenge for this design. However, the house turned out to be surprisingly airy and open thanks to having only one central column supporting catwalk floors that frame the limited space instead of occupying it. Each floor can be navigated using 4.6 foot tall openings and floors are connected by a stair or ladder, one of which leads to a roof terrace. Take a look at this video by JA+U and our earlier article for a better understanding of this novel space!

CLW / Komada Architects’ Office

Courtesy of Komada Architects’ Office

Architects: Komada Architects’ Office
Location: Meguro-ku, ,
Area: 105.64 sqm
Photographs: Courtesy of Komada Architects’ Office

ROKU Edogawa / masatomo_kojima_auds

© Kai Nakamura

Location: Tokyo,
Architect In Charge: Masatomo Kojima
Design Team: Kohei Sasakawa, Ryo Inoue
Client: Boat Race Promotion Association
Area: 382.0 sqm
Year: 2012
Photographs: Kai Nakamura