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Kaira Looro Student Competition: Peace Pavilion in Africa

10:45 - 16 January, 2019
Kaira Looro Student Competition: Peace Pavilion in Africa, Kaira Looro Architecture Competition
Kaira Looro Architecture Competition

"Kaira Looro Competition" is an international architecture competition aimed at raising awareness of the international community towards emerging architecture in developing countries. The new edition of the competition has as its theme is to create a pavilion for the promotion of universal peace which inspires contemplation, reflection, and prayer for those who unjustly lost their lives. The competition is organized by the Nonprofit Organization “Balouo Salo” engaged in Africa for humanitarian projects of architecture and support of disadvantaged communities, with the collaboration of the University of Tokyo, Kengo Kuma & Associates, Direction de la Culture de Sedhiou, Conseil Municipal de Sedhiou and others relevant parts.

Territory Without Ground: Designing in the Sahara Desert

04:00 - 29 March, 2016
Territory Without Ground: Designing in the Sahara Desert, Courtesy of OUALALOU+CHOI

The Pavilion of Morocco at the 14th Venice Biennale, Fundamentals, focused on territorial speculations in the Sahara: Inhabiting the Uninhabitable. For the exhibition, which was the country's first representation at the Biennale, Paris-based practice OUALALOU+CHOI proposed an urban structure for this desert territory – "a means of putting down roots, implanting urbanity and civilization. The Sahara, with its extreme geography and climatic conditions, remains unexplored territory for architectural speculation."

A 6000-Year Old Unplanned Community Photographed From Above

14:00 - 14 February, 2016

Since time immemorial, and more recently, humans have wondered what the world looks like from above. This fascination has historically manifested in the plan drawing and aerial photography. In this vein, and using a motorized paraglider, National Geographic photographer George Steinmetz has captured a stunning bird’s-eye view of the ancient city of Ghadames, in Libya.