Itatiba Residence / RoccoVidal P+W

© Tuca Reinés

Architects: RoccoVidal Perkins+Will
Location: Sao Paulo – , Brasil
Project Architects: Luiz Fernando Rocco, Fernando Vidal, Douglas Tolaine
Collaborators: Fernanda Tegacini, Marcela Kishi, Caroline Estelles, Ana Cecilia Guimarães, Carlos Andrigo, Fred Zara, Fernanda Morais, Fernanda Borges
Project Year: 2013
: Tuca Reinés

The P House / Studio MK27 – Marcio Kogan + Lair Reis

© | FG+SG

Architects: Studio MK27 – Marcio Kogan, Lair Reis
Location: São Paulo,
Architect In Charge: Marcio Kogan
Interior: Diana Radomysler
Area: 773.0 sqm
Year: 2012
Photographs: Fernando Guerra | FG+SG

Ipes House / Studio MK27 – Marcio Kogan + Lair Reis

© FG+SG – , Sergio Guerra

Architects: Studio MK27 – Marcio Kogan + 
Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Architect In Charge: Marcio Kogan
Area: 1,343 sqm
Year: 2011
Photographs: FG+SG – Fernando Guerra, Sergio Guerra

Arena Fonte Nova / Schulitz Architekten + Tetra Arquitetos

© David Campbell

Architects: Schulitz Architekten, TETRA Arquitetos
Location: Arena Fonte Nova – Ladeira da Fonte das Pedras, s/n – Nazaré, Salvador – Bahia, 40050-565,
Capacity: 50,000 seats
Year: 2013
Photographs: David Campbell, Erik Salles, Manu Dias, Courtesy of , Ulisses Dumas Vaner Casaes

Xan House / MAPA


Architects: MAPA
Location: Xangrilá, Venâncio Aires – Rio Grande do Sul,
Architects In Charge: Luciano Andrades, MatíasCarballal, Rochelle Castro, Andrés Gobba, Mauricio López, Silvio Machado, Alexis Arbelo, Pamela Davyt, Emiliano Etchegaray, Jaqueline Lessa, Camilla Pereira, Camila Thiesen, Diogo Valls
Area: 350 sqm
Year: 2013
Photographs: Leonardo Finotti

Camper Together / Atelier Marko Brajovic

© Fernando Laszlo

Architects: Atelier Marko Brajovic
Location: Sao Paulo – São Paulo,
Project Collaboration: Lelia Arruda Takeda
Year: 2013
Photographs: Fernando Laszlo

Oscar Freire Observatory / Triptyque

© Leonardo Finotti

Architects: Triptyque
Location: Rua Oscar Freire, 1128 – Jardim Paulista, – São Paulo, Brazil
Area: 1400.0 sqm
Year: 2012
Photographs: Leonardo Finotti

VIDEO: The Floating Metropolis That Could Support Brazil’s Offshore Oil Rigs

In Brazil, the offshore oil mining industry is expanding. Unfortunately for oil companies though, it’s expanding away from the coast, as new oil deposits are found further and further from land – so far, in fact, that they’re outside the range of the helicopters that usually transport workers to and from the rigs. That’s why Rice University students took on the challenge of designing “Drift & Drive,” a floating community where workers and their families could stay for extended periods of time, eliminating the inconvenience of the usual “two weeks on, two weeks off” cycle.

The project won the Odebrecht Award last year, and now one of the largest petrochemical companies in , Petrobras, is working on a plan to implement elements of the design.

Read on after the break for more about how the project functions

Exhibition / Brazil: Night & Day, by Photographer Andrew Prokos

© Andrew Prokos

Among last year’s winners of the International Photography Awards Competition, were some fantastic night photographs of Oscar Niemeyer’s Brasilia taken by architectural photographer Andrew Prokos. The awarded photos, and more photographs taken by Andrew in Brazil, will be exhibited in “Brazil: Night & Day”, at Banco do Brasil, 11 W 42nd St., .

Sponsored by Banco do Brasil and the Year of Brazil at Queens College, CUNY, the exhibition will include photographs from Niemeyer’s , panoramic cityscapes of Rio de Janeiro at night, landscapes from Rio’s Botanical Gardens, and Rio street scenes. It will be on display from April 3 to April 25.

Architecture Photography: Lina Bo Bardi’s ‘Sesc Pompeia’

© Fernando Pires

The designer and photographer Fernando Pires has completed a photographic series on Sesc Pompéia, one of Lina Bo Bardi‘s most significant works.

The photographer’s series explores that symmetry in Bo Bardi’s brutalist design, in which two colors, red and concrete-gray, unite harmoniously.

See more of Pires’ images, after the break…

12.20 House / Alex Nogueira

© André Barbosa

Architects: Alex Nogueira
Location: , Mato Grosso do Sul,
Project Team: Anderson Katsushi Watabe, Eliseu Cordeiro Nicolini Junior
Project Area: 45 sqm
Project Year: 2013
Photographs: André Barbosa

FHE Headquarters / MGS – Macedo, Gomes & Sobreira + Associados

© Leonardo Finotti

Architects: MGS
Location: Brasilia, Federal District,
Associate Architects: Macedo, Gomes & Sobreira + Associados
Project Area: 27,630 sqm
Project Year: 2009
Photographs: Leonardo Finotti, Joana França

Fazenda Boa Vista – Spa / Isay Weinfeld

© | FG+SG

Architects: Isay Weinfeld
Location: Porto Feliz – São Paulo, Brasil
Author: Isay Weinfeld
Project Manager: Monica Cappa Santoni
Collaborators: Domingos Pascali, Marcelo Alvarenga
Project Team: Adriana Aun, Juliana Scalizi, Guilherme Leme, Carolina Miranda
Area: 1739.0 sqm
Year: 2012
Photographs: Fernando Guerra | FG+SG

Container Project / H²O Arquitetura

© Guilherme Rebelo

Architects : H²O Arquitetura
Location: Tatuapé, Brazil
Project Architects: Aleksandro Almeida, Anselmo Oliveira Jr.
Artist: Anselmo Oliveira Jr
Project Area: 46 sqm
Project Year: 2011
Photographs: Guilherme Rebelo

D-Edge / Muti Randolph + Marcelo Pontes + Zemel + Chalabi Arquitetos

© Maíra Acayaba

Architects : Muti Randolph + Marcelo Pontes
Location: Barra Funda, , Brazil
Interior Architects: Zemel + Chalabi Arquitetos
Interior Architecture And Stage Development: Zemel + Chalabi arquitetos – Paula Zemel, Eduardo Chalabi
Project Year: 2010
Photographs: Maíra Acayaba

1700 Nilo / Lucas Obino, Carolina Souza Pinto & Jean Grivot

© Marcelo Donadussi

Architects: Carolina Souza Pinto, Jean Grivot, & Bianca Antunes
Location: , Brasil
Project Area: 1,075 sqm
Project Year: 2012
Photographs: Marcelo Donadussi

Santander Datacenter / Loeb Capote Arquitetura e Urbanismo


Architects: LoebCapote Arquitetura e Urbanismo
Location: Campinas – São Paulo, Brazil
Authors: Roberto Loeb, Luis Capote
Associate Architects: Damiano Leite, Chantal Longo
Collaborators: Nicola Pugliese, Francisco Cassimiro, Camila da Silva, Noemi Fernandes, Erica Urbani, Luis Nogueira, Bernardo Fridmann, Estevam Martins, Vitor Lucas, Eduardo Escabeche, Emily Shayo, Maria Carolina Simões, Camilo Badue, Juliana Lovato, Rafael Leoni, Cristina Sin, Cecília Mesquita
Área: 85000.0 m2
Year: 2013
Photographs: Leonardo Finotti

Estar Móveis / SuperLimão Studio

© Maira Acayaba

Architects: SuperLimão Studio
Location: , Brazil
Contractor: ANF Engenharia
Area: 250 sqm
Project Year: 2013
Photographs: Maira Acayaba