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Culture Center / Arkitema Architects

Courtesy of Akitema
Courtesy of Akitema
  • Architects: Arkitema Architects
  • Location: Akureyri, Island
  • Design Team: Arkitema and Arkthing
  • Client: Akureyri Municipality and the Icekandic Ministry of Education, Science and Culture
  • Area: 7400.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2010
  • Photographs: Courtesy of Akitema

Courtesy of Akitema Courtesy of Akitema Courtesy of Akitema Courtesy of Akitema

AD Recommends: Best of the Week

AD Recommends: Best of the Week AD Recommends: Best of the Week AD Recommends: Best of the Week AD Recommends: Best of the Week

Smart Solution for Compact Living: Tiny Apartments, High Design

How can a small 420 square foot apartment transform into eight comfortable rooms?  It takes smart design solutions that incorporates modulation and interior planning that conforms to everyday needs in an increasingly competitive environment of living space.  Founder of, Graham Hill takes the viewer on a tour of his "Life Edited" apartment that provides a sustainable living solution to compact apartments in urban environments like New York City.  This apartment provides all the amenities necessary with some additional effort of converting rooms to fit everyday needs.  Interested in seeing this apartment transform into a living room, bedroom, kitchen, dining room and guest room? Join us after the break to find out.

Yogi Berra Museum and Learning Center / ikon.5 architects

  • Architects: ikon.5 architects
  • Location: Yogi Berra Museum, Montclair State University, Little Falls, NJ 07424, USA
  • Area: 8000.0 ft2
  • Project Year: 2010
  • Photographs: James D’Addio

© James D’Addio © James D’Addio © James D’Addio © James D’Addio

Development Spiral / Superform

  • Architects: Superform
  • Location: Šentjur, Slovenia
  • Project Team: Marjan Poboljsaj, Anton Zizek, Meta Zebre, Spela Jancar, Nac Zuber
  • Area: 1690.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2012
  • Photographs: Kopterworx, Luka Kase

© Luka Kase © Luka Kase © Luka Kase © Luka Kase

Ezra Stoller: Beyond Architecture

Now on view at the Yossi Milo Gallery through March 2, rarely-seen images by modernist architectural photographer Ezra Stroller (American, 1915-2004) captures a Post-War American landscape with stunning images of industry, technology, transportation and working class Americans. 

Beyond Architecture covers the full range of Stoller’s work, including photographs commissioned by Fortune, Architectural Forum, and House Beautiful magazines in the 1940s and for commercial projects for IBM, Upjohn Pharmaceuticals and CBS in the 1940s and 1950s. Included are photographs of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill’s John Hancock Building, Chicago, and the United Nations Headquarters, designed by an international team of architects led by Wallace K. Harrison and including Oscar Niemeyer and Le Corbusier.

A selection of these images after the break...

City Design Panel Endorses BIG’s Mixed-Use Vancouver Tower

A BIG step forward for Vancouver’s latest mixed-use tower making international headlines, as the 497-foot tall Beach and Howe proposal has received an “enthusiastic endorsement” from the city’s design panel. 

Commissioned by Canada’s real estate mogul Ian Gillespie of Westbank, the Bjarke Ingle Group-designed tower promises to add a foreign twist to Vancouver’s skyline and create a new identity for an undefined section of town at the fringe of the city's residential area. The 700,000 square foot complex - which contains shopping, social housing and market rental apartments - was praised by the panel for anchoring itself on a nine-story podium that occupies the disused, interstitial spaces found between the Granville Street Bridge’s entry and exit ramps.

More after the break...

5th Annual Budapest Architecture Film Days

Courtesy of Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre
Courtesy of Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre

Initiated by KÉK – Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre in 2007, the 5th Annual Budapest Architecture Film Days will be taking place February 28-March 3. The main intent of the event is to use the medium of film to highlight the most subtle processes in architecture, design and urban development. This year, the 4-day festival proposes the richest and most diverse program of its half-decade existence to those interested in architecture, design and cities. The event opens with a portrait of one of the most influential architects of the 20th century, Oscar Niemeyer. For more information, including a complete program of events, please visit here.

Video: 'The Scooter' / A4 Studio

Above is a video created by A4 Studio which features three of their projects located in the shore of the biggest lake of Middle-Europe, Lake Balaton. The Club 218 and Sio Plaza are two of the three projects in the film that have been published on Archdaily. All projects featured here are very modern works and emphasize A4 Studio’s creative design methodology. The architectural gestures of these projects is shown in detail as a child is shown moving in and around the buildings on a scooter.

Eco-Zone Winning Proposal / BAT + Arquitecnica + LaSuma Paisajistas

Courtesy of BAT + Arquitecnica + LaSuma Paisajistas
Courtesy of BAT + Arquitecnica + LaSuma Paisajistas

BAT + Arquitecnica + LaSuma Paisajistas shared with us their first prize winning proposal in the Eco-Zone competition for a center for cultural and linguistic diversity and an energy platform (renewable + energy efficiency technologies), including all their necessary content of museographic character. Their proposal aims to value the pre-existing built and landscape of the estate Zabalegi in San Sebastian. The architects seek to remember through their intervention, raising some core structural sections that are born from the house of the Indian, that the first stone or seed of this project was planted by Mr. Arteaga when he to donated his plot performing an act of social responsibility. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Building of the Year Awards: The making of

The votes have been closed, and the winners of the ArchDaily 2012 Building of the Year Awards will be announced today, February 14th, at noon EST.

A House / Estudio GMARQ

© Alejandro Peral
© Alejandro Peral
  • Architects: Adrian Govetto, Lucas Mansilla
  • Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Area: 490.0 sqm
  • Year: 2011
  • Photography: Alejandro Peral

© Alejandro Peral © Alejandro Peral © Alejandro Peral © Alejandro Peral

Studio in an Agricultural Building / Charles Pictet Architecte

© Thomas Jantscher © Thomas Jantscher © Thomas Jantscher © Thomas Jantscher

Winners of the ArchDaily 2012 Building of the Year Awards

Over the last year ArchDaily has kept growing, reaching more than 280,000 daily readers and 70 million pageviews per month. But more important than these figures is our mission: to provide inspiration, knowledge and tools for the architects that will face the challenge of improving the quality of life of the next 3 billion people that will live in cities in the next 40 years. 

Tudela Courts / Otxotorena

  • Architects: Juan M. Otxotorena, Mariano González Presencio, José Javier Esparza
  • Location: Tudela, Navarra, Spain
  • Collaborators: Miren Pérez, Maialen Avizanda
  • Area: 7465.2 sqm
  • Year: 2010
  • Photography: Rubén Pérez Bescós, José Manuel Cutillas

© José Manuel Cutillas © José Manuel Cutillas © José Manuel Cutillas © José Manuel Cutillas

Developing Adaptable Housing for the Elderly, Also a Path to Sustainability

In recent years there has been a lot of talk in the United States about our aging population in terms of social security funds and medicare.  We have asked how we should deal with the impending problem that our elderly will outnumber the population that can take of them.  While speculations for a solution have generally settled within the realm of the economy, urban planners and architects are asking a different set of questions and looking for solutions regarding how we design.  It is important to note, that while most of the discussion has been framed about the aging "baby-boomer" generation, Jack Rowe, speaking at the symposium for Designing Homes and Neighborhoods for an Aging Population in Washington, DC, pointed out that this concern is a conservative estimate of the bigger problem in our "demographic transformation".  In fact, the trend is far more expansive; medical advancements and a longer life expectancy mean that for the next few generations each aging population is expected to outlive its parents and will exceed the population of its children.  This makes the issue at hand a more over-arching concern, or as Rowe later states, an issue that all members of society must face.

This is why we must think about architecture and urban planning in terms of adaptability for the aging, as we have already starting thinking about it in terms of handicapped accessibility.  More after the break.

Casa da Baixa / Rocha Leite Arquitectos Associados

  • Architects: Rocha Leite Arquitectos Associados
  • Location: Rua de Santa Teresa, 4-6, Porto, Portugal
  • Architects in Charge: António Rocha Leite + Carla Rocha Leite
  • Associates: Pedro Carvalho and Artur Soares, Architects
  • Clients: Joana Jervell and Nuno Freitas
  • Photographs: Marcos Oliveira

© Marcos Oliveira © Marcos Oliveira © Marcos Oliveira © Marcos Oliveira