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In their new student housing project, Walshe's Yard, Urban Agency has placed incredible importance on blending the building into its context while also providing a high quality of living for students. Located in Carlow, Ireland, the building is situated on the threshold between the looser urban periphery and the denser historic center of the town. The 3800 square meter project will include 125 bedspaces arranged into 32 “student houses” of either 3, 6, or 8 students, plus graduate studios on the top floor. In a central location between the River Burrin and the old jail, Walshe's Yard will serve as a landmark and key entrance to Carlow’s town center. Referencing local historic defense structures populating the rivers’ edges, such as Carlow Castle and Black Castle, the project is envisioned as a monolithic mass. View more View full description
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