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Herzog & de Meuron to Design AstraZeneca Headquarters in Cambridge

Biopharmaceutical company AstraZeneca has commissioned Herzog & de Meuron to design their new Global R&D Centre and Corporate Headquarters. Planned for the Cambridge Biomedical Campus on the southern outskirts of the city, the new £330m project will be home to one of the company’s three global strategic research and development centres as well as its corporate headquarters.

Emberger Residence / LP Architektur

© wortmeyer photography © wortmeyer photography © wortmeyer photography © wortmeyer photography

Urzua Cofre House / Raimundo Anguita

© Oliver Llaneza
© Oliver Llaneza
  • Architects: Raimundo Anguita
  • Location: Chicureo, Colina, Santiago Metropolitan Region, Chile
  • Project Team: Raimundo Anguita , Elvira Guillon
  • Area: 545.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2007
  • Photographs: Oliver Llaneza

© Oliver Llaneza © Oliver Llaneza © Oliver Llaneza © Oliver Llaneza

Casa Contadina / a2bc

  • Architects: a2bc
  • Location: Parco Nazionale delle Cinque TStazione Manarola Riomaggiore La Spezia, Italy
  • Project Team: A2BC, SibillAssociati
  • Area: 320.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2011
  • Photographs: Giovanna Silva

© Giovanna Silva © Giovanna Silva © Giovanna Silva © Giovanna Silva

Giveaway: Lina Bo Bardi

UPDATE: Congrats to Susana Duarte of Portugal, winner of the "Lina Bo Bardi" giveaway! Thank you to all those who participated. Keep your eyes peeled for another fantastic giveaway, courtesy of Yale University Press, in the coming weeks. 

CMYK House / MCKNHM Architects

  • Architects: MCKNHM Architects
  • Location: Moers-Vinn, Germany
  • Team: Mark Mueckenheim, Frank Ceisick, Jasmin Bonn
  • Landscape: Riesop Landschaftsarchitektur GmbH
  • Area: 162.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2013
  • Photographs: Julien Lanoo

© Julien Lanoo © Julien Lanoo © Julien Lanoo © Julien Lanoo

HAO Makes Counter-Proposal To "Save" Sugar Factory from Development in Brooklyn

HAO, together with community group, Williamsburg Independent People, hope to save the historic Domino Sugar Factory site and halt the current masterplan by SHoP Architects which proposes an additional 2,200 luxury apartments along the East River waterfront in Brooklyn, New York

HAO's counter proposal seeks to adaptively reuse the existing factory buildings, including the iconic Civil War-era Domino Sugar Refinery — which has defiantly held its ground amidst heavy redevelopment in surrounding areas. Not unlike SHoP's proposal, HAO aims to regenerate these spaces into a "world-class cultural destination" that combines public and private programs. 

Casa_SSM / Diego Bortolato

  • Architects: Diego Bortolato
  • Location: 28069 Area Novara, Italy
  • Architect in Charge: Diego Bortolato
  • Furniture and wood works: Isaia Emanuele Falegname
  • Area: 350.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2012
  • Photographs: Daniela Bortolato

© Daniela Bortolato © Daniela Bortolato © Daniela Bortolato © Daniela Bortolato

Vagão do Saber / Al Borde

  • Arquitetura: Al Borde
  • Localização: Ecuador
  • Coordenador do Projeto: Jorge Noreña
  • Área: 36.0 m2
  • Ano: 2012
  • Fotografias: Cyril Nottelet , Cortesia de AL BORDE

© Cyril Nottelet © Cyril Nottelet © Cyril Nottelet Imagem Conceitual

Lajeunesse Residence / NatureHumaine

© Adrien Williams © Adrien Williams © Adrien Williams © Adrien Williams

Toward a Fit Nation: 18 Projects that Promote Healthy Lifestyles

From Atlanta's Beltline to Los Angeles' Spring Street "Parklets," architecture and design is increasingly more relevant in the fight against obesity and chronic disease, conditions which have reached epidemic levels in the United States. In the article, "Toward a Fit Nation," the AIA and FitNation identify 18 projects from around the country, ranging from large complexes to temporal installations, that encourage physical activity and healthy lifestyles. The AIA National Headquarters will be curating the FitNation exhibit till January 31, 3014. Read the article here.



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A New Series Featuring Laurie Olin, Acclaimed Landscape Architect

The Cultural Landscape Foundation recently launched its newest documentary as part of the ongoing Oral History series, this time focusing on the ideas and career of Laurie Olin, a recipient of the National Medal of the Arts and one of the greatest landscape architects of our time. Olin's influential work as a practitioner, educator and author over the past forty years has helped to guide the future of landscape architecture and shape urban life around the world.

Wainwright Weighs In on Rem's De Rotterdam

In the architectural stomping ground that is Rotterdam, it's no small task to design a building that actually stands out. But, according to The Guardian's Oliver Wainwright, the recently completed De Rotterdam building manages to. Although the Koolhaas-designed structure, which houses offices, apartments and even a boutique hotel, may at first seem simple (simplistic, even), Wainwright praises how the shifting masses cleverly play tricks on your perception. The building is undoubtedly impressive, but is the unconventional envelope enough to distract from a bland-at-best interior? Read the rest of Wainwright's critique here. evaluate

For Architects Only? How Kanye Exposed Architecture's Bias

© Noam Dvir, Instagram User dvirnm
© Noam Dvir, Instagram User dvirnm

When Kanye West spoke with students at my alma mater on Sunday evening, he said “I really do believe that the world can be saved through design, and everything needs to actually be ‘architected.’” In the social media frenzy that followed, a recurring response that I saw on architecture-centric sites was to snicker at West’s use of the word “architect” as a verb. For many, this was symbolic of West’s ignorance and hubris as he presumed to talk about something without knowing anything.

Except, of course, that “architect” is well recognized as a verb. Dictionaries say so, architects say so, and academics say so. If you’re architect Doug Patt and call yourself howtoarchitect on YouTube, you get a contract from MIT Press to write a book—called How to Architect. If you are the French philosopher Louis Marin, you can suggest that “the castle and gardens of Versailles ‘architect’ the Prince to make him not only the absolute of political power, but the center of the cosmos in its entirety,” and you will be counted among the most eminent semioticians of the twentieth century. If you are Harvard architecture theorist K. Michael Hays, you might stand up at an academic conference and say, “There are only certain things that can be done at this moment. Not just anything can be architected at this moment, right? There are limits.” When you do, people will nod and applaud.

But if you are Kanye West and you suggest that “everything needs to actually be ‘architected,’” it disqualifies you to speak about architecture. 

Family Vault in Elche / Estudio ARN

  • Architects: Estudio ARN
  • Location: Elche, Alicante, Spain
  • Architect in Charge: José Amorós + Luis Rubiato + Patricia Navarro
  • Technical Architects: José Vicente Carpena + Elena Rogel
  • Area: 18.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2013
  • Photographs: David Frutos

© David Frutos © David Frutos © David Frutos © David Frutos

INFOGRAPHIC: Architecture Education Today

Each year when Design Intelligence publishes "America's Best Architecture & Design Schools," we try to look beyond the rankings. At the end of the day, the report is a snapshot of the state of architecture today and, as such, is a minefield of useful information, particularly for current (or soon-to-be) architecture students. Check out the short infographic after the break to see how the profession's outlook has grown far more optimistic for architecture grads; what firms look for in recent grads (it may surprise you); and the unequal relationship of high-ranking sustainability programs vs. the prevalence of LEED certification.