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Working Remotely, Ukrainian Designers Get a Lifeline From U.S. Firms

Since the beginning of the war on Ukraine, over 7.1 million people have been internally displaced within the country, with over 139 sites affected by the ongoing hostilities, including 62 religious sites, 12 museums, 26 historic buildings, 17 buildings dedicated to cultural activities, 15 museums, and seven libraries. Two new programs; Support by Design and Hireukrainiandesigners.org have joined forces to help provide remote jobs for designers in the war-torn country.

SWA Group Tapped for Memorial and LGBTQ+ Space at Harvey Milk Plaza, in San Francisco

Matt Hickman reports on San Francisco's latest inclusive memorial, for the Architect's Newspaper, designed by SWA, a firm that operates two Bay Area studios (San Francisco and Sausalito) as well as offices in Texas, Southern California, New York City, and Shanghai. Selected by FHMP from a shortlist of four firms that submitted proposals, out of 17 invited offices, SWA shared their winning conceptual design for the memorial at Harvey Milk Plaza.

Pioneers: 6 Practices Bringing AI into Architecture

In this article, we tap into how AI could be augmenting, changing design processes, and how architects and other professionals are responding and incorporating these technological advancements into their design work. What kind of innovation can AI bring to this industry, and what has been experimented with so far? This selection of projects can help form an opinion on the architectural application of AI.

Winning Design Chosen for Sandy Hook Memorial

The Sandy Hook Permanent Memorial Commission announced the final design has been unanimously selected for the memorial in Newtown, Connecticut. The Clearing by Ben Waldo and Daniel Affleck of SWA Group was officially recommended by the commission, and the Board of Selectmen will make final approvals this month. Chosen out of three concepts unveiled in May, the winning memorial honors the 26 victims and survivors of the 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Winning Design Chosen for Sandy Hook MemorialWinning Design Chosen for Sandy Hook MemorialWinning Design Chosen for Sandy Hook MemorialWinning Design Chosen for Sandy Hook Memorial+ 10

6 Finalists Announced for ULI’s 2015 Urban Open Space Award

The Urban Land Institute (ULI) has selected six finalists for the 2015 Urban Open Space Award competition, which recognizes public spaces that benefit and revitalize their surrounding communities. This was the first year that ULI expanded the program to include global submissions.

“The submissions from this year are representative of how quality urban open space has become more than just an amenity for cities,” said jury chair Michael Covarrubias. “The international diversity of the projects is reflective of how developers continually work to meet global demand by the public for the inclusion of healthy places in cities.” See all of the finalists after the break.

Transit Oriented City – Dongtan Central Business Master Plan / Ojanen Chiou Architects + SWA Group

Courtesy of Ojanen_Chiou Architects + SWA Group
Courtesy of Ojanen_Chiou Architects + SWA Group

Designed by SWA Group with Ojanen Chiou Architects LLP, the 157 hectare Dongtan Central Business Master Plan is at the heart of Dongtan City: a new urban center located just 30 km south of Seoul in South Korea. The development zone is situated on a former agricultural plain that had been taken over by various industrial uses. Bounded by a river to the west and mountainous terrain to the east, this zone is bisected by a major transportation corridor connecting Seoul with the southern reaches of the country. At the core of the development is a transit center that will accommodate high-speed and metropolitan rail stations connecting with a bi-modal (bus + tram) transit system, and long-distance and city buses, establishing Dongtan City as a major regional transit hub. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Suzhou Industrial Park Central Business District / SWA Group

Lead by principal designers Hui-Li Lee and John Wong, SWA Group along with consulting architect Ojanen_Chiou Architects provided the winning competition proposal for the Suzhou Industrial Park Central Business District which aims to bridge old and new cultural historic heritage through the innovative design of public open space. Providing a focal point for the Suzhou’s CBD, the park highlights its ideal location, the connection between ecological and social environments, and the unique landscape of Jinji Lake which offers a mix of urban life and waterfront activities .

Landscape Architects: SWA Group Location: Suzhou, China Consulting Architect: Ojanen_Chiou Architects Drawings/Renderings: SWA Group

Xinyang Master Plan / WORD + SWA Group

Courtesy of WORD + SWA Group. Rendering by Kilograph.
Courtesy of WORD + SWA Group. Rendering by Kilograph.

For their latest master plan in Xinyang, WORD with SWA Group Los Angeles have developed a framework that responds to the town’s predicted swift population growth. As Chinese communities, such as Xinyang, begin to expand at rapid paces, the existing infrastructures must be re-thought and re-organized, as the demand for new development adds stress to the current systems. Working with a site measuring over 36 kilometers in length with varying topography – a mountainous region in the south to plains and plateaus to the north – the firms resorted to a solution “requiring calculated sensitivity and ingenuity” based on the region’s natural systems.

A great set of diagrams, and more information about the project after the break.