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There’s only a few weeks left for you to be part of Archipendium 2014, Powered by ArchDaily. Archipendium 2014 showcases great examples of modern architecture from all around the world. 365 different architectural studios have been featured over the past few years, including; BIGChaix & MorelCOOP HIMMELB(L)AUDavid ChipperfieldDelugan MeisslEisenman ArchitectsFoster+Partnersgmp von Gerkan, Marg und PartnerGraftJean NouvelKing KongMassimiliano FuksasMVRDVOMA,Steven Holl ArchitectsTony Fretton,UNStudioand Zaha Hadid. In order to get a unique view of modern architecture, every featured architect personally chooses which project to submit. Each project is presented as a main photograph, with additional text and drawings on the reverse. This new version will also include ArchDaily’s Monthly Editor’s Choice.

More than just a calendar, Archipendium 2014 is a collector’s item. This calendar is an impressive overview of the latest trends in both modern architecture and design. Become part of the Archipendium architectural calendar that shows different contemporary architecture for every day of the year. Participation in this publication is free of charge.

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Video: Bianca Bosker Discusses Architectural Imitation in China

In China’s effort to modernize its cities, it has used architectural mimicry – essentially “copy-cat architecture” as journalist and author puts it – to rapidly and substantially “adapt to the market” for urban development.  Watch this as Bosker describes the atmosphere of imitation that China has  adapted to bring western architectural styles to its housing market. Bianca Bosker is the author of “Original Copies: Architectural Mimicry in Contemporary China”, in which she gives a tour of the various towns within major cities that have seen this rapid development.  Cities like Hangzhou has its own imitation of Venice, which includes man-made canals, townhouses, and villas.  Shanghai has its own version of Paris, Eiffel Tower included.  And Beijing has an imitation of the London Bridge.

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30 Unit Multifamily Housing Building / Narch

© Hisao Suzuki

Architects: Narch
Location: , Spain
Project Architect: Joan Ramon Pascuets Iglesias, Mònica Mosset Gou
Collaborators: Joan Ovejero, Proisotec, Josep Sandez
Client: Arqespais s.l.
Area: 4,500 sqm
Year: 2009
Photographs: Hisao Suzuki

Yes Is More: The BIG Philosophy

Yes is more: an archicomic on architectural evolution – presents his extraordinary architecture in cartoon-form

Anders Møller is the co-founder of GRASP Magazine, where this article was originally published.

What has the internationally awarded Bjarke Ingels Group () to do with Friederich Nietzsche and Charles Darwin? Quite a lot, according to founder Bjarke Ingels, who has created a powerful mixture of Nietzsche and Darwin as the philosophical foundation of ’s architecture.

Read Anders Møller’s fascinating article on BIG’s unusual philosophy, after the break…

Coma 03 House / Juan Marco

Courtesy of Juan Marco

Architects: Juan Marco
Location: La Coma, ,
Architect In Charge: Juan Marco Marco
Design Team: Sonia Hernández, Sylvia Fernández, Hilke Sievers, Ana Lete, Jorge López, Fabio Alemany
Area: 360 sqm
Year: 2010
Photographs: Courtesy of Juan Marco

The East Harlem School / GLUCK+

© Erik Freeland

Architects: GLUCK+
Location: 309 East 103rd Street, , NY 10029,
Design Team: Shannon Bambenek, Kees Brinkman, Kathy Chang, Steven Chen, A.B. Moburg-Davis, Marc Gee, Peter L. Gluck, Bethia Liu, Jill Reinecke , Elaine Sun, Stacie Wong
Area: 27800.0 ft2
Year: 2008
Photographs: Erik Freeland, Theo Morrison

Shesmedi Hospital / Yeonghwan Lim + Sunhyun Kim

© Youngchae Park

Architects: Yeonghwan Lim + Sunhyun Kim
Location: Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
Architect In Charge: Young Lim, Sun Kim
Design Team: Sung-ho Kim, Jung-ho Choi, Jeong-tae Kim, Hye-kyung Ko, Jung-woo Oh
Area: 1249.88 sqm
Photographs: Youngchae Park

Owase Elementary School / C+A Coelacanth and Associates

© Hiroshi Ueda

Architects: C+A Coelacanth and Associates
Location: Owase,
Area: 2,738 sqm
Year: 2012
Photographs: Hiroshi Ueda

Premier Campus Office in Kagithane Winning Proposal / JDS Architects

Courtesy of

Focusing on the users’ working and living qualities, the winning proposal for the Premier Campus Office in Kagithane addresses its presence in as a new form of contextual and urban approach. Designed by JDS Architects, the building is formed by their desire to make it interact with its environment and acts as a catalyst of business life for a new Istanbul that promotes contemporary culture, architecture and lifestyle. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Thula Fort Restoration / Abdullah Al-Hadrami

© Cemal Emden

Location: Thula,
Client: The Social Fund for Development, Thula Local Council
Area: 8,754 sqm
Year: 2011
Photographs: Cemal Emden

UC Davis Art Museum Proposal / Henning Larsen Architects

Courtesy of

Last year the University of California, Davis invited three architects to compete for the chance to design their new $30 million art museum, slated to open in 2016. The competition was a design-build affair, with each entrant being asked to pair up with a contractor and submit a holistic design. For those who missed it, SO – IL was announced as the winner of the competition.

Here we present one of the two runner-up submissions from Henning Larsen Architects. Given the name ‘The Leaf’, the design it spatially and materially expresses its overlapping functions. Its name comes from the lightweight leaf-like steel and aluminum roof, which filters sunlight and offers shade. The leaf sits on a heavy concrete base, providing accommodation for the museum’s exhibits.

Read the architects description after the break…

The Danger of the Zoning-Free Approach

Houston, ; Flickr User JoeInSouthernCA; Licensed via Creative Commons

Despite the romantic notion about cities that develop organically have a rich diversity of form and function, we cannot overlook the deadly side effects of negligent city planning. As Christopher Hume of the Toronto Star points out, last month’s tragic fertilizer plant explosion in West, Texas is a grim reminder that planning has a time and place and its ultimate utility resides in the initiative to protect residents and make for healthier communities. The tangle of bureaucracy associated with planning, and land use regulations can give any architect or developer a massive headache. In some cases, the laws are so restricting that diverging from bulk regulations becomes very limiting.

Apartment No. 1 / Architecture by Collective Terrain

© Omid Khodapanahi

Architects: Architecture by Collective Terrain
Location: Mahallat,
Client: Ramin Mehdizadeh, Hossein Sohrabpoor, Mehdi Mehdizadeh
Area: 420 sqm
Year: 2010
Photographs: Omid Khodapanahi

Flemish Barn Bolberg / arend groenewegen architect

Courtesy of

Architects: arend groenewegen architect
Location: , The Netherlands
Area: 280 sqm
Year: 2009
Photographs: Courtesy of arend groenewegen architect

72HUA Stuttgart 2012 / © Mor Arkadir
72HUA Stuttgart 2012 / © Mor Arkadir

72 Hour Urban Action 2013 Competition

72 Hour Urban Action, the world’s first real-time architecture competition, will give selected teams only three days and three nights to design and build interventions in public space in response to local needs, social challenges, and the sites and missions…

Challenged Athletes Foundation / Colkitt & Co

© Cheryl Ramsay

Architects: Colkitt & Co
Location: 9591 Waples Street, , CA 92121,
Graphics, Branding, Interactive Exhibits And Signage: Hollis Brand Culture
Client: Challenged Athletes Foundation
Year: 2011
Photographs: Cheryl Ramsay

CIPEA No.4 House / AZL architects

© Yao Li

Architects: AZL architects
Location: , Jiangsu Province,
Architect In Charge: Zhang Lei
Design Team: Zhang Lei, Jeffrey Cheng, Wang Wang, Wang Yi
Collaborator: Architectural Design & Planning Institute, NJU
Area: 500 sqm
Year: 2008
Photographs: Yao Li

Courtesy of ddrlp
Courtesy of ddrlp

Daily Child Care Facility Competition Entry / ddrlp

With the main objective of creating a model for the architectural design of daily child care facilities in Turkey, the ‘Child-Play-Learning-Space-Environment’ concept by ddrlp …consists of creative components for a building while being formed by multiple relations. Ranging from 75