Funeral of Matosinhos / Luísa Valente

© Rui Correia

Architects: Luísa Valente

Location: , Portugal
Completion: 2009
Photographs: Rui Correia

Castelo Novo Castle / COMOCO


Architects: COMOCO
Location: Castelo Novo, , Portugal
Client: Fundão Municipality
Engineering: Direcção-Geral dos Edifícios e Monumentos Nacionais (DGEMN)
Site Area: 3,650 sqm
Completion: 2008
Photographs: FG+SG – Fernando Guerra, Sergio Guerra

MAAVC / Camilo Rebelo + Tiago Pimentel

© Claudio Reis

Architects: Camilo Rebelo +
Location: , Portugal
Gross Floor Area: 8,121.31 sqm
Completion: 2009
Photographs: Claudio Reis


Dental Clinic in Lisbon / Pedra Silva Architects

© João Morgado

Architects: Pedra Silva Architects
Location: ,
Design Team: Dina Castro, Hugo Ramos, Maria Rita Pais, Jette Fyhn, André Góis Fernandes, Ricardo Sousa
Project Area: 149 sqm
Project Year: 2011
Contractor: Sabrab Engenharia
Photographs: João Morgado


Frei Sebastião House / António Fernandez Architects

© FG + SG - Fotografía de Arquitectura

Architects: António Fernandez Architects
Location: Póvoa do Varzim, 4490-520 Povoa de Varzim,
Architects In Charge: António Fernandez, Ema Rosmaninho
Year: 2011
Photographs: FG + SG – Fotografía de Arquitectura

Soares dos Reis School of Arts / Carlos Prata + Nuno Barbosa

© Luís Ferreira Alves

Architects: Carlos Prata + Nuno Barbosa
Location: Rua do Major David Magno, Porto,
Collaborators: Catarina Bianchi Prata, Claudia Monteiro, Claudia Velho, Gisela Lameira, Gonçalo Magalhães,Gonçalo Silvano, Joana Mendes, Sara Almeida
Total area: 15,108 sqm
Costing: 12,396,620€
Photographs: Luís Ferreira Alves, Francisco Piqueiro, Foto Engenho


Re-qualification and Redevelopment of the Beach and Seafront of Figueira da Foz and Buarcos / RUA

Courtesy of RUA

RUA shared with us their second prize winning proposal in the Ideas Competition for the Re-qualification and Redevelopment of the Beach and Seafront of and . Their proposal is for a light concrete structure that “fly’s” over the dunes allowing for a gradual and controlled re-naturalization of the area between the existing promenade and the waterfront. More images and architects’ description after the break.

House In Sobral / Nelson Resende


Architecture: Nelson Resende
Location: Alminhas do Cabo, Sobral, São João de , , Portugal
Completion: 2011
Client: Private
Exterior Design: Nelson Resende
Construction Area: 238 sqm
Structures: Miguel Pinho, Civil Engineer
Infrastructures: Miguel Pinho, Engineer
Electrical Infrastructures: António Amorim, Electrical Engineer
Construction: Several builders
Photographs: FG+SG – Fotografia de Arquitectura

House In Estoril / Frederico Valsassina Arquitectos


Architects: Frederico Valsassina Arquitectos
Location: Av. General Carmona, Estoril,
Completion: 2009
Construction Area: 562.90 sqm
Co-Workers: Rita Silva, Joana Quintanilha
Landscape Architecture: Global, arquitectura paisagista2
Structure and Foundations: Triede
Special Technical Facilities: Triede
Hydraulic Plants: Triede
Photographs: FG+SG – Fotografia de Arquitectura

Colorfoto Megastore / João Tiago Aguiar


Architects: João Tiago Aguiar
Location: ,
Project Years: 2009 – 2011
Client: Colorfoto
Architecture Collaboration: Renata Vieira, Ana Caracol, Sílvia Amaral
Builder: Gil Alves da Silva
Built Area: 600 sqm
Photography: FG+SG – Fernando Guerra, Sergio Guerra


Private House In Barcelos / Rui Grazina

© Nelson Garrido

Architects: Rui Grazina
Location: Cambeses, ,
Project Years: 2008 – 2011
Area: 300 sqm Total Area; 290 sqm Gross Building Area; 3300 sqm Total Plot Area
Construction: Engiaço Construções Técnicas, Braga
Photographs: Nelson Garrido

2011 Pritzker Laureate Eduardo Souto de Moura facing Unemployment?

, 2011 Pritzker laureate, in front of the Casa das Histórias Paula Rego. Photo by Francisco Nogueira.

Despite being awarded the 2011 Pritzker Prize, Portuguese architect Eduardo Souto de Moura has admitted difficulty in finding work. In a recent interview with El Mundo, the 59 year-old, Porto-based architect stated that he would prefer to work in his homeland, or even nearby in Spain, but the current economic crisis has him extending his search to other parts of Europe, mainly Italy and France.

Currently immersed in the worst crisis in recent history, Portugal became the third country within the 17-country eurozone in need of financial rescue to avoid bankruptcy, following Greece and Ireland. In February, the country’s unemployment rate reached new heights at 15 percent. Meanwhile, as Souto de Moura pointed out, Spain seems to be struggling even more with the possibility of becoming the fourth member of the eurozone in need of a bailout. Spain’s astonishing 23.6 percent unemployment rate has Bloomberg Businessweek referring to it as the greatest European country in danger. Continue reading for more.

Casa Do Lago / Frederico Valsassina Arquitectos


Architects: Frederico Valsassina Arquitectos
Location: , Portugal
Area: 900 sqm
Co-Workers: Nestor Falé, Duarte Madrugo, Filipa Calado, Ricardo Ramos.
Landscape Architecture: Proap
Interior Architecture: Paris Sete
Photographs: FG+SG – Fotografia de Arquitectura


RF Apartment / João Tiago Aguiar


Architect: João Tiago Aguiar
Location: ,
Client: Private
Collaborators: Renata Vieira, Ana Caracol, Sílvia Amaral
Built Area: 210 sqm
Photographers: FG+SG – Fernando Guerra, Sergio Guerra

Building Rehabilitation In Calcada do Lavra / Jorge Mealha

© João Morgado

Architects: Jorge Mealha
Location: Calçada do Lavra, Lisbon,
Project Team: João Sítima (Site Works Leader), Rita Melancia (Project Leader), Teófilo Raposo, Gonçalo Silva, Pedro Hormigo, Ricardo Manaia
Completion: 2011
Photographs: João Morgado


Clara House / Inês Cortesão


Architects: Inês Cortesão
Location: Vilar, Castro Daire,
Design Team: Luís Bonito, Marco dos Santos
Client: Carlos Morgado
Completion: 2008
Area: 108 sqm
Photographs: FG+SG – Fernando Guerra, Sérgio Guerra

Francisco De Arruda School / José Neves

© Laura Castro Caldas & Paulo Cintra

Architect: José Neves
Location: ,
Construction Year: 2009-2011
Collaborators: Rui Sousa Pinto, Ana Belo, André Matos, Filipe Cameira, Martim Enes Dias, Nuno Florêncio, Steven Evans, Vitor Quaresma; João Pernão, Maria Capelo
Landscape Architecture: F|C
Engineering: Betar, SM&LM, PEN, Natural Works
Client: Parque Escolar
Photographs: Laura Castro Caldas & Paulo Cintra, João Morgado

Beatriz Angelo Hospital / Saraiva + Associados & PINEARQ


Architects: Saraiva + Associados - PINEARQ
Location: Av. Carlos Teixeira, Loures,
Design Team: Nuno Mona, Luís Francisco, Joana Peres, Rita Carvalho, Bruno Pereira, Paulo Sousa, Ricardo Gago, Maria João Moreira, Rafael Azriel, Manuela Tamborino, Vera Coimbra, Rita Ribeiro, Mariana Lucena, Ana Ramos, Hugo Baptista, Rui Carvalho
Completion: 2012
Client: ConsisLoures Consortium
Total Plot Area: 166,000 sqm
Project Leader: Luís Barros
Photographer: FG+SG – Fernando Guerra, Sérgio Guerra