Mark Magazine #46

We recently received the latest issue of Mark Magazine.  This issue’s main theme is “Into the Wild, Breaking new ground in Pioneertown”. In this edition you can find in depth previously featured projects by AD, like Torus by Norisada Maeda,  The Umeå Art Museum or the work of Australian practice, Lyons. Full info after the break.

Mark Magazine #44

We recently received the latest issue of Mark Magazine , one of our favorites. This issue’s main theme is “Fifteen years of architectural freedom in Indonesia”. In this edition you can find previously featured projects by AD, such us The Tower House by GLUCK+, Elasticospa’s Slow Horse Hotel, the amazing Giraffe Childcare Center by Hondelatte Laporte, Herzog & de Meuron’s Messe Basel New Hall and many more. Full info after the break.

Mark Magazine #43

Just arrived to ArchDaily, Mark Magazine #43. New museums keep popping up in the USA. Farshid Moussavi’s Museum of Contemporary Art in ClevelandZaha Hadid’s Broad Art Museum in East Lansing and Morphosis’s Perot Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas. In the Netherlands, Ector Hoogstad gave Eindhoven University of Technology a new library and Powerhouse Company added an impressive villa to their growing portfolio. On the eve of the launch of his new feature film, Oblivion, director Joseph Kosinski talks about his background in architecture. Finally, we checked out Zhujiajiao, near Shanghai, where Atelier FCJZ, Atelier Deshaus and Mada s.p.a.m. realised a milestone in China’s urban development, thanks to the reintroduction of a small-scale methodology coupled with respect for local identity.

Mark Magazine #42

What better place to explore inventive homes and innovative architects than a country with a housing crisis? Mark #42 head to Poland, where theylook at an architecture scene in transition, checking in on a 152 cm wide house by Centrala and a drive-in home by Robert Konieczny. Elsewhere, Shintaro Fujiwara and Yoshio Muro discuss the challenges of the Japanese architect, and we visit ‘weird Austin’ to discover a house by Bercy Chen that literally emerges from the bush.

Mark Magazine #38

Just arriving to ArchDaily’s headquarter, Mark Magazine #38. This issue’s main theme is “Amsterdam, Back on the Map “. In this edition you can find previously projects featured by AD such us: EYE-New Dutch Film Institute by Delugan Meissl Associated Architects, Playhouse by Anna & Eugeni Bach, Lamego Multi Purpose Pavillion by Barbosa & GuimarãesHouse G-S by Graux & Baeyens. Also in Mark #38 you can find an interesting interview with Victor Enrich, an Architect and Visualizer who alter the reality in his work.

More information and full index after the break.

Mark Magazine #37

We recently received the latest issue of Mark Magazine, one of our favorites. If you’re bored of cubic architecture, Mark #37 (April-May) includes amazing work by Jurgen Mayer H and Jesko Johnson-Zahn built in Georgia (the country, not the state).  This issue also includes work previously featured on AD: `circulation spectacle´ of the Adolfo Ibañez University by José Cruz Ovalle, Djuric Tardio ArchitectesEco-Sustainable House, Vaíllo+Irigaray Biomediacal Research Centre and many more.

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MARK Magazine # 36

We just received the lastest edition of MARK Magazine, one of our favorite publications. There are some absolutely arresting projects and articles in this issue. A personal favorite is a piece on Jean-Francois Rauzier’s art work. Rauzier builds unique worlds out of thousands of photographs. (If you are not familiar with his work visit website, no seriously go.) On a more practical note this issue has a piece on the advantages of smart phones and why and how they can help architects increase their workflow or procrastinate in style. If you want to know what Bjarke Ingels’ reads there is an article on that too, pretty interesting. Among his favorites is Kim Stanley Robinson’s Red Mars and he is currently reading Matt Ridley’s The Rational Optimist: How Prosperity Evolves; I love knowing what architects are reading for some reason, what are you, our readers, reading? As always MARK’s project selection is great; some we have and others we don’t. Those we do have are shown in greater depth or from a different angle.

If you want to check out 14 projects featured in this issue you can view our articles on them, click here.

Get a peak inside the issue after the break.

MARK Magazine #35

As you well know already we like MARK Magazine, and this issue fails to disappoint. It has projects from many of the architects we have featured here on ArchDaily such as, StudioGreenBlueHeri&SalliClavel ArquitectosKengo KumaColboc FranzenStudio VelocityTakeshi HosakaFuhrimann HachlerToyo ItoNieto SobejanoL3P Architekten, and more.  The notice board gives a shout out to the Keret House by Centrala, which was one of our most viewed projects this year.

Mark Magazine #33

We recently received the newest edition of Mark Magazine. Number 33 offers in depth looks of several  projects ArchDaily has previously featured such as: Sunset Chapel by BNKR Arquitectura, iGuzzini Illuminazione Spain Headquarters by MiAS Arquitectes, Villa Geldrop by Hofman Dujardin Architects, the 3D Athletics Track by SubarquitecturaHelicopter Building by Stephane Maupin & Nicolas HugonHouse in Nasu by Kazunori Fujimoto Architect & AssociatesHouse in Sunami by Kazunori FujimotoMerida Factory Youth Movement by Selgas CanoMetropol Parasol by J. Mayer H. ArchitectsInside House & Outside House by Takeshi Hosaka ArchitectsAtelier Tenjinyama by Ikimono Architects, and The Termite Pavilion by Rupert Soar. If you enjoyed these features you’ll want to pick up this copy of Mark. There are several more project featured and an interview with structural engineer Niccolo Baldassin who has worked with Frank Gehry, Tom Mayne, and Renzo Piano.

Mark Magazine #29

We received the latest issue of Mark Magazine, a red edition with Zaha Hadid’s new Guangzhou Opera on the cover.

This issue includes projects by BIG (8 House), 3XN (Middelfart Bank), LOT-EK, Tham & Videgård (Tree Hotel), brazilian architects MMBB and as usual a long etc.

There are also interesting articles, such as “The Architect’s Playlist” by Katya Tylevich, exploring music as frozen architecture.

Further information and photos after the break.

Mark Magazine #27

We received the latest issue of one of our favorite magazines: Mark Magazine #27.

In the cover we find a new house by Miuchael Maltzan, analyzed in depth at the Long Section. As usual, the Notice Board section showcases 30+ recent projects (look out for the Cameldrome!).

Interesting interviews with Preston Scott Cohen (see his works at AD), Michael Sorkin, and technical articles on Rex’s Vakko Headquarters and BCHO’s Hanil Visitor Center.

More details after the break:

Mark Magazine #25

If you are an usual reader of ArchDaily, you know that I have always said that Mark Magazine is by far one of my favorites. Fresh works and interview with the young practices innovating in design and construction are presented in a dense, visual format.

The latest issue (March-April) brings the usual dose of projects organized on the Notice Board (unbuilt projects, competitions), Short Section (short reports on new buildings), Viewpoint (interviews and projects by selected offices), Long Section (in depth articles of certain projects) and Service Area (technical).

In this issue Viewpoint presents two practices you might already know by their works presented at AD: Chinese based DnA (works at AD) and Chilean based dRN (works at AD).

Full index after the break:

Mark Magazine #21


Another issue of arrived a few days ago to our mailbox. Another white stylish cover, this time with a golden finish that matches a seal as the winner of the Golden Cube Art Director´s Club New York 2009. So I´d like to congratulate Fee, Nils, Arthur and David from Mark, a well deserved award.

As usual, the Notice Board introduces us to recently awarded projects and other projects in the boards, such as the Planetarium  by Saucier + Perrote Architectes, the Museo Tamayo by Michel Rojkind + BIG, the Cuajimalpa Tower by Meir Lobaton + Kristjan Donaldson, or The Tolerant City Masterplan by ADEPT + Schonherr landscape. Practices also included on this section: ECDM, Kythreotis Architects, KLNB, Allard Architecture, 51N4E, COBE, Transform, Avery Associates, DLA, X-TU, Taller Veinticuatro, MXG, MAPT, Dark Architects, Manuelle Gautrand, Antonini + Darmon, PAD, Stephane Bigoni, Antoine Mortemard, Joan Anguita, Agence R, AISTUDIO, Renato Perotti, TEN Arquitectos, Cardbondale, Zaha Hadid, UN Studio and Kaputt!. I particularly like the projects shown on the page above, interesting structures.

Mark Magazine + ArchDaily subscription giveaway: The winners

As announced, we closed the form to enter the competition on August 28th, 11:59AM  and we used to choose the 2 winners (and 2 finalists in case the winners don´t answer the e-mail I just sent to them to confirm their info).

After removing duplicate/invalid submissions, there were a total of 2,947 entries. We randomly picked 4 numbers between 1-2947  via and we proceeded to reveal their names from the Excel spreadsheet containing all the entries. We recorded all the process with Screenr so you can witness the whole process.

We´d like to congratulate Jaime Rovira (Chicago, IL) and Rokas (Lithuania), winners of 1 yearly subscription to Mark Magazine.

Stay tuned, we have more surprises for our readers coming in the near future.

Update: Both winners confirmed by email within hours, and we are coordinating with Mark to start sending them their subscription.

ArchDaily + Mark Magazine = Free Subscription


UPDATE: As announced, at 11:59AM the form was closed for submissions. Stay tuned for the results.

Mark Magazine is in my opinion one of the best architecture magazines these days: It has a fresh selection of recent projects, a more in depth analysis of certain works that require it, interviews with young practices, and… did I mention that it has fresh content? You can read all about it on my previous reviews.

And what is best, is that also likes ArchDaily! We’ve been working together in the past in editorial content, maybe you´ve read my articles on some issues. This time we decided to extend our relation further to give our readers a chance to win not 1, but 2 subscriptions to this wonderful magazine.

We take this opportunity to invite you to join both Mark Magazine and ArchDaily Facebook pages, as news and other surprises will be announced exclusively through these channels in the future.

Please help us tell every architect about this giveaway: Post it on Twitter, post it to your Facebook profile, post it on your blog, email your friends… this giveaway is open to everyone, everywhere.

So, want to win a subscription? Just fill this form and read the small print after the break.

Mark Magazine #20

A few days ago I received the latest issue of Mark Magazine (nº20, jun-jul). Once again  it´s a white cover issue, featuring this time a house in Argentina by LA-based Johnston & Mark Lee, and the quote “All these French philosophers just send me to sleep” by Yung Ho Chang.

This issue includes a very good set of interviews with Keiichiro Sako and Pezo von Ellrichshausen, but lets start by the begining:

As usual, starts with Notice Board, a fresh selection of 30 unbuilt projects.  The list includes  the ORDOS 100 Vila by Rocker-Lange Architects, the Yorkshire Diamond by our friends Various Architects,  the Korkeasaari Zoo by Beckmann-N’Thépé,  the Aquatic Complex for the Panamerican Games by Paisajes Emergentes and the Taipei Performing Arts Center by NL Architects, among other projects by Frohlocke, KLNB, Langdon Reis Zahn, 4B, Gullik Gulliksen, NORD, Poly.m.ur, MAPT, Alliance, MAD, MILA, 3Deluxe, Cobe and Sleth, Modernisn, PopularArchitecture, BNB, BO6, Studio 505, Piercy Conner, Q-Lab, Sascha Glasland, Tjeerd J. Haccou, Wiel Arets, Schmidt Hammer, Lassen, Marek Wozniczka, Odile Decq Benoit, Corenette, Amanda Levete and Steven Holl.

Mark Magazine #19


Just got in the mail the latest issue (nº19, april-may) of Mark Magazine in the mail.  I have always praised the exquisite covers and graphic design of this magazine, but i´ve forgotten to tell you how nice is the packaging (see below).

The white cover comes with an amazing photo of the Ningbo Historic Museum, photographed by Iwan Baan with a phrase in bold gold letters  “The only true rival of architecture is the natural world” (Taira Nishizawa).

As usual, the section Notice Board showcases interesting fresh unbuilt projects from around the world: Zira Island by BIG, the Taipei Performing Arts Center by OMA, Villa Long (ORDOS 100) by RSVP and the Crematorium by Plan 01. Also projects by Zaha Hadid, Manuelle Gautrand, Piercy Conner, Architekten Cie, Baksvanwengerden, Ryuchi Ashizawa, Alberto Dueño X-TU, Fantastic, a cool beach house by Andreas Angelidakis, MAPT, Tasou, KLNB, Daniel Simmons, Steven Holl, Plaren, Ugis Senbergs, UN Studio, Dick van Gameren, Megan Panzano, Modo Studio, CCDP, Sofia Cattinario and Brenac Gonzalez.

Mark Magazine #17

The December-January edition of features a new design, more clear and simple, but with the same quality content. A a very classy black and white composition with the skylights of Torafu´s House in Kohoku is featured on the over.

Now, lets head to the contents of this issue.