HDJ75 / T38 studio

© Alfredo Zertuche

Architects: T38 studio
Location: , Baja California, Mexico
Area: 290.0 sqm
Year: 2012
Photographs: Alfredo Zertuche

TED Talk: How Architectural Innovations Migrate Across Borders / Teddy Cruz

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In this TED talk, architect and urbanist urges us to rethink urban growth. Sharing lessons from the slums of , Cruz denounces the “stupid” and consumption-driven ways in which our cities have been expanding and declares that the future depends on the reorganization of social economic relations.

Lopez Lujano House / Oficina 3

© Carlos Varela and Oficina 3

Architects: Oficina 3
Location: , Baja California,
Design Team: Omar J. Bernal Daniel Carrillo
Area: 290 sqm
Year: 2013
Photographs: Carlos Varela and Oficina 3

VIA Corporativo / Guillot Arquitectos

Courtesy of

Architects: Guillot Arquitectos
Location: Libertad, Tijuana, Baja California,
Area: 22,670 sqm
Year: 2010
Photographs: Courtesy of Guillot Arquitectos, Stefan Falke

HDJ86 / T38 studio + Pablo Casals-Aguirre

© Alfredo Zertuche

Architects: Pablo Cassals-Aguirre
Location: México, Tijuana, Baja California
Architect In Charge: Alfonso Medina
Project Team: Oscar González, Sara Díaz, Ana Darice Payan, Alejandro Bustos, , Alina Castañeda, Joseph Ruiz Tapia
Construction: Taller38
Area: 310.0 m2
Proyect Year: 2011
Photography: Alfredo Zertuche, Pablo Casals-Aguirre

Aria / T38 studio


Architects: T38 studio
Location: , Baja California, México
Project Team: Alfonso Medina, Mauricio Kuri, Oscar González, Pablo Casals-Aguirre, Sara Díaz, Joseph Ruíz Tapia, Alejandro Bustos, Lucía Arroyo, Alina Castañeda, Ana Darice Payan
Area: 700 sqm
Proyect Year: 2011
Photographs: Pablo Casals-Aguirre

Casa HDJ58 / T38 studio + Pablo Casals-Aguirre


Architects: T38 studio , Pablo Casals-Aguirre
Location: México, Tijuana, Baja California
Project Team: Alfonso Medina, Pablo Casals-Aguirre, Lucía Arroyo
Collaborators: Oscar González, Sara Díaz, Ana Darice Payan
Construction: Taller38
Area: 300.0 sqm
Proyect Year: 2011
Photography: Pablo Casals-Aguirre, Alfresco

Ph4 House / T38 Studio + Pablo Casals-Aguirre

Courtesy of + Pablo Casals-Aguirre

Architects: T38 Studio & Pablo Casals-Aguirre
Location: Tijuana, Baja California,
Design Team: María José López, Alfonso Medina, Pablo Casals-Aguirre, Mauricio Kuri, Oscar González
Collaborators: Lucía Arroyo, AlinaCastañeda y Adriana Medina
Area: 496 sqm
Years: 2010-2011
Photographs: Alfonso Medina, Oscar Gonzalez, AlfredoZertuche