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Student Housing: The Latest Architecture and News

Urban Agency Designs a "Student Castle" in Ireland

In their new student housing project, Walshe's Yard, Urban Agency has placed incredible importance on blending the building into its context while also providing a high quality of living for students. Located in Carlow, Ireland, the building is situated on the threshold between the looser urban periphery and the denser historic center of the town. The 3800 square meter project will include 125 bedspaces arranged into 32 “student houses” of either 3, 6, or 8 students, plus graduate studios on the top floor.

© Urban Agency © Urban Agency © Urban Agency © Urban Agency + 16

SquareOne Proposes Repurposing a Water Tower as Public Spas/Student Housing

Raise your hand if you’ve ever wanted to go swimming inside a water tower. In reality, it would probably be dark and creepy and not as cool as it sounds, but that’s not the case with Danish firm SquareOne’s design, where the top of an abandoned water tower becomes a public swimming pool and spa. Utilizing the existing structural system of the tower, SquareOne is also proposing adding 40+ student housing units suspended around the tower. This dual-purpose scheme addresses Copenhagen’s desperate housing shortage while also giving new life to an old building.


Interior beam structure of Taarnby water tower. Image Courtesy of SquareOne Existing Taarnby water tower. Image Courtesy of SquareOne Proposed Taarnby water tower. Image Courtesy of SquareOne Courtesy of SquareOne + 10

Atelier FCJZ and CAAU Teamed Up to Win Fondation de Chine Competition

Atelier FCJZ and Coldefy & Associates Architects Urban Planners (CAAU) were announced last month as the winners of the Fondation de Chine Competition that will add another residential facility to the historic Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris (CIUP). The project is part of #Cite2020, an initiative by the Cite Internationale to develop 1,800 new housing units by 2020. Adding to the existing 40 residential buildings, the Fondation de Chine will introduce a contemporary interpretation of student housing to the campus.

Courtesy of Atelier FCJZ Pavilion Suisse by Le Corbusier. Image Courtesy of Atelier FCJZ Courtesy of Atelier FCJZ CIUP Campus. Image Courtesy of Atelier FCJZ + 6

Architecture at Zero 2016

The Architecture at Zero 2016 competition challenge is to create a zero net energy (ZNE) student housing project on the San Francisco State University campus. The competition has two components. First, entrants will create an overall site plan to accommodate the 784 housing units, student services, dining center, childcare facility, and parking. Second, entrants will design one building, in detail, to indicate ZNE performance.

How a Transportable Student Village Could Alleviate Copenhagen's Housing Shortage

Thanks largely to its status as a hotbed of contemporary design innovation, the city of Copenhagen has become one of the most desirable places in the world to live. Yet, as has been seen in places like Manhattan, increased desirability can come at a cost to local residents. Due to rapid growth and a successful university system, Copenhagen has fallen upon a shortage of both student housing and land available for traditional development. The only open, affordable land in the city is located within ports – but it is currently zoned to be protected from any permanent construction projects.

Enter Danish company CPH Containers and architect Søren Nielsen, a partner at Danish firm Vandkunsten Architects. By creating a structure of shipping containers, the team has created a student village that acts a temporary complex, able to vacate the land upon short notice with its close proximity to existing transportation infrastructure.

Prototype: CPH Shelter, Copenhagen. Image Courtesy of CPH Containers Prototype: CPH Shelter, Copenhagen. Image Courtesy of CPH Containers Prototype: CPH Shelter, Copenhagen. Image Courtesy of CPH Containers Prototype: CPH Shelter, Copenhagen. Image Courtesy of CPH Containers + 7