Courtesy of Polifactory

‘An Imprint of Spain in China’ Exhibition

In tribute of the 80th anniversary of the death of Abelardo Lafuente, Polifactory organized and designed ‘An Imprint of Spain in China’ exhibition in Shanghai during this past December which centered around his legacy. The exhibition, featuring the hidden story…

Cornerstone Restaurant / STUDIO RAMOPRIMO


Architects: Studio Ramoprimo
Location: Beijing,
Design team: Marcella Campa, Stefano Avesani, Pietro Peyron
Completion: 2011
Area: 360 sqm
Client: Damon Sun- Life Less Ordinary Group Ltd.
General contractor: Guoye Decorative – Dean Group, China
Photographs: Studio Ramoprimo

Courtesy of Ajman University of Science & Technology

Architectural Workshop by Will Alsop

Ajman University of Science and Technology announced that there will be an architectural workshop by the renowned architect Will Alsop… on the theme of ‘Designing a space that will lift the spirit’ to be held at the university itself (AUST),

Fisterra Fishmarket / CREUSeCARRASCO Arquitectos

Courtesy of

Architects: CREUSeCARRASCO Arquitectos, Juan Creus, Covadonga Carrasco
Location: Fisterra (Finisterre) Seaport, La Coruña,
Work Directors: Juan Creus, Covadonga Carrasco, Juan Antonio Rodríguez Pardo
Collaborators: Francisco Rosell, Estefanía Vázquez, Felipe Riola, Roi Feijoo, Cecilia Castro, Belén Salgado
Structural Engineer: Lanik, Félix Suárez
Promoter: Portos de Galicia – Xunta de Galicia
Construction Company: Indeza
Completion: 2004- 2006
Total Cost: 1.348.433,35 euros
Photographs: Courtesy of CREUSeCARRASCO Arquitectos

Courtesy of Rice University School of Architecture

PLAT Journal 3.0 / Rice University School of Architecture

From unforeseen endings come dramatic beginnings. Plat 3.0, an independent architectural journal published by students at Rice School of Architecture, invites projects, images, essays, and manifestos, which explore the discursive opportunities that emerge in the wake of collective disruption. In a…

Natatorio / Fuster + Partners Architects

Courtesy of Architects

Architect: FUSTER + Partners Architects
Location: Mayagüez,
Project team: Nataniel Fúster, George S. Stewart, Heather Crichfield, Sadie Winslow, Eric Barrios, Carlos Córdoba; Juan Ayguabibas, consultant
Owner: AFI (Autoridad del Financiamiento de la Infraestructura).
Starting date: dec. 2007; Completion date: Feb. 2010
Photographs: Courtesy of FUSTER + Partners Architects


Celio Apartment / Carola Vannini Architecture

© Stefano Pedretti

Architects: Carola Vannini Architecture
Location: ,
Year: 2011
Client: Private
Budget: € 250.000
Surface: 240mq (interior space) + 20mq (exterior space)
Collaborators: Structural Engineering by Studio Zeuli, Resins by Studio Romeo, Wood working by Tiseo, Artworks by Valeria Corvino
Photographs: Stefano Pedretti

CO/FXFOWLE Announce Joint Venture

Palomar Medical Center West (PMCW) by CO Architects - Rendering courtesy CO Architects

Los Angeles-based CO Architects and New York City-based FXFOWLE have announced the formation of a joint venture firm known as . Formed in late December, the two firms will embark in a “genuine collaboration” with all their project services. While each firm will still maintain their individual identity and operations, they will pursue new projects together, allowing them to expand their geographic and expertise reach.

Lighthouse / BYTR Architects

© Ossip van Duivenbode

Architect: BYTR Architects
Location: Utrecht,
Project team: Tjerk van de Wetering, Richel Lubbers, Dominique Vermeulen
Client: Private
Design: 2006
Realisation: 2010
Photographs: Ossip van Duivenbode


AD Round Up: Cultural Centers Part VIII

© Chris Cooper Photography

For our eight selection of previously featured Cultural Centers we have 5 amazing projects from early-2011. Check them all after the break.

Edcouch-Elsa ISD Fine Arts Center / Kell Muñoz Architects
This building evolved from significant public conversations with students, parents, teachers and community activists, working with historians, curators, folklorists, artists and architects to envision a community gathering place. As the first important civic building funded in over thirty years, the fine arts center needed to convey the community’s cultural heritage, hopes and aspirations (read more…)

Reality Check

An illustration of the Ptolemaic geocentric system by Portuguese cosmographer and cartographer Bartolomeu Velho, 1568 Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

In 2007 I presented a conceptual (unbuilt) design for the Virginia Tech Autism Clinic. During that presentation I argued for a calming environment, in part because of high divorce rates among families with individuals with autism. There is one catch; I couldn’t have known what the divorce rates were. No study prior to 2010 had seriously looked at divorce rates among families with autism, more on that later. My irresponsible and inexcusable blunder reflects the depressingly common urge we have to jump to conclusions about the why and how of a situation before we analyze the reality of it. [1]  For centuries, countless scholars built elaborate models to explain why and how the sun went around the earth without ever asking “does it?” This kind of cognitive blindness makes sense from an evolutionary standpoint; it is better to assume a hungry lion is making the grass rustle than to ponder if it is nothing at all. Not surprisingly we tend to make more Type I errors (false positives) than Type II errors (false negatives). Although advantageous on the African savannah, this type of thinking can be disastrous when making design decisions.[2]

Kimball Art Center / Brooks + Scarpa Architects

North View approach - Courtesy of

As we announced yesterday, Brooks + Scarpa Architects is one of the five finalists selected for the Kimball Art Center competition. Inspired by the “seemingly endless” blue skies and the unique blend of new and old within the historic , Brooks + Scarpa delicately weave the heavy mass of the existing 12,000 square foot Kimball Art Center with the new 22,000 square foot addition that has been referred to as the Kimball “Cloud”.

Dancing Trees, Singing Birds / Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP

Courtesy of

Architects: Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP
Location: Meguro, Tokyo,
Date of Completion: 2007
Parcel areas: 770.22sqm
Constructed area: 424.25sqm
Materials: RC+S
Exterior Wall Finish: Japanese Cypress Lining Board
Photographs: Courtesy of Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP


Seeing the Building for the Trees by Sarah Williams Goldhagen

Metropol Parasol © Javier Orive

This article, recently seen on The New York Times, was kindly shared with us by the author Sarah Williams Goldhagen.

A REVOLUTION in cognitive neuroscience is changing the kinds of experiments that scientists conduct, the kinds of questions economists ask and, increasingly, the ways that architects, landscape architects and urban designers shape our built environment.

This revolution reveals that thought is less transparent to the thinker than it appears and that the mind is less rational than we believe and more associative than we know. Many of the associations we make emerge from the fact that we live inside bodies, in a concrete world, and we tend to think in metaphors grounded in that embodiment.

Video: Memory Museum / Estudio America, by Cristobal Palma

Photographer Cristobal Palma shared with us a dynamic view of the Memory Museum in Santiago, , by Brazilian firm .

More about the museum here.

More videos by  at ArchDaily:

Courtesy of ZAPS

National and University Library NUK II Competition

The Chamber of Architecture and spatial planning of Slovenia (ZAPS) is currently putting on a competition for public, project, open, anonymous, single-stage, architectural design for the selection of the most appropriate expert solution for the structure and external arrangement of…

Extension Of A Barn / PPA

© Philippe Ruault

Architects: PPA
Location: Lesponne,
Area: 70 sqm
Year: 2010
Photographs: Philippe Ruault

Institute for Computational and Experimental Research in Mathematics, Brown University / Architecture Research Office

Courtesy Michael Moran

Architects: Architecture Research Office (ARO)
Location: Providence, , USA
Project Team: Stephen Cassell, Principal; Kim Yao, Associate/Principal; Neil Patel, Project Manager; Gustavo Colmenares
Project Year: 2011
Project Area: 18,100 sqf (GSF)
Photographs: Michael Moran